The Nerd & The Jock

Louis Tomlinson smart, shy and bullied by the school's most popular boy, Harry Styles. Louis hides behind nerdy glasses and the latest copies of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Harry tackles people and torments more than a handful of students. He targets Louis who wouldn't hurt a fly. He bullies the smaller boy everyday until one day Louis is jumped by the football team in the parking lot his best friend Liam tells him to join him next time at the gym. Louis starts to change. When he is thrown into partnership with Harry he begins to stick up for himself Harry sees the stronger attitude and starts to admire it. How do you admit that you admire the courage of the person you've been bullying in all of your high school years? Will he admit it or break Louis' courage forever.


6. 6

After an awkward introduction between me and Harry's mother, step father and sister Harry tugged me up the stairs by my arm. He tugged me into his room and shut the door.

"Wow.." I said quietly his room was huge.

"So what are we supposed to do?" He asked

"Study the periodic table of the elements and their properties." I said setting my backpack on the floor.

"Alright. Have fun." He said sitting back on his bed, I found myself laughing.

"Funny. Get up." I said pulling my science binder out of my bag.

"Just get it started." He said closing his eyes. Despite my urge to punch him in the face the hardest I could I sat on his bedroom floor, pulling out my binder and started to write down some facts.

In a few minutes Harry's faint snoring interrupted me.

I sighed and checked the time on his clock.

I hadn't realized how much time flew by. I closed my binder and didn't bother waking Harry. I opened his door and said goodbye to his family letting myself out. I cursed myself realizing I didn't have a car. I started my walk home. Due to my phone's battery being dead I couldn't call Liam for a ride.. I pulled my iPod out of my pocket, since my phone was dead.. I would have to use this. I plugged my headphones into it and turned on my playlist of favorites. The first song was Yamaha by Delta Spirit.

The road to Harry's neighborhood was slim. I had to walk on the gravel off to the side. I kicked pebbles off to the side

I held onto the straps of my backpack. This place was dead, unless you count lawn mowers and passing cars.

My contacts were getting really dry due to the small wind that picked up. I stopped for a moment sitting on a green box. I found my glasses and switched from contacts taking them out to my glasses sliding them onto my face. I continued on my walk. I had to get from the high class part of town to the middle class part of town. I hung my head low, I didn't want to risk being seen by any of my bullies.


When I arrived at home I went straight up into my room. I took off my back pack and plugged in my phone. I opened my laptop and got ready the type out my research.

I got a skype from Liam and answered the video call.

"Hey Lou." Liam said I waved to the webcam. I minimized him and started to type again.

"What're you working on?" He asked

"Science assignment." I said glancing at my paper.

"Is that the one you have to work on with that Styles douche bag?" He asked I smirked

"Yep. I'm basically gunna carry his ass through it." I said

"Don't do that Louis. That's what he wants you to do." Liam said

"What am I supposed to do then Liam? Drop the project take a 0?" I asked

"Even if you fail that you'll still have 90's." Liam pointed out.

"I won't probably low 70's my mark dropped in that class because I refused to study other people's hair particles." I said Liam chuckled

"This is why I love you mate. You aren't afraid to speak your mind." Liam laughed

"It's just disgusting. Like no thanks." I said as I continued to type.

"How did you get home today? Your mom pick you up?"

"Actually Harry brought me over to work on the assignment but fell asleep. I walked home from his place." I said

"What a dick." Liam said I nodded.

"Yep. He's an ass." I said


The next day flew by pretty quickly I wore more of my weekend clothes but kept my glasses on.

Science rolled around and I felt relieved cause Harry wasn't here in any of our other shared classes.

Sure enough when I walked in my luck had run fresh out. Harry sat at the table. He smirked at me as I walked over to our seat.

"Why'd you leave yesterday?" He asked

"I didn't want to sit in your room while you slept.. It's not enjoyable." I said

"You could have woken me up or something like "hey! I'm leaving now.." You didn't have to go all walk of shame on me." He said

"Ha. You'd know all about that." I said

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked

"You know exactly what it means." I said he gave me a look. The teacher came in and told us to get right to our projects. I pulled out my stuff and started to work leaving Harry to do whatever he wanted as long as he left me alone.

