The Nerd & The Jock

Louis Tomlinson smart, shy and bullied by the school's most popular boy, Harry Styles. Louis hides behind nerdy glasses and the latest copies of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Harry tackles people and torments more than a handful of students. He targets Louis who wouldn't hurt a fly. He bullies the smaller boy everyday until one day Louis is jumped by the football team in the parking lot his best friend Liam tells him to join him next time at the gym. Louis starts to change. When he is thrown into partnership with Harry he begins to stick up for himself Harry sees the stronger attitude and starts to admire it. How do you admit that you admire the courage of the person you've been bullying in all of your high school years? Will he admit it or break Louis' courage forever.


7. 7

Louis' POV

The next day I dressed in a simple black jeans and white Tshirt, my usual black vans on my feet.

"How did the project go?" Liam asked leaning against the locker next to mine.

"Good." I said thinking about Harry kissing me.

"Did lord of the douches say anything?" Liam asked

"Ooh I sure hope you aren't talking about me Liam." I tensed Harry walked up and leaned on the lockers to my left, Liam chuckled to my right.

"I don't know Harry, do you think you're The Lord of the douches?" Liam challenged

"Stand down Payno. Just relax." Harry said I looked over at him he glanced down at me.

The bell rang. I shut my locker and started down the hall with Liam.

"Slow up a bit." Harry said and took my arm stopping me Liam looked back

"I'll be fine, go." I said Liam nodded and walked down the hall. Harry pulled me into the bathroom beside my locker.

"What are you doing?" I questioned he locked his lips with mine. My eyelashes fluttered closed.

He pulled away tugging on my lip.


"Sorry, I just had to." He said I nodded

"See you around." He said giving me a wink I stood there for a moment completely confused.

I sunk down the wall clutching my binder.

What was he doing?

I pushed myself up and headed to drama.


Math was the usual but Harry didn't bother neither did Niall and Zayn. When the bell rang at the end of class I walked towards the door when suddenly a huge amount of forth was slammed onto my binder, it dropped from my hands.

I sighed watching as Zayn and Niall left the room laughing their asses off. I finished shooting daggers at their backs and turned to pick up my things when Harry was standing there holding my fallen binder in his hands.

"Sorry." He said

"Don't apologize for them." I said and quickly left weaving through the crowed. I thought the bullying shit was done? This is such bullshit. I arrived at my locker and waited for Liam. He must be running late. I texted him asking him where he was.

His reply made my blood boil.

"Sorry Lou, I left with a few friends." I shoved my phone into my pocket I slammed my locker door so hard it echoed through the halls. I walked down the stairs realizing I'd be alone for this lunch hour. I went down to the caf and got a wrap and a water. I didn't want to sit with these people. I walked out the back doors abc walked down the short path to the football field. I sat on the inground bleachers I picked apart my wrap. Throwing the lettuce and tomatoes.

"Does your Mommy know you're throwing away all the good stuff?" I turned around and watched Harry walked over sitting beside me. I looked over my shoulder and Harry's

"What're you looking for?" He asked

"I'm guessing you don't want to be seen with me so just keeping an eye out." I said throwing another tomato slice.

"I don't care if people see us together." He said

"Ok then, here comes 2 cheerleaders. Kiss me." I said he shook his head

"Why not? You just said you didn't care if people saw us." I said

"Yeah, sitting together I'm not ready to come out yet. Just give me time." He said I rolled my eyes and threw the wrap.

"Hey Harry." The bottle blonde fakes said giggling

"Hey." Harry said

"What are you doing with this loser?" Fake bitch #1 asked

"Louis? He's my science partner." Harry said

"So that doesn't mean you have to sit with him." Fake bitch #2 said

"I was just leaving." I said getting up.

"Good, you were unwanted anyways." Fake bitch #1 said the two blondes laughed I untwisted the cap of my water bottle and splashed its contents onto their faces, they shrieked.

"Better rush to the bathroom before your faces fall off." I said they squealed and ran off. I hovered for moment.

