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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


9. Chapter 9.

Harry's P.O.V


Its 3:00 in the morning and Briannah has not yet came back . I've texted and called her over 50 times already . I have to see what's going on .I put on my jacket and grabbed my keys and as soon as I opened the door Liam was out there ready to knock . "Hey ..." He mumbled . I could tell he didn't really want to see me .

"I can't talk right now I have to go " I pushed past him . "Wait where's Briannah ?!" He called for me "I don't know I have to find her " I said . "You lost my cousin ?!" He asked . "No she went to some party and I texted her and called her and no answer . " I explained . "How long has she been gone ?" Liam asked .

"Nearly 6 hours " I sighed . "I think I know what party you're talking about . Josh from the Lacrosse team and his roommate were having a party at their flat .. we can check there " Liam said running my car . Okay then . We got in the car and Liam directed me to the condos across the street from campus .

We parked the car and I got out running into the door that was wide open . A bunch of sweaty drunk people were everywhere but I stood in the middle of all of them calling her name "Brianna!!!" I yelled . I looked around at all the unfamiliar people "Brianna!!!!" I yelled once again until Josh caught my attention .

"Hey Harry right ?" He asked . Like he didn't already fucking know me "Yeah ..." I said . "You're looking for Briannah .. Oh here she comes now " He pointed to the stairs . I looked at her stumbling down the stairs followed by Zayn , Riley , And Tatum . Riley and Tatum are also on the Lacrosse team .

"Harreeehh" Briannah slurred . She almost fell walking toward me and I caught her . Her breath smelled like Hard liquor and weed . "Are you High ?!" I asked her . "No !" She said and laughed after . "Holy shit ! " She yelled .

"What ?!" I said . " Your hands are fucking ginormous " She said . She looked at her hands . She's High . "Look at me baby girl look at me . You're better than this " I grabbed her face in both of my hands . Her eyes were falling shut . I shook her head "Briannah stay with me okay ?" I tried talk to her . Her eyes were closing . "Briannah" I said .

Her eyes closed and I watched her body fall to the floor . "No Briannah wake up " I said . She stayed on the floor . I picked her up in my arms and quickly walked out the door to the car . Nobody cared they just kept dancing and being the stupid fucks they are .

Briannah's P.O.V

My eye's slowly opened . I was on the couch with a cover over my body . Harry's jacket wasn't on the chair like it always is . "Ah you're awake " I heard Liam's voice say . I looked over to see him slowly walk over .

"W-what happened" I asked . He sat in front of me "Well .. Don't worry about that .. I got something I wanna say to you " He said looking down . I looked at him confused . "I .. I didn't believe you at first .. but you were right about Sophia and I was wrong .. She's not who I thought she was " He mumbled .

A tear came out his eye "L-Liam--" He cut me off "No .. I should have listened to you . I'm sorry " He said . He covered his face to hide his tears . "Liam its okay I swear " I smiled and hugged him . He hugged me tighter .

"Feel better now ?" I asked him . He nodded and we shared a chuckle . He sniffed up all his tears . "Now where did Harry go ?" I asked . "He already went to class .. you wanna get ready ?" He chuckled . "Oh yeah" I said . I got up and went into my room , took a shower and stuff and changed into a black sweater dress and some black tights .

I put on a black scarf and the hat and gloves to match . "Lets go Bri Harry just called" Liam yelled . "Okay " I responded . I put on my boots and got my bag and ran to meet Liam so we could go to class.


I after class I began to walk to the computer lab to meet Harry and everyone was giving me a dirty look . They looked at me like I did something wrong . Was it my outfit ? Was it my face . I don't know whatever . "Hey Bri!" I heard someone say . I turned around to Zayn who was walking this way .

"Hey Zayn " I said . He kissed my cheek and hugged me tight "Its cold as fuck outside " He shivered . I laughed hugging him back . "Oh you left your phone last night " He handed me my phone . "I'm gonna stop leaving this places " I shook my head . He laughed . "Do you remember what happened last night ?" I asked him .

He shook his head " Not really .. But what I do remember . Is me and you made out " He bit his lip with a smirk on his face . I was blushing HARD" .. Oh I--" He cut me off "Don't be shy I loved every second of it " He pulled me to his chest slowly . He held tight to my waist "Oh w-well.." I looked down blushing .

He put my head up with his 2 fingers and gently started kissing me . I don't know what was happening between us right now ... but I loved it . I loved it more than he does . The butterflies in my stomach and how it felt like sparks flying though one another .

I don't know if I was falling in love or I was just kissing him for the hell of it because .. I didn't let go . When he released he left his lips brush against mine as his forehead came in contact with mine .

"Soo" He smiled . "That .. that was .." I was speechless . He laughed . "I'm speechless too .. " He said in a whisper . I blushed . I was too busy lost in Zayn's eyes to notice Harry was standing there and before I knew It Harry tapped Zayn's shoulder . Zayn turned around and Harry hit Zayn in the face so hard .

Zayn was now unconscious .

Is this considered as a cliffhanger because dayum !!!! 


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