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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


28. Chapter 28.

First I wanna say ZAYUMMMM ZAYNIE YOU SEXXXY ♥♥. Then I wanna say . Grab the glocks .. you might have to kill a bitch after this chapter . 

Harry's P.O.V 


The bell rung signalling the end of the round . The whole fight I didn't see Briannah and I'm really worried about her . The most I've ever talked to her was through text and I miss seeing her more than anything . I don't know if she's gotten over me or not . I really hope she hasn't . 

I was then pushed by Louis into my corner chair and he began to yell in my face . "Harry you've got to focus what the hell has gotten you so distracted !!" Louis threw his hands in the air frustrated .

I said nothing as I looked into the crowed once more hoping Briannah would pop up in front of my eyes . I saw no sights of her then getting my head moved back to a position Axiel could clean my cuts . "N-Nothing " I mumbled ."Don't worry Harry she'll be here " Axiel whispered . "I doubt she even wants to see me " I responded .

"Just trust me I know her " He whispered . I'm trusting him I guess . The bell rung and the crowd began to cheer again as we both got up beginning to punch each other for the first round .  Not even 3 minutes into the round and I was on the ground . I heard the reff counting and I closed my eyes and laid there letting myself lose the round . I gave up because she wasn't there . I couldn't finish without her being there . She was my motivation . and with her not being here with me . I lost all hope . 

I went into the locker room showering off a little then changing into my jeans and a shirt . I put all my stuff into my bag getting ready to walk out the locker room with my hood on my head and my head down . "Hey .. " I heard a voice . I looked up to see her . The person I've been wanting to see all day . Briannah . "H-Hey " I stuttered surprised to see her . I didn't think she would actually come .

" How was your fight ?" She asked . " .. I lost " I was afraid to say it . Her mouth opened in surprise "You lost ? " She asked to be sure . "Yeah because you weren't here " I admitted . She looked at me confused . "What ?" She said confused . I looked away walking pass her . I could hear her footsteps following me . "What do you mean you lost because I wasn't there . Look I'm sorry I missed your fight but --" I cut her off .

" Look I don't care why you missed it . Its the fact that you actually did miss my fight . You promised me .. You would never do that " I said to her . "I missed one fight " She explains . "One is enough for me . You missed my fight over Zayn . You stop seeing me because of him . You've stopped talking to me because of him . Because of what he tells you . You're supposed to be my bestfriend but you're being more of a fucking mistake to call my bestfriend " I growled .

" I--" I cut her off again . " And plus you're fucking jealous of my ex . I don't give 2 shits about her but you do " I said . "Because I don't care if I have a boyfriend or not I want you . You're the only one who knows me the best and if she takes you .. What do I have . A boyfriend who's cheating on me and a fucked up life" She said wiping her eyes . I took her face in my hands . "I'm always gonna be there .I can be mad at you all I want to have a girlfriend and be in love with her all I want to . That's not gonna change the fact that you were my first crush and I loved you first . Since that night I took your virginity I swore to myself I'd never sleep with anybody else . " I admitted .

"Why " She asked . "Because I love you too much . I wish I could do Christmas day all over again " I smiled . She bit her lip . I chuckled "Don't do that " . He stopped blushing after . I kissed her forehead . "Can I train with you tomorrow or you still don't wanna see me " I smirked . She chuckled "Pick me up in the morning " She said .

"Alright . Bye . " I said . "Bye " she said walking the other way . "Wait Bri .." I said . She turned around "I Love you .. Be careful okay ?" I told her . "Okay" she said . I smiled . I feel better now that we talked about it . I know that shes not gonna leave Zayn like that and I don't want her to . I want her to be happy and if she's happy with him that's all that matters to me 

Briannah's P.O.V


I got in the car feeling like once again everything was back to normal . It gives me goosebumps when he tells me he loves me . I never get enough of it . As I drove down the street The words he spoke ran through my mind like a broken record . Nobody has given up so much for me . Not even my own parents. I pulled up to the house unlocking the door and opening it to Zayn's face . He looked angry but you really couldn't tell in the dark . "Where did you go " He growled lowly . "I wen't to Harry's fight remember " I said . He pulled me into the house slamming the door behind me . He pinned me against the wall grabbing ahold on my jacket "His fight ended a long time ago where the fuck have you been ?!" He yelled . "I was only gone for 30 minutes calm down !" I yelled to him . He squeezed his hand into a fist on my jacket . I felt the burning sensation on my cheek . 

He slapped me . 

I screamed in pain . "DON'T YOU EVER TELL ME TO FUCKING CALM DOWN !!! IF YOU'RE FUCKING HIM JUST SAY SO !!" He screamed . "I'm not " I sobbed holding my cheek . "I'm tired of you're fucking lying !" He growled . "I'm not lying !" I tried to wipe the tears from my face . "You know what " He said . Just then I was lifted off the ground my shoes were off my feet as he carried me up the stairs .

He laid my body on the bed and he left the room for a second coming back with glass of wine . "Drink it " He said . "Why ?" I asked him . "Just do it " He said sternly . I quickly downed the wine feeling the burning liquid trickle down my throat . "Now Briannah .. I don't fuck around when it comes to protecting you . I know you're lying to me " He said taking off his clothes . My head started spinning .

I felt dizzy . "I wasn't ...I " I couldn't even get the words out as my body feel back on the bed . I felt him pull off my jeans and my underwear . "Well know that I cheated on you too .. But that doesn't make us even just yet .. I haven't fucked you yet " He smirked . "Zayn ... Zayn ple..." I gasped for air as he entered me . I arched my back one hand grabbing onto the sheet and the other dropping the wine glass . I didn't see much after that as my vision became blurry and I black out .




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