"Why are you so small?" He asked I looked over at him

"I beg your pardon?" I said

"You're just so.. Small." He said

"How? Maybe you're just giant." I said

"Your hands.. They look like little cotton balls and you're quite short." He said I rolled my eyes.

"What does this have to do with Science?" I asked

"It's chemistry." He said smirking

"Chemistry and you and me don't belong in the same sentence." I said

"You're such a loser.. I mean I'm trying to socialize." He said

"I'm a loser cause I don't talk in class? You're pathetic." I told him

"Wanna get punched?" He threatened

"Go head Harry. Maybe he'll move me away from you." I said

He reached over and grabbed my wrist tight and pulled it towards him causing me to turn towards him.

"Ow, that hurts." I said trying to get my wrist free.

"Listen. You really need to stop being so goddamn rude." He said through his teeth.

"I need to stop being rude? Are you kidding me?" I snapped at him

"Look I don't know what your problem is nerd but you need to get over it." He said

"Get over it? Are you kidding me? You've tormented me for years and you expect me to just get over it? You son of a bitch." I said tears brewed in my eyes. He gave me a weird look bringing his eyebrows together.

I shook my head wiping away a tear and grabbed my binder. I closed it and quickly walked out of the room ignoring Mr Patrick's calls after me. I walked down the hall and tried not to cry. I really hated that boy.

I arrived at my locker.

"Please excuse the interruption will Louis Tomlinson please return to class, Louis Tomlinson return to class." I heard over the PA. I angrily shoved all my things into my backpack I grabbed my denim jacket and slipped it on. I put my back pack on and slammed my locker rushing out of the hallway down the stairs and out the door. I pulled out my phone.

"Mom, I need you to pick me up." I said urgently as soon as she answered her phone

"Why? What happened?"

"Some school stuff.. I just need you to come get me." I said starting to walk towards the field.

"I'm sorry Louis I can't, are you in the office?" She asked

"No, I left." I said

"Without permission?" She asked

"Does that really matter? I'm practically 18." I said

"It does Louis! This is your education." She said I sighed

"Forget it. I'll walk." I said and hung up.

I received a text after hanging up.

"We need to talk. H." Harry? I ignored the text. How did he even get my number?

Harry's POV

A few minutes after the PA told Louis to get back to class and he wasn't here I realized he wasn't coming back. I needed to talk to this idiot and sort out all his issues. I can't fail this project

I walked over to Niall and that kid Michael's table. I stood beside Michael.

"You're friends with Louis right?" I asked he nodded

"Give me his cell number." I said

"Why would I give that to you?" He asked I slammed my hand down on the table ignoring the glare from Mr P.

"Now." I said Michael quickly took his phone out of his pocket.

Louis POV

Harry kept texting me but I kept ignoring him. I decided not to go home and head town to the coffee shop I like to go to. I arrived and took my seat where I always sit. I pulled out my still unfinished copy of Percy Jackson. I began to read after ordering a tea.

I got another text from Harry.

"The principal just came in. You're in deep shit. Don't tell me you went home."

"What's it to them? People walk out of class all the time." I texted back

"I knew you'd answer after that." He said

"You're an asshole. What if you want?"

"How about an explanation?" He sent

"How about you go screw yourself?"

"Lol cute. Seriously, I bully tons of people. Why do you take it so seriously?"

"Because you don't just bully me. You humiliate me and make me feel like shit about myself. I'm so done with it."

"Well shit, when you say it like that..." I only had time to finish reading the text before an incoming call came up with Harry's number. I sighed and answered it.


"Where are you?" He asked

"I'm not telling you." I said

"Why not?" He asked

"I don't want you near me." I said

"You're at the coffee shop aren't you?" He asked

"No." I said

"I bet right now you have that book in your hands too." He said I could almost feel his smirk.

"What are you doing on the phone anyways? Aren't you in class?" I asked

"I left. Well after Mr P kicked me out for yelling at that Michael kid. I just left. Sitting in my car now. So how about I come by and we talk?" He said

"Can't you just leave me alone?" I asked

"That's no fun. I'm swinging by the coffee shop. Meet me outside or I'll come in and carry you out." He threatened

"You can try. See you then." I said and hung up. I sipped my tea and flipped my page.

