She was hurt and broken, a mess on the inside, but she never let it show. Her friends saw the happy, bubbly person she used to be, except that's not who she is, not anymore, until he comes along. Him. The girl everyone wants, and every guy wants to be. The popstar: Louis Tomlinson. They hit it off instantly, but she's a mess, and he's as broken as her. Can they find a way to mend their broken hearts? Or is this the way the world is meant to be? Join them on this journey of love, lust, and heartbreak.

Cover by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX


2. The Meeting

Louis’ P.O.V

“Come on, mate!” Liam yelled. “We’re gonna be late; and if we’re late again, Simon’s gonna kill us!” I sighed, knowing that he was right, and pulled on my blue TOMs before joining everyone else in the front room. They were all sitting on the settee, Niall flipping through the TV channels and stuffing his face with a bag of popcorn.

“Finally. We thought you’d never come out.” Zayn whipped his head round towards me, sending me a ‘you alright?’ stare. I nodded in response and headed towards the door, saying,

“You coming?” They all mumbled responses, following me out into the hall and into the lift. I hit the button for the ground floor and waited in awkward silence as our body-guards all piled in, so we could finally get downstairs.

“Hey, guys,” Paul greeted us, “So you know how today’s gonna go right?” I nodded and zoned out for the rest of his speech, as he literally repeated the same thing every time, so I knew what he was gonna say already. After – what felt like – an hour in the elevator, we made it down to the lobby and out of the building. Fans were surrounding us, screaming and clawing at us, and for the first time today, everything came into focus: before, I was kind of just going with the flow, in my own little dream world. I constantly heard the guys whispering about me, how they shouldn’t be worried as it was just the shock from my breakup with Eleanor (I am a total Elounor shipper, and am just using this for the story, so don’t worry guys!), and was starting to think they should worry, except that I’m not as bad as I was before. At least now I was actually getting out of bed and outside, though for the first few months I wouldn’t even eat. I just needed to move on.

We climbed into the limo that was waiting for us – we wouldn’t all fit in a cab – and sat in awkward silence until we arrived at the studio. A tall blonde was waiting for us inside, smiling like it was her birthday – or that she was about to talk to One Direction. Harry grinned and nudged my arm, winking towards her as we followed her into a long hall. I rolled my eyes.

“Hello, guys. I’m guessing that you were told what’s been planned for tonight, am I correct?” She asked, Liam nodding in response. “Alright then, follow me.” At the end of the hallway was a room, with no windows for the paps to catch us out with, Simon and the rest of our team were sitting in there, waiting for our arrival. It was hot and stuffy, due to the problem with the no windows, packed with about 30 people. It was boiling, everyone squished tightly together. I started to hyperventilate, so excused myself for a second before walking back out. Small, shaky breaths escaped my lungs: I hate being trapped in tight spaces, it terrifies me. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, though to no avail.

“Hey, hun, are you alright?” A soft, musical voice asked from beside me. My eyes flew open and I saw a small, beautiful girl standing in front of me. She had dirty blonde hair that flew down her back, and her green eyes bore into mine, filled with worry. When I didn’t reply, she repeated the question and snapped me out of my daze.

“Huh, what? Oh, yeah, I’m fine.” She took a seat next to me on the floor in criss-cross-apple-sauce. My breathing had started to slow down.

She smiled, and whispered in my ear, “That’s good. I wasn’t sure if I had to call an ambulance or not. I’m not really good at the medical stuff; they threw me out of Science when we learnt about it.” I laughed, for the first time in what felt like a really long time, a short quick laugh, with a smile that only just touched my lips. But, hey, it was something. “So, what are you doing out here?” I thought I heard a slight tinge of curiosity in her voice, but she was probably just being polite.

“Nothing, really, just had to get out of there for a little bit. It was a bit stuffy and I’m kinda claustrophobic.” I blushed, though I have no idea why: claustrophobia is nothing to be embarrassed about, is it?

“Mhmm. Me too. It feels like being suffocated when I’m around too many people,” She explained with a slightly distant edge to her voice. I took a deep breath, and I think she felt the need to change the subject as she suddenly said, “Are you guys gonna perform today?” I nodded. “I’m the biggest Directioner ever! I can’t wait till your tour next year: I’ve bought tickets for the show in London. You have the most amazing voices: and actually, you’re my inspiration…sometimes.” I sighed, and to think that I actually thought there was someone who liked me for me. As if she knew what I was thinking, she quickly corrected herself, “Not to say that that’s the only reason why I’m talking to you, because it’s not. I wanted to – I mean I …Oh my God, I’m babbling. Sorry.” I looked over to see her blushing. A smile played around my lips: why was she blushing? I thought it was cute. Wait – cute?

“It’s fine, love.” She giggled in relief. “So, I’m guessing you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are.” A wide grin appeared on her face and she turned away from me.

“I’m not sure that I trust you enough yet, Mr Tomlinson. I don’t feel as if I know you enough! I mean, this is all very sudden–” I cut her off, laughing again. She turned back around to me, laughing along with me. She made me smile and I had known her for, what, 2 minutes. I wanted more of this, so I suggested coffee and she quickly agreed.

