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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


4. Chapter 4

 Briannah's P.O.V

"I put on my new Skirt and my half shirt that says 'Trill' on it followed by a leather jacket that Harry bought me . We are going out to dinner with Liam and Sophia tonight so I have no choice but to dress nice and behave myself .

Me and Harry are once again back to normal . I think he realized how stupid that fight seriously was . Of course the next day he wanted to pretend he didn't know me and didn't wanna talk to me . Sometimes Harry acts like a big baby but I still manage to accept it .

After I put on my new Jordans I went into the bathroom to look at myself . I clean up pretty good.  I don't really dress up so this is weird . "Hey Bri have you seen my --" Harry stopped and looked at me . His eyes blinked a couple times before he spoke . "You . You look amazing Briannah" He said barely clear.

 "Thankyou" I blushed . I didn't want to say it but I thought about how sexy he looked in his black jeans and white v-neck that showed most of his chest tattoos and his matching leather jacket and black scarf thing .

He looked so hot . I just stared at him with those sex eyes . "Um .. have you seen my beanie ?" He asked taking me out my thoughts . " Oh its in my room on my desk" I said . He chuckled . "What ?" I asked crossing my arms . "Nothing nothing . I just like how you were so into me just then .

saw that look in your eyes Baby girl" He smirked . "And that look was ?" I said sassily " .. Do you like me ?" He asked . "Uh yeah of course your my best friend" I chucked walking through him . He grabbed my arm . "I don't mean that way .. maybe .. a little more than that " He smiled looking into my eyes .

I shook my head hiding the truth as usual . "Okay then let me just get my beanie so we can go" He smiled winking at me . We walked in my room . I let out a sigh of releif . I know I shouldn't just lie freely about how I feel about him but .. its difficult when you knew that person since forever and telling them is just gonna tear the relationship apart. Its just .. wow . 

We walked outside and I was walking toward his car when he stopped me . "Let's take the motorcycle " He said . That's weird because we never take the bike only because its specifically for him to pick up whores .

"Come on please ? .. unless your scared " He smirked . "Scared ? .. Briannah doesn't get scared " I laughed . "Oh really . Fine . If you scream , cry , even gasp .. you have to agree to have sex with me " He smiled . "Uh no .. how about if I get scared .. I'll kiss you " I smiled . "Hm . Deal" He shook my hand .

"Get ready to lose baby girl . And these lips belong to you" He bit his lip . God that was so sexy . I managed to show no emotion . "Well take a look at this straight face because this is all you'll be seeing " I smiled then quickly went back to a straight face .

"Good" He said and threw the helment to my feet . "Come on we'll be late" He got on the bike . I pickee up the helmet and put it on my head .

I got on the bike and he took my arms wrapping them around his waist "Don't sqeeze too hard baby girl" He chuckled . "This is gonna be a looong night" I rested my head on his back as he drove off . We arrived at the resuraunt after that ride . It was fun!! .

I took off the helmet and jumped off happily "That was fun how come you didn't take me on that before!!" I asked . He shook his head laughing .

We walked toward the door passing some guy leaning on his car smoking a cigarette . He had black hair bright eyes and the cheek bones of a male model . He had more tattoos than harry had and I thought he had a lot .

I looked at him and be looked back at me with a dark look . Weirdo . "Hey what are you looking at come on !!" Harry pulled me along .

I looked back at the guy who was snickering and shaking his head .The odd thing was for a suspicious character he was very hot . I swear this dinner was gonna be the death of me . For 1 I didn't wanna be that close to Sophia . I had to sit right across from her stank breath and fake boobs .

And what made me even madder is Harry was flirting with her the whole time . I can't stand not one more second of being jealous . Did I just admit I was jealous ? . "So um sophia tell them about your job" Liam smiled .

"Oh I'm a model" She says "For what angency ? Ugly Bitch Agency?" I mumbled . "What?" She asked . "What?" I asked back like I said nothing . "Well . What about you?" She asked me . "I'm in college for Graphic design and fashion " I explained . "Oh .. we'll what about you Harry" She turned her attention to him so quick .

"Just school for teachers degree" He nodded smiling . Don't worry I knew where his eyes were . I rolled my eyes . "Hey um Bri can I take to you for a second " Liam got up . I got up too and followed him leaving Sophia and Harry alone .

Biggest mistake ever . He pulled me into the little waiting area between the bathrooms "You could be a little more nicer" He yelled . "How am I supposed to be nice when your girlfriend is being a whore right now . You don't see it but I do " I explained

"Just stop Briannah .. I know you dont like her I get it . But I love her and I just wanna make her happy " He sighed "By what ? Giving her the chance to sleep with your best friend ?" I put my head to the side furrowing my eyebrows .

"Briannah stop . Your just fucking jealous!" He yelled . "Of what ? What do I got to be jealous of ?" I folded my arms ."Because you are a fucking punk .!" He screamed out . My face turned into shock and sadness " Your scared of what Harry is gonna say to you .

You like him and you just can't accept the fact that he doesn't like the same way back " Liam chuckled " I don't even understand why you try" He shrugged . "I'm leaving " Liam pushed by me walking out the resturaunt not turning back . I let out a big sigh .

He has never said anything like that to me before and it hurts like hell . I walked back into the resturaunt area not taking my eyes off my nails . I play with my nails when I'm upset . I made it back to the table to see nobody there and a tip on the table . Aw for fucks sake !! . "Why does it happen to me ?" I asked myself .

I grabbed my bag and my phone and walked outside . How the fuck die they expect me to get home exactly ? . I tried calling everyone to see if someone can come and get me . I don't like cabs so I'm not taking one . What the fuck is up with to tonight ?! . I sat down and put my head in my hands .

Tears came out my eyes and I rose my hwa up to wipe them away . But when I thought I was alone "Hey..." Someone said . I looked over to see that guy from earlier ."H-Hi" I sniffled . "What's got you down Babe" He took a drag of his cigarette letting out the smoke into the air . "What should it matter nobody cares anyway ?" I shook my head .

"Hey I know that's not true ".He chuckled. "Would people who care leave you ?" I asked the guy . "Look I'm beyond pissed I don't know why you would come over here and talk to me" I said and looked down . "Because I don't wanna be just another ass hole who cares about their self .

Which explains a lot about those ass holes who left you tonight " He said . I looked up "Alright sorry " I sighed.  ". Its fine ... How about a drink .. then I'll drive you home .. IF your up for it " He offered .

Well I'm at a resturaunt by myself . My best friend is a fucking turd and my cousin is a douche .. "I guess that's cool" I nodded my head . He smiled "Cool" He got up taking the cigarette out of his mouth throwing it to the ground and stepping on it .

He grabbed my hand helping me up and we walked across the street to the bar "Oh what's your name ?" He asked . "Oh I'm Briannah " I said . "What about you?" I asked him . He opened the door for me .

"I'm Zayn " his husky voice said with a smile after 

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