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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


24. Chapter 24.

Err mer gerd we need a moment of silence ... Sorry this picture was so sexy ♥ ^o^

Briannah's P.O.V


We arrived at the club in a Limo . I had to sit in there with Tatum and Josh who just had to be High as fuck screaming out the sunroof . Zayn wasn't supposed to be making me feel un comfortable when he would kiss my neck and touch me and whisper things in my ear . But he was. I can't explain why .

It just was . Everyone filed out the limo and eyes from the long line into the club turned towards us . Zayn grabbed my hand helping me out the limo . I pulled my dress down before grabbing onto his arm as we walked in . "Wait .. isn't the line right there ?" I asked .

" Don't worry about that trust me . My dad can buy and sell this place " Zayn said . I chuckled . Though it wasnt that funny . We mad it to the velvet rope and the body gaurd immediately opened it to me , Zayn , Josh , and Tatum .

Groans came from the line and I just looked at them . I looked through the line and I swore I saw Harry and Niall but I really didn't know if it was actually them "Babe what are you looking at come on " Zayn said pulling me along . We got into the club .

Strobe lights light up the dance floor and everyone was dancing and drinking and having fun . "Okay how about you get a drink for yourself and Me and the guys will go find us a table .. don't let anybody touch you !" Zayn warned me . "O-Okay" I said a little nervous .

He's gonna leave his girlfriend around a bunch of pervs wow that's smart . I walked over to the open bar and sat down on the stood . "What can I get you toots ?" The cute boy smirked . "Toots .. really ?" I chuckled . "What you don't like that ?" He asked . I shook my head "Not really" I said . "Okay .. Babe cool ?" He asked .

"How about Briannah "I held out my hand . He shook my hand "I'm Andrew " He smiled . "Cool now can I get a tequila on the rocks  " I smiled charmingly . "Coming up beautiful" He smiled . I waited til my drink was finished .

He dropped a cherry in the glass and what I'm guessing was sugar . "Here you go .. I'm made it a little special " He smiled . "Thankyou " I said and took a sip of the strong alcohal . It burned as it trickled down my throat . I coughed a little but I let that go and began to find Zayn . I got to the table and Zayn was standing up .

Probably waiting for me . "Damn babe are you sure you handle that " He chuckled . "I'm fine .. I wanna dance " I said downing the rest of my drink . I grabbed Zayn's hand and pulled him to the dance floor . I started to sexually grind on him .

This drink made me feel different too different . I started to do all the stuff he did to me making him moan . Yep I was tipsy . And I knew this night was gonna circulate fast . 

(3rd person point of view :3 )

5 drinks later she was drunk out of her mind . She didn't stop there . She stumbled over to the bar table once again . Andrew was laughing his ass off but she didn't care "Babe another one ?" He asked . She nodded biting her lip . He was crawling onto the table dancing on it to the music .

Though she couldn't realized she's lost Tatum ,Josh,and Zayn in the crowd it wouldn't seem to phase her . Her drink came and she drunk it down fast crashing the glass to the floor . "Cheers to a fucked up life!!" She yelled out to the crowned . Andrew laughed keeping the drinks coming .

 In the meantime Harry ,Niall , and Louis were just now arriving after somemore talking into it . Harry was second guessing about going because he still had feelings for Briannah that just couldn't fade away like they never were there . He couldn't just get over them by going to the club and sleeping with girls left to right .

 Besides . He was oover that when he took the virginity from the girl he actually loved . "Do you think they'll let us in ?" Harry asked . " Worth a shot " Nial shrugged . They walked over to the velvet rope and they were surprised as the body gaurd opened it to them . They walked in confidently forgetting about the haters in the line . When they got in the hot club . The sweat smell reached their noses hard .

but they broke through making their way through the people . "I need to find a bathroom . I really have to pee " Louis said rushing through the people . The chuckled at how he was running which looked like an old man on skates . "You want a drink ?" Niall asked Harry . "Yeah sure " He said . They walked over to the bar thinking they were just gonna get drinks and go on with their lives but no . "Briannah ?" Harry asked the body laying on the counter .

A groan came from her . He got closer to the table turning her body over so he could see her face " Briannah what the hell are you doing ?" He asked . He giggled "You look funny " She slurred running her finger down his nose . "Are you drunk ?" He asked her . "Of course not my mommy only makes me drink milk daddy " She said and started laughing "Whoa what happened ?" Niall said .

"She's just drunk .. I'm gonna take her home . Do you see Zayn anywhere I know he has to be here " He said a little upset . He was too busy being upset to know what Niall was looking at . "Um .. I found him " Niall mumbled .

Harry looked over to see Zayn making out and touching on another girl . She had snow white hair and what guys would say a 'gorgeous body' . Harry's anger level reached 100 . He didn't get why the fuck Zayn would say he wants to protect her yet he's fucking other people behind her back . "Watch her " Was all Harry said before he began to walk over to Zayn and the bitch he was making out with .

 He came behind Zayn and tapped his shoulder . Zayn turned around and Harry punched him dead in his face . "Oh my god " The girl yelled "FUCK OFF !" Harry yelled . He got down punching Zayn some more .

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING ?! ARE YOU A FUCKING RETARD HAVING YOUR GIRLFRIEND HAMMERED AND YOU FUCKING GO AROUND FUCKING OTHER GIRLS " Harry screamed . A crowd was surrounding them . Zayn groaned "You .. won't get away with this " Zayn said . "Yeah right bitch try saying that with no teeth " Harry gets up kicking Zayn right in his side .

He came back to Niall who was holding Briannah's hand so she wouldn't fall over . He picked up her bag off the floor taking her and Zayn's House keys out of them . "I'm gonna take her home . Tell Louis I left early " Harry said . He slug Briannah's arm over his shoulder taking her to his car . "H-Harry I don't feel good " She groaned " We need to get you home stop kidding and come on " Harry said in frustration .

"I'm serious " She said . Before he could even catch her she fell to the floor . She began to vomit but it wasn't normal vomit .. It was blood . He got down taking her in his arms . "Oh my god Briannah are you okay ?!" He said panicking .

"I .. I don--" She didn't finish her sentence . Her eyes closed and her head fell back . "Shit !!!" He screamed . He immediately pulled out his phone Dialling 911 . 

Will she be okay ?



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