The Nerd & The Jock

Louis Tomlinson smart, shy and bullied by the school's most popular boy, Harry Styles. Louis hides behind nerdy glasses and the latest copies of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Harry tackles people and torments more than a handful of students. He targets Louis who wouldn't hurt a fly. He bullies the smaller boy everyday until one day Louis is jumped by the football team in the parking lot his best friend Liam tells him to join him next time at the gym. Louis starts to change. When he is thrown into partnership with Harry he begins to stick up for himself Harry sees the stronger attitude and starts to admire it. How do you admit that you admire the courage of the person you've been bullying in all of your high school years? Will he admit it or break Louis' courage forever.


2. 2

Louis' POV

I knew Liam had been suspended. Surely Harry was too. I was terrified walking into school. I looked for Sophia. I found her at her locker with the other cheerleaders.

"Um.. Sophia." I said quietly she turned around

"What's the matter Louis? You look like you've seen a ghost?" Sophia asked turning around putting her hands on my shoulders

"I'm scared." I admitted.

"Why?" She asked gently

"Well.. As you know Liam got suspended yesterday same with Harry.. His friend Zayn threatened me yesterday.. I'm terrified." I said

"Well.. I'll walk with you. It's alright." She said I nodded

"Girls. I'll meet up with you later." Sophia said she walked with me and when we got to my locker I saw Zayn at his locker he smirked at me.

As he walked forwards Sophia stopped him.

"Don't touch him." She said forcibly, Zayn raised his brows and moved away.

I opened my locker taking off my backpack.

"Louis in all honesty I think you should just go home." Sophia says

"Go home? Skip school?" I asked

"It's better than getting beat up." She said I nodded

"Come with me? I can drop you off at Liam's." I said she nodded

I closed my locker putting my backpack on again. We walked down the stairs she got her stuff.

"C'mon." She said we walked out and that's when it all happened. Sophia was tugged away from me and I swear the whole football team was on me. I yelled out for help but no one was coming. Multiple kicks and jabs were landed on my body.. I closed my eyes wanting it to be over and when the bell rang they were gone. Sophia came up to me. Kneeling beside me.

"Oh my god are you okay?!" She yelled I spat out blood.

"I need to take you to the hospital" she said

"No.. I just want to go home." I said knowing my mom was a nurse there and would surely see me. I have never told my mother about being bullied. I wouldn't want her to worry about me.

Sophia drove my car over to my house. My mom and step dad Seth weren't home. My sisters were at school. I used my key to get in.

"I'm calling Liam." Sophia said as she pulled out her phone and guided me into the house. I limped over to the couch. I whimpered as I sat down.

"Liam? Babe I need you over at Louis'." She said

"Yeah... Babe like the whole team. I tried to protect him... I was so scared." She said I heard her start to cry

"Ok.. I'll be here." She hung up and cane over to me. She got a blanket and tucked me in she kissed my forehead and I felt my eye swelling shut. She took off my cracked glasses.

"Can you see alright?" She asked I shook my head as a tear rolled out of my eye.

"I'm so sorry Louis." She said

"It's okay. You tried." I said she lightly stroked my cheek and hand. The door opened and I heard Liam's voice.

"Living room babe!" Sophia called

Liam walked in and immediately put his hands through his hair.

"Jesus." He said

"It looks worse than it feels." I said

"Oh Louis.. I'm so sorry" Liam said

"It's not your fault." I said

"Yeah it is." He said kneeling beside me I noticed his black eye.

"I'm just like you." I said my knuckles grazing over his eye.

He chuckled.

"Want me to call your mom?" He asked I shook my head I coughed lightly.

"Louis.. She's going to find out when she comes home." Liam said I grumbled

"I just don't want her to know." I said

I tried to sit up but cried out in pain.

"Louis you might have bruised or broken ribs." Liam said I shook my head.

Liam gently moved my arms and lifted up my top. He clenched his jaw.

"Is it bad?" I asked

"Those fuckers." Liam said

"Liam." I said

"Sorry. It's just ganging up on someone so helpless. It really pisses me off." Liam said Sophia whispered something in his ear.

"How would you feel about coming with me next time I went to the gym?" Liam asked

"The gym?" I asked Liam nodded

"With weights and stuff?" I asked Liam nods once more


"Louis you have to start being able to protect yourself." Liam says I nodded

"Sign me up then."

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