My Songs

These are the songs I write on my own. Please don't take them. They are my feelings and thoughts. If you like them then tell me (:


3. Don't let go

People look at us, they judge

they think we are to young to be in love.

If they were to see how we feel,

no one would judge us.


All the feelings, the I love you's mean so much.

They are everything to me.

They help me throughout the day.

Without you, I'm nothing


Everything you did, every little word, made me fall in love even more.


Looking at the walls

Staring at the pictures.

Thinking wondering how so much could be over so fast.

Me and you were perfect but you can't see.

Please don't let anyone tell you no different.


Don't let go,

Keep holding on to your feelings.

Please give us one last shot.


Looking at the walls,

staring at the pictures.

Thinking how so much could be over so fast.

we were perfect,

I need you back.


People judge us, don't listen to them.

But keep in mind.

no matter what,

you have a place in my heart.

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