About 15 minutes later Harry's slick black car pulled into the parking lot. I placed my now finished book on the table and sipped my tea. Harry opened the door to his car and got out he waved me over with his hand. I shook my head no I sipped my tea. He took off his glasses and threw them into his car. He shut the car door and walked knot the coffee shop. In seconds he sat across from me. I ignored his presence as I stared down at the cover of my book.

"Told you that you'd be reading." He said

"Actually I finished the book. Bet you haven't felt that feeling before." I said

"What feeling?" He asked

"Finishing a book." I said

"Haha really funny now let's get to it. We need to burry this problem." He said

"Or I can burry you." I said sipping my tea.

"Seriously. You hate me I don't like you very much either. How about we burry this and move on with our lives." He says sticking out his hand. I glanced at his hand and into his eyes

"This is about the project right? You figure if you get along with me until the project is done then you won't fail science. After the projects done you'll just go back to bullying me." I said

He looked at me and then sighed dropping his hand.

"Man, you're good." He said I nodded folding my lips together.

"Can I get a tea please?" He asked a passing waitress she nodded.

"Great. You're staying.." I mumbled

"But seriously mate. Why do you take it to heart so much?" He asked

"Because it hurts my feelings? You don't like it when someone bashes your football skills." I said

"That's completely different." He said

"You're right. Yours is irrelevant ego issues and mine is you knocking down my last bits of self esteem." I said

"Why? You have nothing to be insecure about." He said I raised my brows taking my last sip of tea. The waitress returned setting Harry's tea down

"Refill?" She asked I nodded

"If I have nothing to be insecure about then why do you bash me constantly?" I asked he shrugged

"Is it to look cool and big in front of all your friends?" I asked he sighed

"News flash, your friends might think you're the coolest guy ever but everyone else... They see you as an evil tormentor.. Just a big bully." I said trying to hold my emotion back.

"I'm not that bad of a guy.. I've just made some bad choices." He said

"Prove it." I said


"Try showing the good side of you. I know it's there locked deep down just try not being an asshole for one day you'll see how much better you feel about yourself." I said he sipped his tea.

"My refill arrived I sipped it. I put my book away and looked back up at Harry. He was pulling on the chain around his neck.

"How about we practice a bit.. Come over to my house.. We'll work on this project." I said he looked surprised

"Umm.. Ok."

We finished our teas and paid. I got into his car with him.. He started it slipping his sunglasses on.

Within a good 20 minutes we arrived at my house.

When we walked in I felt slightly uncomfortable letting my bully into my home but if he was willing to try to be nice I was willing to try and accept him.

I lead him up into my room and he looked around.

"Yeah, it's nothing like your room but yeah.. This is where I spend most of my time." I said he nodded

"No.. I like it.. It's homey." He admitted I nodded I sat on the floor and pulled out all my research I set it down.

"I have most of it typed out but I have more. Just find some stuff and write it down. I'll type it after." I said he nodded he sat down and got his pencil out of his backpack. I sat at my desk and typed as fast as I could.


"Here." Harry said handing me a few pieces of paper with his neat handwriting on them

"Thanks." I said

I typed it as quickly as I could. When I was finished printing the last of the papers I sat across from Harry.

We organized the papers into piles of each element.

We both reached for a pile at the same time causing our hands to touch. I recoiled from his large hand and looked up at him awkwardly. His eyes lingered on me for a second then dropped.

After they were all organized Harry looked up at me

"What do we do now?" He asked

"We take a break." I said

"And do what?" He asked

"Wanna play some video games?" I asked

"I heard you play piano.. Can you show me?" He asked I looked at him and have never felt more intimidated.

"Umm. Sure." I said I lead him downstairs into the living room and sat at the piano. He sat beside me on the stool. "Requests?" I asked

"Play anything you want." He said I nodded I started to play the keys of "Come Home" by One Republic and Sara Bareilles Harry nodded and watched as my hands pressed down on the pearl white keys of the piano. I looked at him nervously. I didn't expect it but he did it. He started to sing the words to the song. I was completely taken back by his beautiful voice. He kept his hands in his lap and sang with such power an volume that I almost didn't want to do it but I did it. I started singing Sara's part when he didn't evacuate his voice was too deep.

