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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


3. Chapter 3.

This picture just ... err mah gerd ♥

Briannah's P.O.V


*Beeeep Beeeep Beeeep* My alarm went off . I swear I curse the day these things were made . I got up scratched my head walking over to the mirror . I looked a mess .. just a fucking mess . But its cool I'm just going to the gym . I train to be an MMA fighter . I've gotten hurt a lot I have a dislocated wrist and a tore ACL and I'm not supposed to fight until I get a brace . But since my brace isn't here yet I just train for the hell of it .

I picked out a blue nike sports bra and black nike spandex. I brushed my teeth and stuff then changed out my pajamas . I put on my nike sweats  . Nike errthang . I put on my blue and white nike running shoes . I like how the look on my feet .

I went to the kitchen to fill up my water bottle and stuff and harry was making tea . He always makes tea when a girl comes over . I peeked in the living room and of course a girl was on the couch . I rolled my eyes . I walked back to the kitchen " Morning Hazzie" I put on a smile . "Hey Briannah" he said .

I grabbed my gatorade out of the fridge . "Your going to the gym ?" He asked . "Mhm you know I have to" I said getting breakfast . He doesn't like my thing for MMA . Especially since he has seen me get hurt about 5,000 times .

"I don't know if you should really do it anymore" He mumbled . "I'm not hurt anymore " I shrugged . "I know that but .. what if you get hurt again ?" He asked looking me in the eyes . I hate when he does that because that means he's upset .

He closed his eyes and turned back to what he was doing . "Hazzie?" I touched his arm . "Do what you want Briannah" he mumbled . "Haz--" He cut me off "Go" He snapped . I stepped back from him . I hate this because when I get back home it will be a while different story .

I was about to walk out when he said " Just know ... I care about you " He said . I rolled my eyes . I put on my sweat shirt and grabbed my bag and stuff and left before more shit happens .

That was just one of those petty fights we have all the time . Then I come home and his feelings change completely and he's just like 'Baby girl .. bla bla bla' that's basically how it goes .

(At The Gym)

"Kick" My trainer Axiel said . I kick the dummy hard . "Kick right uppercut jab" He tried to make it more difficult like always . I do as told . "Alright take five " He said . I nodded and walked over to my bag getting my gatorade .

"Bri I know you only go hard when something happened with you and harry ... did you guys fight or something ?" He asked . I chuckled "It was so stupid .. Don't worry about it this is just what I need . I need to take my anger out on something " I explained

"Bri if it was so stupid why are you upset .. come on you can tell me " He turned me around looking me in the eyes . I sighed " He's trying to make me give up something that I love . I'm not telling him to give up sex . Its just not fair " I crossed my arms . "Maybe he's right " Axiel said . " Oh so your taking his side .

I'm your best fighter " I scoffed . " I'm just saying .You have gotten so many inguries. He hates to see you get hurt especially when you're his little crush" He teased .

I punched his arm and laughed "Stop " I whined . "Okay well let's do something new you're in right?" He asked walking over to the ring "Uh yah" I said . He laughed "Alright let's get down to work " . I followed him over to the ring .

I got home later that night and I was so fucking sore . My bones hurt to the max and my leg popped 2 times . I walked toward the Hallway to Harry standing there . "Are you alright?" He asked taking my bag . I nodded . He chuckled " Thanks for the lie ". I shrugged

" I'm gonna make you an ice bath " He ran to the basement . An ice bath is just ice in a bathtub ... for the bones . He came back with 3 big bags of ice he carried them to the bathroom and poured them in the tub .

Came back and craidled me in his arm and carried me to the bathroom . He gently put me in the tub of ice . Don't worry I was waring my shorts and my sports bra . "You gotta stop working yourself too hard Baby girl" He sat down on the toilet lid facing me . " Sometimes you...." I started .

He looked at me . "Nothing just I go to practice upset sometimes and its just hard for me to --" He cut me off . "Alright I know I'm sorry .. I know its me . I don't mean to hurt you . I just can't stand to see you hurting yourself " He explained . " I'm happy you care but I'm a big girl now Harry and you get hurt all the time " I said . It was quiet for a second . " I understand that but I'm a guy .

Your short and delicate and sweet" He said . "Did you just call me short ?" I asked . "Sorry ... just don't hurt yourself okay .. I'm gonna let you relax " He smiled a little and left the bathroom . Sometimes I feel bad because Harry just wants to protect me from getting hurt but I never listen . I'm an egg head sometimes .  

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