Daisy’s P.O.V

Louis and I had spent a couple of hours in Starbucks, just talking and getting to know each other, the real people, not the media version. When I had said that my name was Daisy McQueen, he started laughing.

“What?” I had yelled. My name wasn’t funny, was it?

“It’s nothing…just, that you don’t really look like a Daisy.”

I now sat on the edge of the counter in front of my best friend, Trisha, who was slapping makeup on my face, making me look ‘smoking’. Louis had had to go back to his bandmates and get ready for the performance in an hour, and they were probably pissed that he had just disappeared. What can I say? #sorry #notsorry. Anyway, Trisha had somehow squeezed me into a little black dress for the concert tonight. And let me tell you, I didn’t look too bad. She had given me a smokey-eye effect, long lashes and dark red lipstick. I pulled on some black converse wedges and left my hair hanging loose down my back.

“Tell me!” She screamed suddenly. I looked at her in shock, wide eyes. “You’ve been smiling like an idiot ever since you came in here. What have you been doing all afternoon? No one’s seen you all day!” Just then, I did the worst thing I could have possibly done: I blushed. Again.

“OhmyGod! There’s a guy, isn’t there? Aaaahhhh! Congrats, it’s great to see you on the market again! You haven’t been this happy since you-know-who – Oh shit, babes, I didn’t mean to make you cry. Come here.” She pulled me into a hug and let me stain her shirt with tears and mascara.

After a while, I pulled away. “It’s fine. Not your fault: someone was gonna have to bring it up at some point. But you’re right, there was a guy, a very cute guy…” I started to explain it all to her as she fixed my ruined face paint, humming All I Want for Christmas, even though it is almost February.

Once Trisha and I had got her sorted out in a small, red dress that clung to her curves, I stepped out into the hall and made my way back towards Starbucks. Trisha wanted a drink and, declaring that as I am her best friend and love her so much, I had to go buy her some refreshments – plus, I have more money than her because I actually save up. I grabbed a twenty that was tucked inside my bra – it’s a girl thing – and danced down the corridor, singing Somewhere In Neverland (All Time Low) to myself quietly. My feet did a little skip-hop across the carpet before accidently stepping on a Converse that contained a foot. I shot my head up to see none other than Harry Styles wincing in pain…right in front of me!

“Oh my God! I am SO sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going,” I stammered. I would generally say that I’m a nice person, that wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

“It’s fine, love. Just next time, I would suggest you shouldn’t dance in heels. (Especially in a public hallway). They fucking hurt!” He hissed and I blushed a little in embarrassment. A few chuckles came from behind him and my head snapped in their direction. My eyes widened and for a second I can safely say that my heart stopped. There I was standing right in front of One Flipping DIRECTION! I know that I’d talked to Louis and Harry was there and all, but I didn’t have any favourites out of the band. I loved them all together, and the inspiration and power that their voices had over people. They could kill me for all I care, and I’d still be their biggest fan.

“Oh. My. God! You’re One Direction!” I squealed. They all grinned at me, and I noticed Louis stepping towards me with a smug grin plastered across his face. “I LOVE you guys. I’m, like, the biggest Directioner ever! You guys are my inspiration.” I blushed as I saw that Liam was looking at me with wide eyes, and a blushing face. My brow furrowed and I stared back at him; his face reddened even more and he exclaimed:

“But…you like our music? You like our music? You’re a Directioner?!” I nodded and stared him straight in the eye truthfully. He gasped. “But you’re – you’re – Daisy McQueen! The Daisy McQueen!”

I grinned, blushing a little. “Yeah, and you’re Liam Payne. And I am totally fangirling inside right now!” Louis chuckled and I turned to him.

“What do you mean the Daisy McQueen? Do you two know each other or something?” Louis asked, looking from me to Liam, and back again; as if he were watching a confusing tennis match.

Niall shook his head and faced Lou. “Mate, I think everyone’s heard of her.” His eyes widened and glared at me. “She’s even more famous than us!” Louis looked at me pointedly.

“Aspiring singer/songwriter, huh?” My gaze travelled down to the floor, which had suddenly become very interesting. I could feel a small blush creeping along my cheeks. I refused to look up, but he pulled my chin up softly so that we were eye-to-eye. We were extremely close to one another. “So you’re even more famous than the hottest boy band in the world? Impressive.”

I scoffed. “Hottest? What about, you know, 5SOS. Or Emblem3. Or –” He cut me off.

“Fine. We get the point.” Louis stood there, looking at me with narrow eyes for a second. I felt like I could melt. “And I forgive you. For not telling me, that is. Who can say no to that face?”
An arm wrapped around my shoulder, and I caught a whiff of familiar perfume. “Me. Now where’s my coffee, D?”

“Hey, Trish,” I said.

“You gonna introduce me to these hotties, babes?”

“Trish, this is One Direction – as you know – guys, this is my best friend Trisha.” She got a round of hey’s and hi’s and nice-to-meet-you’s.

“Hi, One Direction. Daisy: be a good friend and buy me a Mocha,” she said slowly. I rolled my eyes and grabbed Louis’ hand that was dangling by his side, dragging him down the hall with me.

“Fine. Come on, Louis. We’re going back to Starbucks.”

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