Love After Death

My name is Evangeline Morton. Three days ago I was in great pain in a hospital bed, surrounded by my friends and family. I had been diagnosed with a common type of kidney cancer. Notice I use the past tense, had, that’s because I am no longer in pain and I am no longer diagnosed. That’s because I’m dead. You’d think I’d feel free, free from stress, free from pain, and free from life. But that’s not the case. I feel bound. Bound to my old life, bound to my grieving family and friends and most importantly I feel bound to Asher Trieste, my boyfriend of three years. So for the past three days I’ve stayed and watched over my old life. And I think I'll stay.


1. Prologue


Death is strange. A majority of us are scared of death and what might come after it. Scared of the unknown, weather our end is peaceful or a living hell – no pun intended - or even no end at all. There are a number of different theories of what might happen after one’s death, for example becoming an angel in heaven or a devil in hell, becoming a lost soul and wandering the earth alone where no one can see or hear you and even becoming reincarnated and taking the form of someone else, forgetting your past life. That’s why some people believe in soul mates, people who can always find each other in any life. Do I believe in soul mates? I guess I do, and if so, I know who mine is already. But I’m getting a head of myself, this isn’t a talk about friends and lovers and family, it’s about death. The bottom line is that no one can ever know, that is until your dead. Not knowing, and never being able to know, really is the scariest part of death for people. Not to me, I was never scared of death. I was…prepared for death to claim me.

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