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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


22. Chapter 22.

Briannah's P.O.V


I got back home with Hazz and he was in the shower so I went to my room to unpack the rest of my stuff . This time by myself really gave me some time to think about what I should do .

I have lived with Harry since we were 17 and Zayn is my boyfriend and campus is just across the street . I guess I'm not really that far from Harry after all . 

After I unpacked I laid on the bed soaking in the fact that I was home finally . I loved Harry's family and his grandma was he best part of it but I wanted to be home where friends were .

"Baby girl!!" Harry screamed my name . I sighed not wanting to move "Baby girlll!!!" he sang un patiently . I finally removed myself from the bed and came out my room and slowly walking into the bathroom "Yes" I answered .

"Look what you did !" He said turning around to show me the battle scars marked all over his back from me . "Hazzie I'm so sorry " I apologized . "No its cool .. Was I .. Hurting you ? " He asked a little curious about how skin deep the scars were .

"No I was okay " I smiled reassuring it " I tried to be as gentle as possible " He pulled my close to him "Its okay I swear .. Want me to clean the cuts for you ?" I asked him .

"No .. I wanna have the scars .. to remember the day that I showed you how much I love you " He said with a smile showing off his deep dimple . I blushed . But then I remembered I still had to talk to him about moving . "Um .. I have to talk to you about something .

" I said . "Let's talk over lunch I'm hungry" He groaned letting go of my waist . I shrugged walking into my room . I got in the shower then I put on a black v-neck and black leggings and I put my hair in a bun.

I put on my black boots and my black and purple north face jacket . I looked in my vanity feeling like something was missing . 

"Bri come on babe I'm hungry!" harry yelled . "Here I come "  I yelled back . I opened the little box with my necklace Harry gave to me in it and I put it on .

Without my hair in the way it was pretty easy . "Bri!" he yelled again . "hold on damn !!" I grabbed my phone off my desk and ran out to him before he pulled the curls out his head . 


After we had Chipotle we went to the park . It was relaxing and we were he only ones there so it was easier to talk to im here and not have a bunch of idiots in our business . We sat in the tire swing as we talked . "So why did you go to Zayns ?" He asked . "I needed to talk to him .. Is it bad I think hes hiding something .. or someone from me ?" I asked him . "You think he's cheating on you ?" Harry asked .

"I dont know and then he said I was being insecure " I rolled my eyes . "You shouldn't have to be insecure .. he needs to stop being an ungrateful prick .. he has a beautiful girl right infront of him  " Harry stated which was kinda true .I smiled ."But what did you wanna talk to me about ? " He asked . "I wanted to talk to you about .. " I began . But the words he just said ran through my mind . I shouldn't have to feel insecure in  relationship like I always am .

For once I wish it wasn't like that . "Talk to me about what ?" He asked again . "Um .. Well .. Zayn asked me if I wanted to move in with him and Josh but I --" he cut me off "he asked you what ?" Harry asked sounding now a little upset "He asked me to move in with him .. but I did say I was gonna talk to you about it first " I said making that clear "No" he said sternly

"Hazziee" I whined "Are you fucking kidding me ?! You literally just said he's basically fucking cheating on you why would you fucking go and live with him ?! That fucking stupid " he yelled . Good thing nobody was at the park . " I just wanted some advice . I didn't ask you to fucking yell at me to make matters fucking worse " I yelled back

"Well you wanna know what I think ? I think you should stop being so fucking easy .. He knows your gonna go to him no matter what I have to say about it !" He growled " you know what .. He might be right " I got out of the swing . " Oh so you're leaving ?" He chuckled  "Yeah it's better than being here with you " I said coldly beginning to walk away . "Yeah leave .. Leave like your worthless good for nothing dad left you  " He said . I stopped in my tracks . I felt a knife go through my chest .

I turned around all the love I had left for him drained from my body "what you just say?"  I snapped . His face said shocked "Bri I'm soo sorry I didn't mean that " he jumped from the wing trying to pull me into a hug ."Don't fucking touch me ! " I screamed .

I was pissed "You didn't mean it ? You always don't fucking mean it !! Now you've hit me where it really hurts .. You know how I felt about my daddy leaving me "  I wiped the tears from my eyes hyperventilating because I was gonna cry . He's the only one who knows about my dad . Liam doesn't even know the story .

 "Briannah I'm sorry stop crying please  . I'm sorry "  He pleaded . I turned away from him and began walk away . I felt his arms grab onto my waist and he spun me around and began to kiss me . I kissed back I couldn't resist .

He released resting his forehead on mine "I love you . I'm sorry . I'm sorry . I'm sorry .. please forgive me . I know how you feel about your dad and I'm sorry about what I said please forgive me " he whispered . I hugged him putting my head on his .

He wiped off my tears with the palm of his hands . No matter how many times I just wanted to kill him his hug was so warm and comforting . its like medicine that makes me forget about everything . and after this year is over .. I'll never forget the many times his hugs were there for me . 


Bri Bri !! err mah gawd is she gonna go with what harry said or will she go her own way ?? 


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