The X-Factor led to many things. Record deals, mansions, money. But for One Direction and Little Mix, it lead to their strong friendship. But when they want to leave the friendzone, and enter the couple zone, will their wings allow them to fly?


3. Chapter Three


Zayn's P.O.V.

I knew I had hurt her. Perrie Edwards. I loved her. But not in that way. I sighed as I went to get ready for my date with Cher. I put on a decent outfit [ (copy and paste link)] As I got ready, I got a text from Niall. "Meet us at The Royal London Hospital on Whitechapel Road. Hurry!" I read. I had to go on this date. Maybe I'll leave early, but this is our one month anniversary. I called Cher and told her to meet me at The Royal London Hospital. "Why baby?" she said. "I dunno, something happened." As I left, I grabbed my coat.

Cher's P.O.V

Zayn and his life. This was our first anniversary for goodness sake! He had to miss it, didn't he. I still remember the day Perrie said she had a crush on Zayn. Ha ha ha, Perrie. Don't you know I always get what I want. I wanted to get revenge on Perrie. How dare she and her Little Fright group take all of Simon's attention. I'm more important than those idiots. I never even liked Zayn anyway. He's sooo not my type. Ha. Bradford Badboy? No way. I put on my coat, and stepped outside. "Charles, please  escort me to The Royal London Hospital." I airily said, to my driver. Who was in the hospital? I thought. Well who cares. I miss my retarded anniversary with Zayn the Mental Brain. Soon, Perrie will feel how it feels to be adored by someone, then they change their feelings. Oh, Perrie, Perrie, Perrie. This is only the first part.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I decided to take the bike, so I arrived in about 10 minutes. As I went into the hospital, I saw an angry Jade, a hurt Jesy, and an enraged Leigh-Anne. The boys were also looked like they were about to rip my throat out. As on cue, Cher sashayed behind me, her Michael Kors heels clicking on the marble Hospital floor. "Happy one month anniversary baby." she said behind me, as she kissed me. "How dare you come here!" Harry yelled. "Yo, man. Watch it. She's my girlfriend." I snapped. God, Harry needs to go to a manners lesson. "Shut up. You almost killed Perrie!" Leigh-Anne screamed. I was lost. "Listen Mi-Anne. Zayn hasn't killed anyone, so I advise you to shut up, before I do something." Cher snarled. "For your information, her name is Leigh-Anne. Leigh-Anne Pinnock to be exact." Niall says. "Whoa. How did I kill Perrie?" I asked. "Umm.. try breaking her heart?" Jesy shrieks. "You literally tore her heart apart." Liam yells. "Well, it's not Zaynie's fault the little retard had a mental breakdown, isn't it Zaynie?" Cher said, as she played with my collar. "NEVER CALL MY BEST FRIEND A RETARD AGAIN ALL RIGHT YOU LITTLE----" Jade started, but a nurse interrupted her. "Excuse me?" she was serious. "Miss. Edwards has suffered from a minor heartburn. Nothing more than that. She will be checked out of the hospital tomorrow. Will you guys like to stay in a major suite in the hospital?" she asked. Everyone said sure, except Cher. "Ughh, Zayn, please no!" she screamed. "I'm staying, the rest is your choice." I shrugged. "No." Jesy replied, coldly. "What do you mean?" I asked, confused. "You did this. You are not staying with us. And don't you dare think about apologizing to Perrie. She's had enough of you." Louis said, coldly. I snarled and left. "Zaynie!" Wait for me!" Cher squealed.

Jade's P.O.V.

"The nerve of him!" I yelled. We were in the suite. "He brought the person who practically caused this!" We were sitting around the fire, drinking hot coffee. "I thought Zayn was our friend, but he turned out to be a real messed up headcase." Niall said. "Guys, I'm really tired. We'll pick up Perrie, and take her out to dinner, alright?" Louis said, with a yawn. "Wait, their are only 4 bedrooms. Pair up again!" Liam proclaimed. "Don't even ask about Louis or Jesy." Niall laughed. Jesy giggled, and threw a marshmallow at him. "So, Leigh-Anne and Harry, Louis and Jesy, Niall and the air, and Jade and I." Liam took charge. I smiled. Liam was my favorite amongst the boys. We all parted, and soon, the house was silent. Only the choir from the church across the street played. I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned, but no. Sleep didn't come. I was so frustrated. "Can't sleep either?" Liam said. I turned around to face him. "She's my best friend Liam. He hurt her." I whispered. I started to cry. "Jade, shh. It will be okay." Liam comforted. I nodded, and he put his arms around me. Somehow, I immediately fell asleep.

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