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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


32. Chapter 32

Yess .. Yess you do ♥

Briannah's P.O.V
*A few weeks later*

A few weeks have passed and I feel so much better now . My scars have healed and I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders . So now me and Harry have made plans to go to New York to see my mom and stepdad  . Its been a while since Harry has seen them . The last time he's seen them was when we were sent off to College . 
I was putting my new clothes in my suitcase and I felt that comfort . Those arms wrapped around my waist . "You know I can't wait to see your parents " Harry sighed . "Really ?" I asked "Mhm .. I remember when we first met ... it was hot .. The last day of summer " He explained

.. Flashback

It was summer of 2007 in Cheshire England . The place where I . Briannah Taylor moved to with my family to start of fresh . I moved here about a month ago and I don't have many friends yet . I don't really hang out with that many people anyway but I'm not embarrassed to admit that my bestfriend is my family member Liam . Liam has always been the older sibiling I've always wanted and even though we were just cousins we couldn't be separated like we were conjoined twins . it was 3 days before the summber officially ends for the Junoir High . I really know if I like this Idea of going to this school . People can be so judgemental and what if I get judge because of where I'm from . 

I let my mom do my hair any kind of way she felt not like I had a saying anyway . 2 long braids laid on each side of me with white bows on the ends . Red converse tied to my feet as I wore a red and white striped sweater and some shorts . "My beautiful baby " My mom whispered taking my face into hers . I blushed a little . I'm the only baby she has since she had the miscarraige and my daddy leaving . I had to admit its upsetting that I can't share my mothers affection with a little brother or sister . And with my mom having to deal with it is worse . She kissed me good bye and I ran out the door to meet Liam . I got to the park and I leterally screamed Liam's name until he actually heard me . I jetted over to him giving him a little hug "Took you long enough !" I giggled . "Sorry I wasn't looking . I'm actually waiting for one of my friends . He was in Florida visiting his father so I havent seen him all summer" Liam explained . I just nodded . I had no Idea who this guy was . Just before my eyes a black car pulled up to the edge of the park parking lot . The door flew open then revealing a boy . He shot a bracey smile then waving over at me and Liam . He closed the car door running towards us . "Liam . Its seems like forever since I've seen you !" He sighed . Liam chuckled "Its only been 3 months . How was the visit ?" Liam asked him . He just shrugged . "We didn't go to any places I liked and all the stuff we did was lame . I have never been so bored in my life " He shook his head in despair . "Oh . Well sorry to hear that mate " Liam said . When his face turned to me I just looked back at him like I had no manors . "Who's she ?" He asked . "Oh this is m cousin Briannah she just moved here from New York" Liam introduced me . I waved ."Briannah .. How do you spell that ?" He asked . "B-R-I-A-N-N-A-H" I spelled it out . "Ohhh Briannahhhhh .. I'll just call you baby girl instead " He said . I chuckled nodding making my freckles move closer together . "What about you ?" I asked him "I'm harry" He took my hand shaking it . "Right Hazzie " I smiled . "Its Harry!!" He laughed correcting me . 

"No . Its Hazzie " I smiled .

.. Flashback Ends 

I looked into his eyes "I remember that " I smiled . He smiled back "I remember how short you were " He teased . I pushed him lightly giggling . 




We arrived in New York just in time for lunch . I don't know why I didn't eat on the plane . Oh yeah the food was shit I forgot . I tried to put the fact I was hungry to the back of my head and remember that I'm excited to see my parents . They took it hard when They sent me and Harry off To college and so did I . I love them both and the fact that they were there my entire life It was hard leaving them .

I walked up the steps to their house knocking on the door . I heard running down the steps and the door knob jiggle . Then the door came opened and my mom Brielle stood there . "Oh my gosh Briannah ! My baby is home !" He yelled exitedly . I jumped into the 42 year olds arms hugging her ever so tightly . She kissed both of my cheeks taking my face in her hands . My mom was just as short as me . We never grow . "Look at you you've grown soo much .Oh my gosh your hair is red !" she laughs .

I smiled . "I've missed you mom " I cooed . "I missed you too lovely I'm so happy to see you " She said literally about to cry . "No don't cry I'm here there should be no crying !" I giggled . She chuckled wiping her eyes . "I'm gonna have to come back . Why did you pack so much !" Harry yelled . "Sorry" I whispered taking some of my bags out of his hands "Harry oh my gosh you've gotten so big .. You're still so cute with that dimple on your face " She pinched his cheeks "Mum stop!" He whined .

