Beyond the White and Black

This is for the 'Love is in the Air' competition and this is a made-up poem - not real. It's meant to be about a girl who finds a photo of her and someone she loved. She always saw him as an opponent because she was against the way he broke her heart but looking through the white and black of the picture, she sees that he wasn't who she always thought him as: an enemy. However she knows time has now gone and so has he, but she wants him to hold on to those memories they had. In case anyone was wondering, the idea of 'white and black' instead of 'black and white' is meant to represent that not everything is how it seems or is known as. Just like the photo in the poem. Hope you enjoy :)


1. 1


Just a moment, a time,
A memory when you were mine.
Just a photo, you and me,
True love anyone could see.


When I find it I think back,
Look beyond the white and black,
When I see colour, the present moment,
I see more to it, you’re no longer the opponent.


I thought of you cruel, ripping me apart,
But never did you purposefully, break my wounded heart,
Always you were there, open, waiting,
But never did I see through to look, relating.


Maybe I was meant to follow, understand,
But all I did was sulk, wanting your comforting hand,
Maybe I wasn’t meant to hate you, as such,
But now I see why; I loved you so much.


This photo is a memory, a broken heart,
One giant jigsaw, torn right in half,
This could be a disaster, nothing just right,
But will I see it differently? – possibly, I might.


And now I’m right here, seeing it that way,
Not an opponent or enemy, I wished you to stay,
But time has passed and I know you’re now gone,
So as we both move forward, never forget me…
…hold on.

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