"I get lost in the beauty of everything I see the world ain't half as bad as they paint it to be for all the sons and all the daughters that stop to take it in, hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin.. It might start now yeah, or maybe I'm just dreaming aloud so until then come home, come home, cause I've been waiting for ya for so long, so long-" I cut myself off when I found myself getting into it.

"Wow." Harry said beside me I looked over at him feeling the heat come to my face.

"Sorry I get a bit carried away." I said

"No.. I've never sung with anyone before.. It's usually just in the shower." He said

"Same." I said he chuckled

That's when the key turned and my mom walked in.

"Louis William Tomlinson you are in deep-" she cut herself off seeing Harry

"Oh.. Um.." She awkwardly trailed off

"Mum.. This is Harry. Harry this is my Mother Johannah." I said

Harry got up and stuck his hand out meeting my Mum half way

"Oh are you the-" I shook my head behind Harry's shoulder and shook my hand side to side by my neck giving her the "stop it!" Notion she cleared her throat

"Oh never mind.." She said Harry chuckled

"Louis why did you leave class today?" She asked

I opened my mouth but really didn't know how to explain it to her..

"Louis had a massive headache, he was feeling real bad so I gave him a ride home and made him a cup of tea." Harry lied easily my Mum glanced at me then back at Harry.

"Well, that was very nice of you Harry. Are you and Louis newly friends?" She asked I turned on the stool facing them, she say down of the chair and motioned for Harry to sit on the couch.

"Mum." I said she gave me a look

"I'm just asking because I know Louis doesn't have very many friends." She said

"Well, yes.. Me and Louis are newly friends you can say." Harry responded I wouldn't necessarily call Harry a friend yet but anyways.

"Oh that's good. I was worried he'd rely on Liam and Sophia for social interaction his whole life." My mom said with a giggle

"Ouch.." I mumbled Harry looked at me giving me a small smile.

"So Harry, what-" I cut off my Mother's question by pressing down a few keys on the piano.

"Woah look at the time, I suppose we should get to work again." I said standing up and grabbing Harry's arm.

"Work on what?" She asked

"School stuff. Science project." I said and tugged Harry up the stairs.

"I'm sorry she can be a real handful." I apologized

"You've met my Mum remember? She's just like that." Harry said I chuckled

"I suppose." I said

"So what else to we have to do?" Harry asked

"Um.. I think that's it." I said


Awkward silence built up. I sat at across from Harry on the floor. He looked on deep thought. He pulled on his bottom lip.

"Louis?" He said looking up at me I raised my brows


"Do you.. Um.." He shook his head dropping the subject.

"What is it?" I asked

"It's nothing.." He said he paused a moment

"I have to go." He said getting up

"Harry?" I said getting up. He stopped in his tracks his back muscles tensing.

"Did I say something wrong?" I asked

He stepped closer to me about an arms width away from me, I looked up at him. He looked down at me.

"What's wrong?" I asked

He hesitated a moment but leaned down and pecked my lips, as he pulled away slowly my eyes widened.

"What was that for?" I asked my heart racing

"Just experimenting.."

"Experimenting what?" I asked

"If my crush was real or not." He said I snorted and started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" He asked

"YOU have a crush on ME?" I asked he nodded and I started to laugh once more.

"Why is that so funny to you?"

"Is that why you bullied me all these years? Because you had a crush on me and I was a boy? You didn't want to admit to yourself that you were gay so you tortured me?" I asked he bit his lip.

"If anyone ever found out I was gay I'd lose everything." He said

"Being gay isn't a bad thing." I said

"For me it is." He said

"Harry.. All sorts of people are homosexual. It's completely okay. Who told you it was wrong?" I asked

"All my friends.. They make fun of gay people." He said

"Well next time say something like "hey that's not funny!" Or "that's rude." You'd be surprised how much of a difference you can make." I said

"I won't make any difference I'll just be their new target." He said

"Like me?" I asked silence dropped upon us once more.

"Louis, I'm heading back to work. I love you!" My Mum called up the steps

"Okay bye Mum!" I called back. She opened the front door shutting and locking it behind her.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have kissed you." He said

"No it's fine.." I said he tilted his head to the side

"Wait.. Are you.. Gay?" He asked I slowly nodded finally telling someone. Who would have thought Harry Styles would be the first person I would tell.