Harry started to laugh.

"Wow, that was great."

"Oh, I've got some for you. If you really don't care if people see us together.. Why did you know introduce me as your FRIEND not science partner." I said he sighed I dropped the empty water bottle on his head. I turned walking away. I felt Harry's eyes watching me as I walked away.

I really didn't feel like sitting with Harry for a second longer so I called Liam and he came and got me. He got an ear full too. He apologized for his actions and I accepted it. That's all Harry had to do.

I walked straight up to my room and sighed. My Mum worked so I would have the house to myself. I decided to just sleep.

I rolled onto my side and closed my eyes.


I woke up yo hearing the doorbell constantly dinging I grumbled and walked down the steps. I opened the door and saw Harry standing there arms crossed.

"What can I do for you?" I asked

"Have you been sleeping?" He questioned

"What's it to you?" I said he sighed and grabbed ahold of my arm.

"Hey! What the hell?!" I yelled as he tugged me away from my house.

"Where are we going?!" I snapped

"I need to talk to you." He said

"Then talk to me here." I said

"No. You have to come over." He said

"Why?" I asked ripping my arm from his grip

"I wanna show you something." He said

"I don't want to go." I objected

"Just come on!" He said opening up his car door. I stood there a moment

"For once in your life Louis do something mischievous." Harry said I thought it over and walked over and opened the door to his car.


Harry parked outside of his house and I followed him in.

"What are you showing me?" I asked

"Don't ruin the surprise." He said I rolled my eyes and followed him through the front door he climbed the stairs and turned around and looked at me before pushing the door open. I saw the room full of instruments.

"I wanted to show you this before but I never got around to it." He said

"It's cool." I said looking around I noticed the black grand piano.

"Wow." I said

"Wanna play for me?" He asked

"No.." I trailed off

"Why not?"

"Because this isn't right." I said he brought his brows together

"What isn't right?" He questioned

"This." I said gesturing from me to him.

"What's so wrong about it?" He asked

"You know pretty well what is wrong with it." I said he shook his head with a sigh.

"We could never be together. You're too wrapped up in your ego and I'm too big of a loser. I'll never be good enough for your friends. For anyone." I said

"Is that what you think?" He asked

"It's the truth and you know it."

"Well news flash we aren't going to be in high school forever. When we leave I'm gunna take you and go somewhere far away." He said

"Oh that's cute. Ride off into the sunset on a white horse." I said sarcastically.

"You have a crush on me Harry. It's not like you're in love with me." I said "You'll get over this crush in a few days and move on with your life." I continued he looked up from his feet.

"Is that really how you see it?" He asked I nodded

"You just don't understand.." Harry said

"Understand what?" I asked he put his hand through his hair.

"Understand what?" I impatiently pushed

"How hard it is." He said

"I don't understand how hard it is?" I asked I started to laugh.

"Have you seen a normal day at school for me? I'm tired of getting thrown into shit everyday and made fun off, sick of it!" I yelled angrily he thought he had it hard? That's just plain and simply fucked up.

"You aren't the only one! I have to go to school and be a completely asshole to people weaker than me just to keep my rep so I don't lose my scholarship!" He yelled

"You don't have to do anything!" I shouted he shook his head angrily.

"Yes, I do." He said I rolled my eyes

"I can't do this Harry." I said "I can't keep fighting for something that's built on false pretences." I said he sighed.

"Then don't." He said

I hesitated before shoving his shoulders, I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"Why'd you have to do this to me?! You kissed me remember? You told me you had a crush on me. I am once again a victim to you!" I yelled and shoved his shoulders for a second time.

"You... Asshole!" I shouted and shoved him again, this time he threw himself at me. Backing me up into the walk roughly, pinning my wrists at my sides and attacking my neck with his lips. I tried to move but his body towered over mine like a cage, locking me in.

"Harry stop." I said he started to suck gently hitting my weak spot my knees wobbled then collapsed, Harry's hands shot down to my waist holding me up.

