The X-Factor led to many things. Record deals, mansions, money. But for One Direction and Little Mix, it lead to their strong friendship. But when they want to leave the friendzone, and enter the couple zone, will their wings allow them to fly?


2. Chapter Two

"Jesy, love, wake up." Louis said, softly. I groaned. "Five more minutes." Louis chucked. I woke up. I was snuggled next to Louis, his arm around me. "Lou, that's the softest I ever heard you talk." I smiled. He laughed. "Well, I wouldn't want to wake you up loudly." Pretty soon, Perrie and Zayn walked in the living room. "You and Louis slept really quickly, so we left you guys there." Perrie said. "So all of us are going to the mall. The weather's cleared up, would you like to come?" Zayn asked. "Sure, let me get ready." I said, getting out of Louis's grasp. I instantly regretted it. I went to take a shower, and wore a cute outfit[ and paste link)] "Guys, we decided on taking our bikes. So pair up!" Liam declared. "Jesy, want to ride?" Louis said, with a cheeky smile. "No der." I rolled my eyes. So Perrie and Zayn were riding, Liam and Jade, and Harry and Leigh-Anne. Poor Niall, he was always alone. "Ni, don't worry. You'll find your Nandos Princess soon." I assured him. He laughed. "That'll be the day." he muttered. Everyone left, but the idiotic Louis lost his phone somewhere. "Ring it!" he screamed. As I called him, an old Spice Girls song rang on a kitchen shelf. "Louis, you numpty its on a shelf. I climbed up to get it. "Be careful, Jesy!" Louis called from down below. "Don't worry!" I called back. As the phone was in my hand, I stepped on something slippery, and lost my balanced. I screamed, as Lou's phone fell with a crash. Louis quickly caught me. He looked into my eyes. "Jesy? Are you okay?" he asked, worriedly. I started to cry. "Lou, I'm so sorry. Your new phone-- I'll pay back, I promise." Louis put me down, and hugged me. "Shh, Jes, don't cry. I could always get a new phone, but I can never get a new you." he assured me. I looked into his eyes. He leaned forward, and kissed me. I returned the favor. As we let go, he sheepishly asked, "Soo, does this mean you're my girlfriend now?" I laughed, tears on my face. "Yeah. Yeah It does. But we have to hurry, the rest of them are probably already at the mall." Louis picked me up, bridal style, and carried me out, chanting, "Make way for the Carrot Princess!" I honestly have to get used to that.

Perrie's P.O.V.

As we got to the mall, Zayn has been avoiding me for some reason. A fan wanted a picture of both of us together, so when I put an arm around him, he just backed away. I'm getting scared, and I really want him to like me as much as I like him. "Hey, Zayn, want to get some juice?" I asked, happily. He completely ignored me. I pulled him into an empty room in the mall. "What the hell was that for?" he growled. "Zayn, quit playing dumb. You know what this is about." I yelled. "I don't know what you're talking about" he mumbled. "Zayn, do you not like me? I thought we were friends." I was nearly in tears. "Perrie, I like you a lot. More than I should actually." Zayn mumbled. I brightened. Did he say he actually like-liked me? "So you really love me?" I asked, getting excited. Zayn looked uncomfortable. "Look, Perrie, you're one of my best friends, really. But---" he started. "But what! You know I always liked you as a friend,  and you like me too, so why are you acting like this!" I screamed. "Perrie, I have a girlfriend. I can't always be by your side. We can be friends, just not more than that." he yelled. My heart stopped. After all the years, he had feelings. And a girlfriend? I left without another word. "Perrie, I--" Zayn started, but I cut him off. "Save it for your girlfriend. Who is she anyway?" I half laughed, half cried. "I--uh-I. It's Cher Lloyd. Cher was one of my best friends. I told her the day I met her that I like Zayn. That was 4 years ago. "And when did you start dating?" I inquired. "Last month." he replied. I quickly ran out, not bothering to hear Zayn's pleads behind me.

Jesy's P.O.V.

As we got on his red motorbike, I held onto his back. "Louis! You're going over the limit!" I screeched. "Don't worry, babe." he laughed. The distance between the studio and the mall was 14 kilometers, but from Louis maniacal driving, we arrived in less than ten minutes. We were attacked by paps and fans, and Louis chose that moment to pull me into a deep kiss. After we pulled apart, everyone practically left us alone, since "We need couple time." As we were looking for the others, I got a text from Perrie. "Jes, meet me @ the dressing room/house. Bring Lou." I was worried. "Louis, Perrie wants us to meet her at the house urgently. Please come?" I begged. Within seconds we were at the bike, leaving the mall.

Louis's P.O.V.

As we reached the house, Perrie was crying on the couch. "Perrie! What's the matter?!" Jesy asked. "Zayn....Zayn." she cried. "Perrie, what about Zayn." I firmly asked. "He-- he told me he liked more than he should, and when I confessed my feelings, he said he wanted nothing to do with me, and that he had a girl friend!" Perrie was in hysterics. Jesy ran up to her, and hugged her. "Shhhhh, Perrie it's okay." Jesy soothed. "That's not what hurts. My own best friend betrayed me." she said. "Perrie, what do you mean!?" I asked. "Cher Lloyd and Zayn." Perrie whispered. As Perrie was getting up, she sudddenly collapsed, the color on her face draining. "PERRIE!" Jesy shreiked!"

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