"You are?" He asked I nodded again but this time more confident in my answer as I saw Harry start to smile.

"Of course you are.." He said under his breath I brought my brows together

"What's like supposed to mean?" I asked slightly offended

"Of course.. I've seen the way you look at Liam.. The way you look at me." He said

"Look a Liam? I am NOT attracted to Liam plus he's as straight as they come." I said

"So you're attracted to me?" He asked

"What makes you think that?"

"You didn't deny it." He said

"That doesn't mean anything." I said

"Have you had a crush on me all these years?" He asked I rolled my eyes but felt a little smirk pulling at my lips.

"Have you ever gotten off on me?" He asked I gasped and swatted his chest.

"Why would I share that with you.. And no!" I said covering my mouth he chuckled

"I used to get off on you, your little school outfits you used to trot around in." He said

"And now? Do I look to modern for you? I don't look vulnerable enough?" I questioned

"Now? Well now you look like yourself." He said I gave him a questioning look.

"Those clothes you used to wear you seemed so closed up so shut out but now you're so open and you is it seem more free." He said I chuckled

"You got all that off my clothes?" I asked raising a brow.

"Not entirely.." He said I shook my head and turned back towards my computer.

"And that ass..." He said I whirled around feeling my cheeks get red with blush.

"My bum? What about it?" I asked

"It's amazing." He said I chuckled

"How? It's a bum." I said

"Yeah but it's plump and every time I see it I just want to grab it." He said reaching around me and putting his hands on my bum, I gasped and stepped back.

"Ok, this is completely unexpected." I said he chuckled

"Sorry, I'm being too forward." He said

"It's not that.. You're gay.. I just never expected it.." I said he laughed quietly

"I guess I'm good at hiding it." He said

"Hiding it your whole life like me.. You kinda get used to it." I said

"Does Liam and Sophia know?" He asked I shook my head

"I'm the first person you told?" He asked I nodded "Yeah.."

"Wow..." He said

"Do you have a crush on Zayn or Niall?" I asked he shook his head

"They've been like my brothers for as long as I can remember." He said

"Why me though?" I asked

"Why can't it be you?" He asked

"Because I'm me. You're the football captain.." I said

"How does that changed anything?" He asked

"It changes everything." I said he looked down at his feet and nodded.

"I see."

I patted his chest with my hand and cleaned up our science organizing it.

"D'you know what it doesn't change?" He asked I looked back at him.

"The fact that I am so attracted to you I can't even stand it." He said

I gave him a confused look before he walked over to me cupping my face in his large hands and smashing our lips together. This kiss lasted longer, it seemed like a dream. Never would I have imagined actually making out with Harry Styles standing in my bedroom. I put my hands onto his waist.

We broke up catch our breath, he leaned down attacking my neck with kisses.

"H-Harry.. We should..S-Slow down." I said he slid his arms around my waist pulling my body against his, I gripped his biceps with my small hands.

He grumbled against my neck. I stepped on his feet desperately trying to measure up to his height.

"Harry." I breathed out he stopped kissing and looked into my eyes

"What?" He asked quietly

"Just hours ago we were at each other's throats.. Just hours ago I swore that I hated your guts. No matter what we think right now you may think you have feelings for me but it might just be your sex drive or something but we can't do this." I said

"Can't do what?" He asked

"This." I said

He loosened his grip, I stepped off his feet.

"You don't want to kiss me?" He asked

"No.. I do but kissing escalates to touching and touching escalates to sex and I'm still not ready for that." I admitted

"You're a virgin?" He asked I nodded

"I haven't had sex with a boy either.. So I guess that puts me in the same boat as you."

"You haven't lost your back door virginity..?" I asked he nodded

"Oh.. Um.. Alright." I said he laughed

"I promise I won't pressure you into it." Harry said

"Harry for all I know tomorrow you could wake up hating me again tomorrow. I don't want to commit myself to you yet." I said

"That won't happen." He said

"What happens next time Zayn wants to smash my glasses or Niall wants to fill my locker with dirt?" I asked

"I won't let them torment you anymore. I won't bully you anymore either." He said I nodded

"You have to understand why I still don't want to just yet. Let's try this friends thing out heifer we get into the relationship thing." I said he nodded


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