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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


5. Chapter 5

Biannah's P.O.V 


Zayn pulled up to the campus next to Harry's car . "This is your stop" He sighed . "Where do you live ?" I asked him . "Oh I live in the condos across the street from here . I'm not really out your way" He shrugged . "Oh cool . Well see you later I guess " I said about to get out when he grabbed my wrist .

"How will I see you later if I don't have your number ?" He smiled . I smiled back just giving him my number . After I put the number in his phone I got out the car and started to walking into the building when I heard the horn honk .

I turned around "Check your phone" He yelled giving me a wink . I unlocked my phone and saw he put himself in contacts as Badboy Z . I smiled to myself . Okay so maybe I think Zayns not that bad . He's very charismatic .. I like that .

I got up to the dorm and I unlocked the door . Moans and groaned pounded against my eardrum . I couldn't stop the jealousy . Its was very obvious . I just plugged my ears running to my room and shutting the door .

I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and went back to the front room to watch some netflix . I watched Family Guy episode after episode until I started to get tired .

I was haft sleep when Harry in his underwear followed by Sophia cane trotting through the front room . "Oh hi Briannah" She waved . I gave her the finger . Harry rolled his eyes "Call me okay ?" He told her kissing her jawline .

"Oh don't worry I will when I have time away from Liam . Bye . Bye Briannah  " She said . "Go fuck yourself" I smiled . Harry about the door after she walked out then standing in front of my programming . "Um . Excuse me " I said sassily .

"Why are you being such a bitch" He asked ."Why are YOU being a cunt . Sleeping with my cousins and your best friends girlfriend . You're such a fucking idiot " I scoffed chuckling after .

"You always nag about everything everything is a fucking problem with you . Just get off my dick!" He yelled . "You wish I was on your dick! " I yelled back . "If you're jealous Briannah just say so " He said . " . I'm not jealous " I cross my arms .

"Whatever . "He said and stormed away . I heard the door slam and I jumped a little . I almost felt like crying . I needed something to take my anger on something quickly .

I took my pillow off the couch and wrecked the T.V with it . Tears came out my eyes and I fell to the floor tears coming out of my eyes . There was no use of stopping them now .

My phone chimed and I picked it up off the floor realizing it it was a text from Zayn. 

Hey Whats Up ? -BadBoyZ

I sighed not really having the heart to text him back . I turned off my phone and threw it . Gladly I threw it at the couch . I grabbed my pillow and just laid down on the floor next to the broken T.V .

When I met Harry I never thought I would fight with him . It hasn't gotten physical before but I feel like every time we fight it feels like he's stabbing me with a fork . But I never decided to give up on our friendship .

(The Next Day)

I put on an all black muscle T with denium jeans . Just getting ready for the day I'm gonna spend alone .Liam is still pissed off at me so is Harry . Louis sleeps late on Monday due to the fact that all his classes start at 10 .

I only take 2 classes on Monday with Harry but he probably won't be talking to me today . I put on my socks going into the kitchen to get breakfast . I was pouring juice when Harry came into the kitchen with black sweats and a blue shirt on .

He looked at me then back to what he was doing . I drunk my juice awkwardly trying to to stare at his beautiful face , his abs that showed right through his t-shirt . He leaned against the counter with his arms crossed looking down .

"Um.." he said . I my head turned his direction . "The game is today .. Liam would really like it if you came " Harry cleared his throat . I chuckled . "He doesn't want me there" I mumbled . He looked up at me and I looked down avoiding his gaze as a tear came out my eye .

"Briannah that's not true" He sighed walking over to me . "Its true . I'm not just gonna pretend nothing is wrong " I shook my head .  His face turned into guilt probably thinking about last night .

He was lightly pressing his body onto mine  "Baby girl--" I cut him off . "I'll see you after class okay?" I lightly pushed him off walking away . I held in the tears that formed in the corners of my eyes .

I sat there to pull myself together quickly because I was already late for class . I put on my black timberlands and my leather jacket sticking a black beanie with spikes on it on my head .

I threw my bag over my shoulder and grabbed my keys off the table then leaving .  

After all my classes Louis told me to meet him at the football stadium so I could watch him pratice before the game . He had to talk me into to going to the game because I wasnt planning on going because of what happened with me and Liam.

I guess its too late to back out now . I walked into the stadium gates taking in the whole field . This is the best place to just let go of all problems . I walked under the bleachers on homeside to meet Lou at the locker rooms when he gets here .

was singing sweater weather quietly . Its been stuck in my head all day . "Nice singing babe" Someone said . I turned around alarmed that it was a stranger but it was just Zayn . He was standing by the gates blocking the gravel from the sidewalk with a cigarette between his lips . I walked over to him " Hey " He said .

"Hey what are you doing here" I asked . "Oh I just come hangout here to get away from my roomate Josh . He's a douche " He sighes . "Its cool . I got one too" I shrugged .

" You didn't text me back last night" He took a lighter out his pocket and sat down against the fence . I drop my bag and sat next to him. " I know I'm sorry . Last night just wasn't the best for me " I shrugged . "Was it the assholes ?" He asked . I laughed .

"I guess you can say that . " I smiled . "They aren't worth your tears  trust me " He shook his head . I looked down playing with my nails " I guess your right " . I watched him as he smoked his cigarette . Parting his lips to exhale the smoke . He looked at me . " Are you likeing what you see?" Zayn smirked .

"What .. oh . Sorry" I looked away . He took his finger slowly and softly turning my head back to him . "You don't have to say sorry for that one " He smiled . I blushed and smiled back . " Hey the game is today . Mind if I join you ?" He asked .

"How did you know I was here for the game ?" I asked back . He shrugged "Lucky guess" . " Well yeah sure" I responded . "Cool thanks " He smiled . "Bri!!!! " I heard Lou's voice . "Oh That's my friend Louis" I got up and helped him up . "Cool can I meet him . If its okay with you I mean " He shrugged .

" ... Yeah " I smiled . He smiled back "He's not an asshole is he ?" He asked . I chuckled "No . He's really loud " I warned him . "Kinda figured that " He dropped his cigarette and stepped on it . I laughed with him as we walked over to the field . 


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