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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


26. Chapter 26.


Briannah's P.O.V

The next day I just sat in my hospital room watching T.V . I had a bad stomach ache and my body was sore . I couldn't move . I just flipped through the channels wondering where everyone was and what they were doing . Just then my door creaked open revealing the nurse bringing in Harry "Make sure you call my daughter " The nurse said . "Yeah sure" He responded with a nod . The nurse left and closed the door behind her .

  He rolled his eyes chucking "I'm not calling her daughter " He smiled at me . I smiled back .  He sat down in the chair next to the bed "How are you feeling ?" He said grabbing my hand . "I'm okay " I smiled . His hands made their way to my face "I don't ever wanna see you like that again .. You're never like that " He said .

"I know . I'm sorry " I sighed . "Its okay . This shouldn't have happened .. I still love you " He smiled ."I love you too " I smiled . Is it okay to say I like when he says that . He says it so perfectly and I smiled everytime he's said it so far . My life is so fucked up . Here I am saying 'I love you ' to my best friend and I'm supposed to have a boyfriend .

But of course I have suspicions about Zayn and what he's been doing behind my back like . What was he doing when I got so hammered I couldn't walk and when my drink got spiked and I threw up blood . Where the fuck was he ? But I'll always remember the person who was always there for me .. Harry was always the person to follow me around quite crowed places and never leave me alone .

Though he would drive my chances of finding a real boyfriend away he was there . And I'm sure if I went to the club with him .. My night would have went so much different . "So are you hungry or anything .. I could take you out to eat before I go train if you want me to " Harry stated . "Can I go with you .. I don't really wanna go home just yet " I responded . "Don't you miss Zayn ?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest with a smirk .

"I mean yeah I do . I just wanna be with you right now ." I smiled . He smiled back "Okay . I think I have some clothes for you in the car hold on " He kissed my temple before running out the room leaving me blushing . But I was thinking . Was her prepared for me to stay or ? ... 

He came back with a bag of clothes . I put on a pair of his sweat pants over black shorts and a white t shirt under a Hollister hoodie . I put my hair in a very messy ponytail I don't  feel like fixing it so whatever . Harry came in after I finished getting dressed and I was putting on my combat boots for some reason he had .

I lost these when I first got them and he had them the whole time -_- . "Are you sure Zayn doesn't want you home .. I could take you ?" Harry asked . "I don't care what he has to say . I wanna spend the day with you " I smiled . He smirked "You're a bad girl .. I like that " He bit his lip . "Hush " I chuckled . He took the bag from my hand and took my hand in his other hand (Lol Hands). Then we walked out to his car getting in a driving off to go get food . I was so hungry . 

(At The Gym)

I was sitting down watching Harry punch the punching bag while a trainer yelled in his ear every 5 seconds . He was sweating and dare I say he looked pretty hot . While I watched him I was texting Niall 

Are you okay ?-Nialler♥

Yeah I'm alright What are you doing ?- Bri

Helping Liam with his leg Louis said he's on his way to help with the rest of Harry's training :) -Nialler♥

KK tell Liam I love him -Bri

U no love me :( - Nialler♥

Lol I love u too Ni-Br


I smiled to my phone then locking it after I texted Niall back . "Who yah texting ?" A voice said . I turned around to see Axiel walking this way . "Ax!!" I yelled running towards him . I flung my 5'2 body at him giving him the biggest bear hug ever . "What's up BriBri I haven't seen you in forever !" He exclaimed . "Right . I've been on vacation with Harry . Meeting his family .. Then I just moved in with Zayn --" He cut me off .

"You moved in with Zayn ?! OOh yous a player " He teased smirking . I punched his arm . "Stop" I smiled . "Alright your trainer is on his way find someone to do a practice match with . See yah later Styles " The trainer said "Bye " He waved . He sighed walking over to me "You tired ?" I asked . "A little bit " He said . I chuckled handing him is water bottle . "Hey Axiel you wanna do a pratice match with me " Harry asked .

