My Guardian Angel

All she ever wanted was somebody to love her. All he ever wanted was someone to listen. Both of them wished for something they could never have, but will they? She was a small town girl, not rich, living with her grandmother. Both parents abandoned her at a young age, leaving her to face the world on her own. His life took a turn for the best or did it? It was amazing for him at the start then things became stressful, everyone pressuring him. After a chance meeting will these two strangers have a chance at their life long wishes. She was Sarah Mckinnley and he was Justin Bieber.


1. The news- Ch.1

My feet crunched the leaves beneath my feet as I hugged my coat to my body. The winter season was just beginning to roll in and it couldn’t get any worse. I always hated the holidays since I didn’t have much family too spend them with. My gran would be here and I love her for that but sometimes I just wanted a little more. I didn’t get to wake up on Christmas and run downstairs to my parents. Yes, sometimes I got presents but I didn’t have anyone to share my joy with. I don’t even know my dad and my mom died before I got to know her. I keep blaming myself for their deaths maybe if I wasn’t born they’d still be together and happy but I came along and ruined that. I was pretty much an outcast at school, never was really popular, more of a book worm. I have two main friends Rydell, my best guy friend. He is very protective over me. Cassandra, I’ve known her since diapers. My gran used to babysit her and that’s basically how we met. My eyes found their way up to my old picket fence. I walked through as the off-white fence creaked. My gran sat on the porch in her dry-rotting rocking chair.

Gran (Christina Mckinnley): Where were you?

Me: I just went for a walk to clear my mind. No need to worry gran.

Gran: Ok well someone called for you while you were out.

Me: Who?

Gran: Your father.

My entire body tensed up to the words that floated out of her mouth. MY FATHER.

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