I moaned as my eyes glazed over.

"Harry.." I moaned his name quietly.

His lips found mine and they licked together. I put my arms around his neck kissing him back. He pushed his hips against mine I moaned against his lips. He pulled away returning to my neck with swollen lips.

"My little virgin." He whispered against my neck. I shivered at his low husky voice.

I leaned up abs kissed his neck in return, goosebumps formed on his skin.

I felt him harden against my thigh, my heart skipped a beat. I was intrigued with being able to do that to Harry.

He moaned as I kissed below his ear.

"Shit." He hissed I leaned my hips against his, he leaned down picking me up and carrying me over to a table, brushing every object off of it sitting me on it.

He kissed my collarbone and neck.

I felt a bulge grow in my pants and felt blush creep onto my cheeks Harry chuckled against my neck.

"Are we really gunna be each other's first?" I asked

"You'd be my first time with a guy." Harry confirmed

"You'd be my first time period." I said

"You really wanna do this?" He asked

"I don't know.." I said

He looked up at me pulling me closer to him and rubbing my back.

He stood between my legs as I thought it over.

"Why don't we start slower.. Something that won't hurt you." He said

"What is it?" I asked


Harry carried me into his room.

"Are you sure about this? I mean we don't have to.." I said feeling my heart in my stomach, I was so nervous. He set me down on how bed.

"Don't worry, all you have to do is sit there and look pretty." He said I bit my lip feeling incredibly nervous. Harry went over to his door and locked it.

"You said our family wouldn't be home till-"

"They won't be. Don't worry about it Lou, I'm kinda experienced in this department." He said climbing on the bed

"Kinda?" I questioned

"I've been on the receiving end." He said

"That doesn't mean you know his to do it I mean this is gunna be so awkward." I said

"Louis, it's just a blow job."

"Exactly! I mean you haven't given one before so shouldn't you.. Um read about it or something?" I asked curling my legs up backing away from Harry.

"You don't want one?" He asked

"No I do it's just this is gonna be awkward."

"Louis. Do I have to rip off your jeans for you?" He asked I swallowed

"Just trust me, ok?" I looked into his eyes. I slowly nodded

He smiled he took my ankles and dragged me down onto my back I bit my lip Harry hovered over me.

He leaned down and kissed me, I kissed back he slid his hand down my chest and stomach and palmed me I gasped onto his lips.

"Feel good?" He asked I nodded he sat up and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. I closed my eyes. He took off my boxers and my heart stopped Harry had officially seen the most private part of me.

I felt his hand grip me and took in a sharp breath.

"Ohmygod" I breathed out he chuckled

"Ready?" He asked I gripped the sheets and nodded.

As soon as his mouth touched my tip I squealed, for someone who hadn't done this before he seemed to know what he was doing. I threw my head back in the pillow.

"Holy shit" I gasped

My back arched as I clenched my fists.

"Harry.." I moaned

I yelled out when he put all of me in his mouth.

"Harry!" I squealed

"I can feel it Harry.." I panted I reached down and put my hand in his curls

"Oh fuck." I moaned loudly. I felt a twitch and I emptied into Harry's mouth. Hitting my climax I moaned loudly, He pulled off of me. He wiped his mouth as I panted on the mattress lightly shaking.

"How was I?" He asked I smiled and shook my head

"Holy shit.." I whispered my eyes lazing over.

"That good?" He asked I nodded

"Wow, I guess I did it right." He said I chuckled tiredly

"That really knocks the wind out of you." I said he chuckled

"You're loud.. I love it." He said

"I'm sorry.." I apologized he chuckled

"It's alright, I love when someone is loud in bed." He said I pulled my boxers and pants up.

"I guess I should pick up some lube and condoms then?" Harry said I slowly nodded he laughed I sat up. I put my hand on his cheek, he looked at up me, I gave him a gentle tired smile he leaned across and gave me a small kiss.

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