"Yeah sure but I don't have my stuff I just came to see Bri ... But Bri did leave without her gloves the other time " Axiel smirked . I looked at him knowing where this was going . "How about you do a match with Briannah . I'll go get her stuff" Axiel smiled and skipped away . I palm faced myself hen making eye contact with smirking Harry . "Are you scared ?" He crossed his arms over his chest . I rolled my eyes making him chuckle . 

Axiel gave me my stuff then leaving us two to our match . 

I stripped down to my black shorts and my white tank top putting on my Zebra and pink MMA gloves and some boxing shoes . I stepped into the ring facing Harry "Don't worry I'll go easy on you " He squared up . "No there's no need to give me that petty bullshit" I smirked ."Okay" He said and with that he threw a punch at my face . I swerved it then doing a spin kick at his face . "Whoa nice kick " he complimented .

"Thanks " I smiled . I blocked all his hits except one that hit me right in my cheek . I threw punches at him missing only one then he bear hugged me . We both fell to the ground him ontop of me "That's a foul " I mumbled to him . "Fouls aren't on purpose " He bit his lip . He leaned in giving me a quick kiss on the lips . He got off of me helping he up . "Harry .. Harry!" Some yelled . We turned around to see some girl who obviously knew Harry . She was about as tall as him and taller than me of course .

She had blond beach curls and tan skin . "Janelle " He said . She smiled . I looked at him . "Um .. Briannah this is Janelle ." He introduced us . "Hi" she waved at me . "How do you guys know each other " I asked . "Oh me and Hazzie go wayyy back " She explained . HAZZIE IS MY NICKNAME BITCH!! . "What are you doing here ?" He asked as his jaw tightened . "I just you know I saw Louis on campus and he told me you were here I just wanted to say hi .But also I just moved down on campus at the University and I was Just wondering if we could catch up " She smiled .

"Um . Yeah sure we could go out for --" She cut him off . "Tacos .. that was always your favourite " She smiled . ".. You remember " He said quietly . I just stood there awkwardly "Well I'll see you tonight . Bye Hazzie it was really nice seeing you ... Bye Brandon " She said walking away . "Its Briannah .... Cunt" I mumbled getting out the ring . "You don't have to be so sour " Harry said . I rolled my eyes . I got my stuff together putting back on the sweat pants and the hoodie . "Where are you going ?" He asked . "I'm going home " I mumbled . I put my hood up . "Are you coming to my fight on friday ?" He asked .

I looked at him . Tears forming in my eyes . I couldn't look at him without seeing Janelle standing next to him . It might be my fault . I made him wait for me so long . I get a boyfriend turning him down . But maybe its best for us . "I don't know .. I'll see you around " I mumbled walking out . As soon as I let the tears came out .

I stood there crying for a second and rain started to fall . I turned back to Harry who's back was on the wall . His bottom lip was in his mouth and I saw a tear fall out his eye . I turned back not wanting to see Harry cry . I ran through the rain to me and Zayn's house  .I was soaked with rain as I unlocked the door and opened it . I dropped my bag walking upstairs and knocking on me and Zayn's door . "Hold on " He said .

I heard the same shuffling of the bed and window closing and stuff . I just ignored it considering I needed a hug from someone I know still loves me . The door opened to Zayn rubbing his eyes . He was in only his boxer . It made me wanna cry even more because I know he was cheating . "Baby what's wrong ?" He asked . I started to cry shaking my head .

He pulled me into a hug not caring how wet my clothes were . He kissed my forehead . "Its okay stop crying " He said trying to sooth me . But he didn't know what I was crying for .  He would say 'It shouldn't matter your MY girlfriend' Or 'I would never cheat on you'. My life is so fucked yet I still deal with It . I should care if I get my heart broken but I don't . 

Why haven't I given up yet ?

Why am I still here ?


Whoaaa What will Bri do next ?!! 




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