The X-Factor led to many things. Record deals, mansions, money. But for One Direction and Little Mix, it lead to their strong friendship. But when they want to leave the friendzone, and enter the couple zone, will their wings allow them to fly?


1. Chapter One

Jesy's P.O.V.

"My feet, feet can't touch the ground, and I can't hear a sound, but you just keeping on running up your mouth. yeah." I sang. Just, then, we heard a crackle, and the studio's power went off. "Sorry, girls, but we'll continue this tomorrow," Harvey said, apologetically. "It's fine, Harvey," Jade assured him. "Girls? We have a bit of a problem." Simon said, worriedly. "What's wrong, Simon?" Perrie asked. "Well, a storm is hitting London, and all the roads are closed. You cannot go home. Since your dressing rooms are on the bottom floor, it is advised not to stay there." Leigh-Anne broke the silence. "That's fine. We'll stay with the boys." Simon shrugged. We took that as a sign to get ourselves to One Direction's giant dressing room. We ran up the stairs. "Dibs on sitting next to Zayn!" Perrie yelled. I threw an eraser at her. "Why'd you do that for?" Perrie laughed. "Yeah, Jesy, we all know you wanna sit next to Louiiiiss!" Jade teased. I could feel my cheeks burning red. "I- uh- I- Shut up!" I giggled. We reached the floor. I knocked politely on the door. The door opened widely, and a crazy Louis shot me with some silly string. "BE GONE YOU TERRORIST!!" he screeched. He came to an abrupt stop when he realized it was me. He blushed profusely. "Jesy- I- uh- I thought you were a terrorist." he squeaked. The girls laughed behind me. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" I screamed as I chased him around their dressing room/second house. "Whoa there, Elmo." Harry laughed, as he grabbed my back. "Harry! Let me go! I need to beat the crap out of Louis!" I screeched. "Why don't you go clean up? We'll beat him for you." Leigh-Anne promised. I glared at Louis as he stuck his tounge out at me. I went to take a shower and changed into my pajamas. [ (Copy and paste link)]. As I walked out, everybody was watching Legally Blonde. "Jesy, please make dinner? You're cooking skills are out of this world!" Jade moaned. I laughed. "Fine. Louis help me?" I asked. He nodded like a crazy lunatic. 
As we walked into their kitchen, I asked Louis, "What do you want to make?" He beamed. "Well, I know what we should have for desert! CARROT CAKE!" he screamed. "Ok. For an appetizer, I think we should make it Italian themed. We can have gnocchi and breadsticks and a salad. For the main course, we can have Eggplant Parm, lasagna, and and Midnight Noodles. For dessert, I was thinking tiramisu, but we could have like a carrot layer on the bottom." I spoke. "Dayyumm, Jesy, you should be a Five Star 
Cook." Louis was impressed. "But what are Midnight Noodles? he asked. "Their my own recipe. You take plain cooked spaghetti, and saute it in oil, parsley, and crushed red pepper flakes." I said. We started to cook the appetizers first. Louis stuffed the gnocchi with potatoes and cheese, while I made the stuff to saute them in. After that, he tossed the salad, while I made the breadsticks. He fried the eggplants next, while I boiled ALL the pasta. When we both were cutting the veggies to put in the pasta sauce, his fingers touched mine. Eeek! The dessert was the hardest. I had to make the coffee cake perfect, while Louis made the carrot base fabulously. The mousse was easy, and soon, our meal was done. We carried out the appetizers and sat down. "TIME TO EAT!" I screamed. In less than 5 seconds, everyone was around the table to eat. "Mmm, Jesy, this is fantastic." Liam said. "NIALL! Stop eating everything!" Louis said, as he whacked Niall on the back. "I'm sorry, it's just soooooo good!! The stuffed gnocchi is like, heaven!" he Niall moaned. Pretty soon, all the food was gone and we were sitting in the living room, watching Spring Breakers. It was cold, so I snuggled next to Louis. He chuckled as he put this soft throw blanket around me and him. His arm provided warmth, and I was starting to think that maybe, maybe I liked Louis more than a friend.

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