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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


36. Chapter 36.

Harry's P.O.V


I woke up at exactly 11:30 to get dressed . Briannah was still sleep when I was getting ready to leave . I too my phone off her computer desk and went over to Briannah kissing her forehead while she slept peacefully .

"I love you " I told her though she was sleep . Maybe I thought she would dream about me .  I left driving all the way to Starbucks and I arrived exactly at 12:00 . I cannot believe it took me 30 minutes . I starting to wonder what the whole point of meeting this guy is . Briannah hasn't told me anything I don't know yet .

I kept no secrets from her I don't know why she would keep anything from me . I'm pretty sure its nothing . I walked into the medium sized coffee shop trying to figure out who I'm looking for . WHY THE FUCK DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT ! . I pulled out my phone and looked for the guys number . 

Well I'm here . Where are you ?-Harry 

Look right infront of you - Unknown 

I looked forward to see someone in all black with a menu on over his head . I shrugged walking over to him . I sat across from him crossing my arms . "So what now ?" I asked . I swear smoke came out of my ears as my face fell with anger and redness when the guy revealed his face . It was Zayn . "Really ? " was all I said . He chuckled "I'm quite thrilled to see you too actually " . "What do you want ?" I asked coldly . I couldn't look at him . Knowing I didn't like him from the start and after what he did to Briannah .

"You didn't understand my text did you ? We need to talk about Briannah " He explained to me . "No we don't . I don't need to talk to you about Briannah " I growled . " Okay whatever we have against eachother needs to stop ! It only happened because you didn't want her to be with me .

She's with you now I'm out of the picture !" He yelled . "Well I don't give a fuck! It doesn't changed what you did to her and just because she's with me now doesn't mean I'm just gonna become fucking buddy buddy with you !!" I yelled back . "Okay well fine so be it we don't have to be friends . But just know Briannah told me something she never told anyone . Since you think you know fucking everything about your little 'Baby girl' as you call her " He said as I looked away . I shook my head " You don't know not a damn thing about her " I mumbled . He chuckled .

"Oh yeah . I know something you'll never know . Like the fact that when she says she going to the gym on Saturday she's really fucking my bestfriend . Did she tell you that ?"  Zayn asked . I looked his way ."Or maybe you know that She never loved you ? She lied to you . She said all you care about is yourself .You're nothing but a self-centered bitch" He said . I shook my head . "How do I know you're not lying to me " I asked . "You want me to show you the evidence ?" He said about to pull out his phone . I just chuckled . "I can't believe she would say that .." .

"Hard to believe your precious Baby girl said that huh?" He crossed his arms . For some reason I looked at him differently . He was pretty serious about this . And I believe every word . "Ha you know what . Lets just fuck everything . You want a coffee ? " I asked him . "Its a little too late don't you think ? A new pub just opened up in the city . If you wanna go " Zayn suggested . After what I heard I need a drink . I need to relax before I go home and talk to her about this ."Sure .. Why not"

Briannah's P.O.V

I had the best sleep in the world what It felt like . I got up late getting in the shower and freshening up . Now I just had to figure out where Harry went . I didn't wake up to him holding me this morning and felt a little lost .  I wanted to spend the rest of the day with him but since he's not here I guess I'll find something else to do . I grabbed my phone calling up Axiel and putting him on speaker while I flat ironed my hair . Then I heard his voice over the phone . "Hello?" He sounded tired .

"Hey Axiel what are you doing ?" I asked him .It was quiet for a second until he said tiredly "Sleeping .." . I chuckled . "Okay . Well what are you doing today . Do you have any plans ?" I asked . "No why do you wanna do something ?"  He asked . "Yeah how about you come over we can go shopping or something " I suggested . "What ? Your Hazzie-Bear isn't home " I heard the smirk in his voice .

I laughed . "You are so weird !" I said . He chuckled . "Alright I'll be there in a second " He told me . "Alright out" I said . "Out" He repeated hanging up . After I finished flat ironing my hair I put on my black and white converse and a north face jacket with my New York beanie I got . I grabbed my bag texting Harry out the door .Just so he'll know where I am 

I went out with Axiel I'll be back later -Baby Girl 

Mhm .. -Hazzie 

Mhm .. is all he says . We he must not be feeling okay today . 


I was walking around with Axiel helping him pick out clothes and stuff . He bugged me the entire day . 'Tell me more about you and yo babe !' we would say . I told him pretty much everything and he still won't leave me alone . "I can't believe it . You guys are finally together . I've been waiting for this day .

Literally I'v been counting the days you guys stayed bestfriends " He said . I chuckled "Why the hell!!?" "Whaat . I always though you guys would be a strong and perfect couple . One of those Brad and Angelina type relationships . Make the cutest little babies " He cooed . I couldn't help but smile . He made up the perfect fairytale . and I had to say That me and Harry are just like that . I'm living in a mixed up fairytale with him and I don't ever wanna wake up from it .

We talked and laughed some more about it and in the middle of our conversation my phone buzzed . I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and there was a text from an unknown person . I wonder what It was about ? I clicked the message and my big smile faded away slowly at the image infront of my eyes . I felt jealous ... Used .. And broken . He still had feelings for Janelle this whole time ? 

Louis's P.O.V

Once I pressed send on the message I felt guilty . I couldn't help but drop to my knees on the floor . I couldn't help feeling bad for what I just done . I put my hand over my heart . I answered my phone when it buzzed knowing who it was . "Did you do it ?" Zayns voice washed over the phone speaker . "..yes" I mumbled . "Good Job . Good Job . Don't worry .It will all pay off once I marry Briannah and you get to see her walk down the aisle " He chuckled evily over the phone . What sounded like the Devil's call . "You son of a bitch" I said . "Well gotta go " He said then hanging up . I'm such a fucking idiot 


Sadly Bad is ending soon (aww) But dunn worry there will be a sequel for sure !! (TURN UHH!!)


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