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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


40. Chapter 40.

Tell me if this chapter made you emotional .. I'm sorry if it did :3

Briannah's P.O.V

We didn't touch eachother the same way , We didn't look at eachother the same way . Since out fight things have been different . Harry wasn't Harry today at all . He's been very closed about everything . Usually he was open to me but he's not open at all . I've been going places by myself hoping to catch up with a friend . Everything has been quite dry . Today I got dressed and grabbed my phone to go for a walk outside in the nice relaxing air . Its been warm lately I don't really have to wear anything heavy . I walked out my room walking passed Harry who was in the mirror fixing his perfect curls making them overlap one another . I didn't say anything . He wasn't gonna tell me why he was getting so dressed up . He won't tell me anything . "Um . I'm going out I'll be back later " I told him a little over a whisper . "Wait Bri .. " He said . I turned back . "Hm" I hummed . " Can you wait outside for a second .. I wanna show you something " He smiled . I was very confused . I didn't know what he was talking about but I was very curious because it sounded important . I shrugged leaving the dorm and going outside . I waited a while on the steps and I got tired of sitting so I stood . My phone was buzzing over and over again with text . I haven't answered my phone all day . I unlocked my phone reading my missed text messages

Hey Briannah - Unknown

Um .. I'm sorry who is this ?- Briannah 

Look infront of you - Unknown 

I looked up as they said and a black Bentley pulled up infront of the campus building . The driver came out in black and white opening the door and revealing Zayn in his regular clothes . He had a red rose in his hand as he began to walk towards me . "Hey .. " He said . "Hi" I waved holding my arm in my hand .

He kissed my cheek giving me the rose "W-Whats this for ?" I asked him . "I .. I just wanted to come by .and say goodbye to you " He sighed . I looked at him "Goodbye ? .. Where are you going ? " I asked him . He looked down . I felt his hand grab mine . " I just got a new job to be a fighter in .. in New York " He mumbled but loud enough for me to hear .

I couldn't believe he was leaving . "You're going to New York .. " I asked him. He nodded . "I'm sorry Briannah " He said . I nodded . "Its a really big opportunity and I couldn't pass it up . But of course there is something you might be interested in about me leaving " He told me . I looked at him confused .

"I know its been a while since you've fought in an MMA match .. But I recommended you to their professionals .. They want you to come fight for them " Zayn smiled. My eyes enlarged  at what he said .

"T-They want me .. " I asked shocked . He nodded . "And not only do they want you .. But I want you .. " He said ."Zayn what are you .." I couldn't finished the sentence as he pulled a ring out of his pocket and got closer to me .

"Marry me Briannah " He whispered . I choked and stumbled over words . "Z-Zayn I can't .. Harry --" "Harry doesn't matter .. I wan't you to be there with me just marry me " He said again . "But I love--" He cut me off once again " You don't love Harry be honest .. I love you Briannah . Marry me " he kissed my lips keeping me from saying anything else . I couldn't respond .

I love Harry this isn't what I wanted . 

Harry's P.O.V

I spent this entire month making sure everything was perfect . Me and Briannah were alone . And nobody was bothering us .

I knew it was time for me to finally ask her the question I've been dying to ask her since forever . I grabbed the roses off the table and I had the little black box in my hand .

I squeezed it doing a little prayer . Hopefully she'll say yes . I walked out the dorm confidently and outside .

My confidence quickly faded . I caught sight of her . Her lips attached onto Zayn's like life depended on it . I felt my heart break in many pieces . I dropped the flowers to the floor I wasn't able to talk .

And when he let go of her lips she said nothing . He looked up at me a smirk forming on his face . "I can't believe you .. " I said . Briannah turned around her face read guilt but I wasn't buying it for anything .

"After all we've been through .. " I shook my head . "Harry you have to listen to me first " She pleaded . "No fuck that !" I yelled I stormed back into the building . I knew she was following me .

"Harry listen to me !" She said . "No fuck you ! I can't believe out of all girls you would be the one to break my heart " He said . "I didn't mean for any of this to happen . Zayn came and --" I cut her off fast .

"I can't even look at you right now .. You betrayed me . If you love Zayn so much then why don't you go " I growled .

"Harry no --" "No Briannah .. Just go .. I don't wanna look at you .I don't ever wanna see you again " I yelled .

"Harry Please . I'm sorry !" She pleaded . "Oh I forgot " I said . I pulled the box out my pocket and took the ring out throwing it her feet "How about you go sale that .. Its trash anyway " I mumbled leaving her in the hallway . I slammed the door to the dorm . I screamed punching a hole in the wall I picked up the face crashing it to the floor .

I wrecked everything

That night I sat on the couch smoking a cigarette . My eyes were red and watery and tears were still falling from my eyes .

I stared down at the broken picture frame and the picture of me and Briannah at the highschool prom  .

She looked so beautiful that day . And that was the day I realized .

I wanted to Marry her . 

(The next day)

The men came to move all of Briannah's stuff out . When I said I never wanted to see Briannah again I regret ever saying it . I didn't think she would be leaving the country .. Leaving me to deal with stuff by myself . Looking at her empty room made me regret everything I said .

I know I didn't mean any of it and I wish I could take it back . But its too late for that . She was leaving she wasn't gonna change her mind . I looked at her through the glass door sitting on the steps with Niall , Liam , and Louis .

I knew Liam was gonna miss her most . His younger cousin . Pretty much all he had left since he left Wolverhampton for college .

I watched them hug her one by one . Louis had tears streaming down his face . Never have I seen him cry so hard . Niall hugging her so tight . and Liam doing both at the same time .

I wish I could go out there and just squeeze her half to death and tell her not to go . I woke up everyday smiling just to know she was gonna be there when I woke up .  

'I'll always be there Hazzie you're my bestfriend' Briannah said 

'You promise ?' I whispered . She nodded . 'I love you baby girl' I chuckled squeezing her tight 'I love you too ' He squealed 

The driver got out of the car parked in front of the dorms . Zayn came out and walked over to Briannah planting a kiss on her soft face . He grabbed her hand with the shining diamond you could see from a far on it .

He must have been making her more happy than I have . She fell into his arms walking with him to the car . And I stood there . Like I couldn't stop her . I saw her eyes gaze over at me . I kept my same expressing letting one tear fall from my face .

It broke me down more as she tore her gaze getting in the car . Zayn looked back to me . The same smirk from yesterday . Yes that smirk . The smirk that said 

You aren't gonna do anything about it ' .

As the car drove away I began to walk back to my dorm . 

She was gone

I was alone

I had nobody

How much could it take to turn me Bad Boy Styles ..

To Worse ?

....... THE END ......



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