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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


39. Chapter 39.

Briannah's P.O.V


I sat on Zayn's couch after a Long nap on it . I had a headache but It was probably from crying . I kept my eyes closed with one hand on my forehead trying to just calm myself . I had the biggest crying episode before I fell asleep . I don't know if it was because Harry just broke me down .. Or because I love him .

I do love him and it upsets me he would yell like that and push me . He would never touch me like that . He promised . "Here you go " I heard Zayn's voice as he brought me a cup of tea and some pain reliever .

"Thank you " I mumbled . He sat down next to me . "How are you feeling ?" He questioned . I shook my head " I-I don't know . Why do you care ?" I asked him back . "I was just checking you don't have to be like that " He said . I rolled my eyes at him . I popped both pills in my mouth a drunk some tea .

then getting up . "What's wrong ?" He asked . "Can you just .. Take me home please .." I told him . "Not until you tell me what happened ." He said . "Why does it matter to you what happened to me ! " I said .

" Just tell me what happened !" He yelled . I crossed my arms looking down at my feet . I couldn't go anywhere without my shoes on anyway . I sighed " Me and Harry got into it and he pushed me .." I told him .

He looked like he didn't believe what I just said . Its the face a person makes when they need you to repeat something . "He's what ?" He questioned what I just said . I shook my head . "Why did he push you ?" He asked .

I shrugged . "Briannah --" I cut him off . "I don't wanna talk about it Zayn okay " I mumbled . He uncrossed my arms taking my hands in his . "You need to talk to someone about it . " He said . I shook my head . " Why not ? .." He asked . I felt the tears on my cheek .

"Can you just take me home please .. " I asked him again walking over and putting on my shoes . I felt that he was still standing there . I knew he was in shock . I heard him grab his keys and I opened the door beginning to walk out .

"Briannah ..." I heard him say . "Zayn I said I --" I turned around and his lips met mine .He kissed me like I was leaving him forever .

Which is what I planned in my head .

He released me and I couldn't help but just look at him . "Just know I'm never gonna give up on you .. Okay ?" He whispered . I didn't know how to respond to that . Should I be happy that he won't forget about me .

I just nodded . He took my hand taking me outside with him . We got in the car and he finally took me home . I saw Harry's face right when I opened the door to the dorm building . His red eyes met mine .

I shuffled my feet shyly as he got up . I walked over to him kissing his cheek . "Goodnight " I said . He bit his lip as I began to walk away . "I love you Briannah .. " He said . I looked at him not responding with words .

But with a simple nod and a short walk back to our dorm .

That night I locked myself in my room and cried . I realized the person who says he loves me might be lying . Its hard to even believe he's telling the truth anymore . I knew things never were gonna change between us

. He will always be the same Harry .. and what can I do to change that ?

Nothing at all . 

Harry's P.O.V

Me and Briannah may be falling apart after this short amount of time of dating . Its pathetic and I know I can fix things but it hurts . It hurts every time I say 'I'm sorry' and she doesn't believe me . It hurts that she didn't hug me while she slept last night . It hurts that when I say 'I love you' she doesn't even respond .

I didn't want to believe I had a broken heart at first . But I know I do and I have to accept it now . I walked out of my room this morning my hood over my head . I walked in the kitchen to see her beautiful dyed red hair pulled back into a tight ponytail in a white and pink dress .

She looked so perfect standing there just texting away on her phone .

"Good morning .." I whispered . She looked up and smiled a little . "Hey " He simply answered . I walked over to her kissing her cheek . I watched her look up and blush . At least some of the feelings are still there .

"Where are you going today ?" I asked her referring to why shes dressed like that . "There's a surprise game today Louis wants me to be there .. I'm waiting for him . " She explained . "Oh cool . Maybe I'll come later " I smiled .
She nodded smiling . "Oh he's outside now I'll see you later okay ?" She called . "Wait let me walk you out " I raced over to her . I took her hand in mine leading her out the door and at the front door of the dorms .

She waved bye and I waved back but I soon regret her leaving after I seen Zayn come out of the car with Louis by his side and gave  her a hug .It made me wonder where she went last night . As they hugged Zayn caught eye with me and gave an evil smirk .

He had a plan and something told me everything ! was going his way . 



I would like to thank errybody for your support and as long as you guys support me I'll keep doing this curz . I would have loved doing it even if nobody ever read it honestly soo . Tank youu sooo murchh !!! 

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