My Songs

These are the songs I write on my own. Please don't take them. They are my feelings and thoughts. If you like them then tell me (:


5. Don't fly

Ten feet off the ground

Helpless and broken

All you can think about is the sky

All you wanna do is get out of here

Away from this town.


Looking down can only cause you pain,

look up, hope to get help.

Hope to find a place of peace.


Don't fly away.

Find reason to stay

Stay in my reach.

Stay by my side.

Don't leave this place without reason

Your so much that you don't know.


Every time we touch we're connected.

We belong together

don't leave me in this alone.

with no hope of getting back up.

Your my rock,

my soul.

Don't fly away.

Find reason to stay.

Stay in my reach,

stay by my side.

Don't leave this place without reason.


Don't fly away.

Don't go to far from me.

Stay right here,

here is where you belong.

By my side.


My heart and soul are with you

You save me.

You mean everything.


Don't fly away, don't leave.

Stay right here.

Don't fly




This is a song for everyone. I wrote for anyone that is going though a tough time. In health we are learning about the greeving process and suicide. I thought that if I wrote this song for anyone to see it and read it that maybe it could help them and that there is people out there that care about them, even if they don't know each other. I also wrote it for my Ex that I still truly care so much for even if he may not. Its just nice to write it all down and share it with all of you. I hope this really did help you and if it did then comment how it helped you and if your not comfortable sharing it then just like it comment something random (:


I love all of you <3 remember that


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