"Yes Harry ... I'm your mom " my mom chuckled . He blushed looking away . I was surprised when Harry called my mom mom . But its not that hard to get close to my family they are really cool people . 

We came in the door greeted my step-dad Chase . He's been in my life since I was 4 and stuck with my mom through everything . He also loved Harry as if he was his own son . Most dads would protect their daughter with their life . Especially when that guy has a body full of tattoos and piercings like harry does .

We talked over lunch catching up with eachothers lives and all . We laughed at everything and anything said . "Okay okay so .. I don't mean to make things awkward  " My mom said . "But .. I just wanna know .. Are you two together .. Come on you can tell mommy " She said with her Long Island dialect . Me and Harry looked at eachother "Um ." I hummed . "Well--" I was about to say something but Harry cut me off "Yes " He said . "What ?" I said confused . "Yes we are together and I love her . She's perfect and beautiful and I couldn't have asked for nothing more "He said .

Chase got up from his seat he walked over to Harry putting a hand on his shoulder "Welcome to the family son " He said . Harry smiled . My mom just sat there cooing over what was happening . I just looked at Harry . I didn't know what to say . I swear my mind went blank . and when his hand squeezed my under the table my heart did somersaults  . His touch made me smile . Not like thats new . 


After the night out with my parents we came home and I changed into some shorts and one of Harry's shirts . I've been wearing his shirts alot lately . maybe I like how they smell . Harry was in the bathroom in the room brushing his teeth and stuff and I was sitting on the bed looking through my messages .

I get my cast off tomorrow thank god!! -Li-Li

Lol good . My mom said hello and that she misses u-Bri



I love you mummy!-Nialler

Lol I think you have the wrong number babe - Briannahhhhh♥

Oh sorry Bri lol -Nialler


I Hate you for not taking me to New York -_- -Axieee

Lol sorry I'll bring you something -Bri-Bri

Swizz Beats's hat ? -Axieee

Thats fucking impossible !-Bri-Bri

Anythings possible bri .. anything . just like Harry just tweeting that he has the perfect girl .. I'm guessing thats you right ?- Axieee

Well I didn't wanna tell anybody .. -Bri-Bri

OMG !!! ♥♥ :D-Axieee

I laughed at Axiel's text . Iwas waiting until we got back to tell anybody because I don't know how comfortable I feel about everyone knowing . I just need some time to get used to it . Just when I was about to put my phone down I got another text 

Mind if we talk for a second .. I really wanna talk to you . Call me at this number - Unknown . 

I didn't know who this was and why the fuck they wanted to talk to me but okay then . I went to the balcony in the room and closed the door behind me . I clicked on the number waiting for an answer . "B-Briannah ?" The quiet voice said. He sounded like he was crying . "Um yeah . Who is this ?" I asked . "Its me " He said . The I recongnized his voice . "Z-Zayn ?" I trembled . It was getting cold and I was shocked . "Don't hang up please . You have no Idea how bad I feel about this .About you leaving . Is shouldn't have never done it I shouldn't have never put my hands on you . You didn't deserve that " He said . I sighed .

"I didn't deserve alot of things you did to me .. Yet I still stayed ." I shook my head . "And I know I didn't deserve you to stay . You needed better than me " He whsipered . "Zayn . I don't wanna talk to you right now " I mumbled . "Bri don't . I just told how much I'm sorry how much I fucking love you . I can't be away from you not one more second what the fuck else am I supposed to do " He yelled . "Let me go " I spoke .

It sounded like the world stopped on the other line . "W-What ?" . "Baby girl .." I heard harry's voice . I immediately hung up with Zayn as I saw Harry walk out on the balcony . "Hey . Everything okay why are you out here ?" He asked . "Oh nothing It was just hot inside " I chuckled . "Oh okay " He shrugged . He began to get closer to me . He kissed my lips ever so slowly sucking my bottom lip . "Jump " He whispered .

I jumped wrapping my legs around his waist . We made our way back into the room and he slammed me down on the bed . I giggled as he got ontop of me holding onto my hips kissing my lips and pulling down my shorts and underwear . He pulled down his too . "I don't want my parents to hear us " I whispered . He nodded getting up and closing the door . Then he went to his bag and pulled out a roll of Moutsache duck tape . He tore a piece off and taped it to my mouth . "Problem solved " He smirked then putting tape on his mouth too . I'll leave the rest of this moment to your imagination .



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