The Nerd & The Jock

Louis Tomlinson smart, shy and bullied by the school's most popular boy, Harry Styles. Louis hides behind nerdy glasses and the latest copies of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Harry tackles people and torments more than a handful of students. He targets Louis who wouldn't hurt a fly. He bullies the smaller boy everyday until one day Louis is jumped by the football team in the parking lot his best friend Liam tells him to join him next time at the gym. Louis starts to change. When he is thrown into partnership with Harry he begins to stick up for himself Harry sees the stronger attitude and starts to admire it. How do you admit that you admire the courage of the person you've been bullying in all of your high school years? Will he admit it or break Louis' courage forever.


8. 8

*WARNING: graphic sexual content!!*

Louis' POV

The next day I went straight up to my locker. I grabbed my binders and looked to my left, I saw Niall, Zayn and Harry walking down the hall towards me. Harry looked good today, my crush on him was building. He gave me a small smile. Niall and Zayn didn't even give me a mean glance. I smiled as I closed my locker.

"Louis, I am so sorry mate." I turned around and saw Liam.

"It's alright Liam, I'm over it." I said

"Oh.. Ok." He said I nodded and gave him a smile.

"What's got you in such a good mood..?" Liam asked

"Nothing.. Just haven't gotten tormented today." I said he nodded

"That's good." He said I nodded


When math class came around I stepped into the class and saw Harry at his seat. I thought about last night.. I dropped my gaze from him and continued to walk looking at him again he smirked and looked down at his hands that were on his desk folded neatly.

I sat down in my new spot alone at the back of the room and smiled to myself.

"Hey Tomlinson." I heard the thick accent trying to get my attention, I looked up. Zayn's intimidating eyes looked down at me from his standing position in front of my desk.

"Um.. Yeah?" I said quietly

"I'm throwing a party down at the beach. If you want you can come." He said he dug into his picket and handed me an invitation. I looked down at it. Quickly looking over at Harry who have me a nod I looked up at Zayn.

"I'll see if I can go." I said

"Alright." Zayn said and turned on his heel. I looked at the invitation. I felt like I shouldn't have agreed this party would no doubt include lots of exposed girls, alcohol, and at least a handful of drugs.

This party is completely and 100% something I would never go to. I sighed and put the invitation in the pocket of my jeans.


When the bell rang I rushed to my locker and quickly tucked all my stuff away.

"Busy?" I looked up and saw Liam I smiled and opened my mouth to say yes but was cut off from someone behind me.

"Actually he is. We have a project." Harry said as I turned to look at him he raised his brows at Liam challenging him.

"Alright then.. Um.. I'll text you later." Liam said I nodded he gave me a one armed hug before leaving me with Harry.

"You didn't have to be so rude." I said

"I wasn't being rude." He said I rolled my eyes.

"C'mon." Harry said rushing me.


Harry pulled up at his house, he lead me up the stairs into his room and let me in first. He shut the door I sighed.

"Look, we actually have to get some work done on this project." I said he nodded

"We will, we're like more than halfway done." Harry says I nodded

"Thanks to me." I said he snorted

"Um excuse me?" He said

"You heard me." I said he smirked

I took off my backpack and placed it on the chair by the door.

"Do you think Liam has a thing for you?" Harry asked

"Liam's straight." I said

"I know but.. He's always around."

"Because he's my bestfriend Harry. You don't see me asking if Niall and Zayn are gay for you." I said he nodded and placed his hands on my cheeks

"Just being curious." He said and leaned in to peck my lips, I turned my head. He grumbled and turned away.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing.." I said

"I really like you Louis." Harry said

"Then why are you so afraid to tell everyone? Who gives a shit if you like boys?" I said

"Everyone." He said

"Whatever." I said sighing I took out my binder and started on some English homework sitting on the couch.

Harry stood by the door for a bit and then came and plopped down beside me.

"Did I ever tell you how sexy you look in your glasses?" He said

"No but you've told me I looked like an idiot in them before." I said he sighed

"C'mon Louis, I said I was sorry and I'll feel like shit about that stuff for the rest of my life. I'm an asshole and I fucked up can't you just accept that I've changed?" He said he sighed and put his head back. I closed my binder and ate it on the floor. I leaned over and kissed his neck gently he looked down at me our eyes meeting a few seconds passed then his lips were on mine, he pulled me onto his lap, I straddled his lap. He kissed my neck roughly and returned to my lips.

"Wait.. Your mom." I said breathlessly

"Family is out. They won't be back for a while." He said against my neck

"Ok." I said I pushed his shoulders back attacking his neck.

"Oh fuck me." He moaned

He leaned forwards and locked lips with me again, he pulled his shirt up and I took it off the rest of the way. I rocked my hips and he moaned in that deep voice of his.

"Take off your clothes." He commanded me. I nodded I took off my shirt and he picked me up throwing me down onto his bed.

I whimpered as he roughly pulled my jeans down, leaving me in my boxers as he dropped his body down on mine.

"I want you.." He said against my neck I bit my lip he fumbled with his belt then took off his pants he stripped me of my boxers, my hard on coming free. I was so nervous.

He took off his boxers.

He found a condom in his drawer and handed me a bottle of lube to unwrap. I did as I was told and got the wrapping off of it. Harry got the condom on and I gave him the lube. He put some on his hand then rubbed it over his hard on.

He then looked at me, he lifted me up lightly he positioned himself and pushed in only a little bit I cried out.

It was painful, I bit my lip,

"You okay?" He asked I nodded slowly he pushed in more I clutched at his back. He began to move around a little I felt the tears in the corner of my eyes.

"Harry! It hurts." I said he kissed my cheeks.

"I'm sorry." He said he began to slowly thrust, I was whimpering with each thrust, it turned into pleasure after a while. Hints of it allowing me to moan it still hurt. I arched my back

"Go faster." I instructed he did as told I was panting

"Oh fuck." I muttered he kissed my neck

"Harry I'm gunna.. I'm gunna.." I trailed off feeling my climax approaching

"I know."

It hit I shot onto Harry's chest then my own.

Harry a few minutes later into the condom.

I whimpered as he pulled out.

He disposed of the condom.

"Holy shit.." He said

"Uh huh."

"You were way better than any girl I've been with." He said I laughed to myself

"I was rubbish! You're just saying that." I said

"It's the truth." He said

"C'mon, we should clean up." He said we got up and went into his bathroom he ran the shower, he pulled me in with him, he slid the sponge on my chest and stomach and leaned down, he kissed my neck.

I groaned realizing I was hard again.

"That's my boy." He said he reached down grabbing hold of me I gasped he pumped me I collapsed into his chest, cumming for the second time today, he chuckled we cleaned each other off then got out.

I really hope this would last long. I had high hopes.

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