The Nerd & The Jock

Louis Tomlinson smart, shy and bullied by the school's most popular boy, Harry Styles. Louis hides behind nerdy glasses and the latest copies of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Harry tackles people and torments more than a handful of students. He targets Louis who wouldn't hurt a fly. He bullies the smaller boy everyday until one day Louis is jumped by the football team in the parking lot his best friend Liam tells him to join him next time at the gym. Louis starts to change. When he is thrown into partnership with Harry he begins to stick up for himself Harry sees the stronger attitude and starts to admire it. How do you admit that you admire the courage of the person you've been bullying in all of your high school years? Will he admit it or break Louis' courage forever.


3. 3

Louis' POV

In a few weeks I was healed and back to my old self. Liam still hasn't dropped the subject of me going to the gym. The more I thought about it the more I grew anxious about it. I had never picked up a weight in my life.

When the bell rang I rushed into Drama. Taking my seat I looked over at Sophia who was my seating partner.

We were studying the art of confidence and volume in the voice. I knew this would help me out of I was to start sticking up for myself. I took notes.

- Practice scowls in mirror.

- Practice pointing and disses in mirror.

- Look tough.

- Train sass in mirror.

I closed my notebook when the bell rang and walked with Sophia to Liam's locker. We walked to Math, I had to leave Liam and Sophia but I met Ashton at our desks.

"You look better, how are you feeling?" Ashton asked

"Much better." I said

"Harry comes back today." Ashton said I nodded Harry had a longer suspension due to previous fights.

He was to be here today. I hoped he would skip. I was denied my chances of one final good day when Harry walked in. Football jacket on. He looked back at me and glared. How was this my fault? He should be pissed at Zayn who tripped me and brought Liam over causing the fight.

Zayn had taken his fair shots during the last few weeks shoving me into my locker. My mom had checked me over. The football team had bruised 3 of my ribs and gave me a concussion. I had told her I fell down the stairs at the school. It explained my cracked glasses too. I had gotten a new pair. Less big a thinner frame that wasn't so wide.

During the math lesson I kept my face in my Percy Jackson book.

At the end of class I got up from my seat and Ashton walked out in a rush to meet Michael as they were skipping the afternoon. I felt an arm catch my arm my breath hitched I turned around and saw Harry. The bruise that was still under my eye throbbed and felt like it was glowing.

"I heard the team jumped you." He said

"Yeah thanks for that by the way." I said surprised by my courage and force in my voice.

"That wasn't my call." He said I raised a brow

"I didn't order that jumping. So don't look at me like I'm the devil." He said

"That's how I've always looked at you." I said I got my arm free and started to walk away. Harry pushed me against the lockers.

"Listen here, just because you've got yourself more security doesn't mean you have the right to give me attitude you little shit." Harry said I swallowed hard the courage I just had was gone.

He looked down at me his chest rising and falling deeply from anger.

"I-I'm sorry." I strutted he smirked

"Good lad." He said and roughly patted my shoulder.

He then pushed me forwards. I quickly walked over to my locker, Liam was already there.

"Hey, gym after school?" Liam said I gave him a look.

"C'mon! I need a gym buddy." He said

"Even if I got I'll probably be the laughing stock of the gym! I don't have any muscle!" I said flexing my arm.

"You think you'll be the only new member? People join everyday." Liam said I grumbled

"If anyone laughs at me I'm leaving." I said

"Do you have any gym stuff?" Liam asked

"No.. I haven't had a reason too the only time I owned proper gym stuff was grade 9 gym. I got rid of that stuff." I said

"You can borrow some of mine." Liam says

"You really think it's going to fit me?" I asked

"Just for today then we'll go out shopping for some new stuff." Liam said I nodded


When the school day was over I went to my locker.

"Gym!" Liam yelled behind me scaring me. He laughed I rolled my eyes.

"Do I have to go?" I whined

"Yes!" Liam said I rolled my eyes once more.

"C'mon." Liam said rushing me. I packed up my bags and Liam towed me out of the school. He gave me a ride to school today. I got in and he drove to his house. I waited in the car as he retrieved his gym stuff. He threw the bag onto my lap. I looked at the shoes and looked over at him.

"Just for today.." He said

"I'm going to look like a clown!" I said

"Don't worry about it." Liam said I grumbled putting my head back in the chair.


Liam and I changed and I walked out. Liam's old gym shoes were huge on me making me look like a party clown with out the big red nose or wild make-up. Liam started me off with little weights and kept making me lift heavier ones. I was continually whining and wishing I wasn't there. I was started to sweat and it was gross.

I felt my hair coming out of the gel and sagging down.

"Liam I feel gross. Can we go home now?"

"Louis we've only been here for 30 minutes." Liam said I sighed

"How about you lift some weights then." I challenged. He shrugged and picked up two weights the size of my head. Easily lofting them up and down.

"Show off."


I got into Liam's car after all sweaty the car quickly filled up with me and Liam's combined scent of nasty sweat. I rolled down my window sticking my head out feeling my hair blow in the wind.

"Feel tougher Louis?" Liam asked

"No." I said worn out.

"Don't worry tomorrow you'll feel better."

"I doubt it." I spoke under my breath.


The next morning I woke up on a Saturday. I ached on my arms as I walked over to the shower. I showered yesterday when I got home from the gym but I still felt gross. I looked at the clock, Liam was coming over at 12 to bring me to the mall to shop for gym clothes. I made my shower quick and didn't bother to gel my hair I just stuff it into a beanie. Slipping on my button up shirt and khaki trousers I put on loafers and walked out slipping my glasses on my face. Most people made fun of me because I dressed fancy but I could care less I looked like a gentle men.

Liam knocked on the door and I hopped down the stairs and joined him.

I had my wallet full of allowance and savings and my phone in case my mother or sisters needed something.

I climbed in Liam's car and we were off.


I had bought a lot of gym stuff. Liam said I would need it all. He even bought himself some stuff.

When we arrived at the gym I changed into my stuff and took off my beanie. Liam and I were working on the treadmills and then more weight lifting. I stopped to take a drink of water. I was so tired and my arms were sore. Working out wasn't my thing. Reading and doing equations was. I adjusted my glasses and sighed.

Harry's POV

I jogged around the field with the team. I was thinking about that Tomlinson kid and how much I'd love to knock him out. He got on my nerves today. More than usual. I hated the spurt of confidence that runt had.

"Whatcha thinkin about?" Niall asked catching up to me

"That Tomlinson shit." I said

"I don't know why you waste your time on that loser." Niall said

"He just bothers me." I said

"Yeah, race ya?" He said nudging my arm.

I chuckled and started to sprint Niall following me.

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