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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


21. Chapter 21

Briannah's P.O.V

3 in the morning . Stuck in the hospital between Liam and Louis's Beds . Doctors said they were just 'sleeping' but they've been sleep even before I got here so there's no telling when they are gonna wake up. I didn't get anything on Zayn so I don't know if he's okay or not .

I cried on the way here and with Harry yelling at me to calm down the entire ride to London gave me a headache . I sat there looking at my favourite cousin and my Bestfriend suffer . I would do anything to be in their shoes right about now . They don't deserve anything like this . I heard the door open revealing Harry who came back from speaking with the doctors .

"Did they tell you what happened ?" I asked him jumping from my seat . " They said that they were just driving and a car hit them from the side knocking them off the road "Harry explained . I sat back in my head putting my head in my hand . "Briannah its okay . They're gonna be okay " He said . His voice got closer and I felt the warm touch of his hands on my thighs .

I rose my head up tears falling down my face "Stop crying everything is okay " He wiped the tears off kissing my forehead . He sat down in the chair next to me turning my chair towards him . "You're so beautiful " He whispered . I looked up at him as he repeated the words he whispered to me as we kissed eachother . "Do you love me ?" I asked him out of nowhere .

"What ?" He said . "Do you love me ?" I repeated . "Not like .. bestfriends .. like do you really truly love me ?" I explained further . He was looking down . Then he looked back up to me . "Yes " He finally said ."I love you .. no one will ever love you as much as I do " He said grabbing my hands .I pulled my hands away and hugged him as tightly as I could "I love you too " I kissed his cheek . He hugged me back as I dug my head into his chest . He pulled my legs on his lap then holding onto my waist . It only took 5 minutes of cuddling before I was sleep in his arms . 

(The Next Morning )

"Move your leg please " The nurse said . Liam moved his broken foot . "How long will he have to wear that thing ?" Niall asked . "Just about 6 or 7 weeks ..They made a quick recovery so it might be even sooner " The nurse smiled and walked out . "I'm sorry this happened to you guys " I said . "Why be sorry love We're fine " Louis smiled . I smiled back .

"So what were you guys doing when I called ? you sounded out of breath " Niall asked smirking . "We were at a Christmas party and we were playing some games .. No big deal " Harry shrugged . He looked at me and winked and I smiled looking the other way to hide my red cheeks . "Oh .. Okay then " Niall said confused a little .

"Oh I gotta check on Zayn .. May I ?" I asked so Harry can let me go . He let go of my waist sadly and I walked out of the room . I jogged to the front desk . "Um excuse me " I smiled . The desk lady turned around "Yes May I help you ?" She smiled back . "Um do you have any updates on Zayn Malik or where I could find him ?" I asked .

"Let me see hold on " She moved her chair to the other side of their little office space . "It says here that he was Checked in at 10 last night Checked out this morning at 12 :13 am " She said looking through the computer files . ".. Oh . Well thanks anyway " I smiled a little . "No problem " She said cheerfully . I walked away from the desk .

How could he possibly be checked out without recovery . And I thought about the time Niall called me and told me they were at the hospital . I started to speed walk back to the room we have to get to Zayn's . 

Once we got home Harry was tired so I let him rest . Niall drove Liam and Louis home .I got in my car driving myself to Zayn's house . I ran to the front door and rang the door bell . "Coming " I heard someone call . Then the door opened and smoke hit my face . Riley stood at the door "Heeyyy Its babe " She shouted . Everyone ooed inside . "Ri where is Zayn ?" I asked him .

"Oh he's upstairs in his room .. Unless you wanna forget about him and be with me " He wiggled his eye brows "Though you're a cutie I think I'll pass " I said pushing passed him . "Hey Bri !!" Tatum yelled and Josh waved . " Hi " I said . I ran up the stairs to Zayn's room . I knocked on the door . "Uh .. Who is it " He said . "Its Bri !!" I called back . "Okay hold on " He said . I heard the bed shuffle and blinds open . I heard something shut then he came to the door in sweat pants and no shirt .

"Who just went out the window ?" I asked him . "Nobody come in my beautiful babe I missed you "He spun me around kissing my neck . I lightly pushed him walking over to the window and looking through it ."Come on Bri stop being insecure . If I were to cheat on you I would have done it a long time ago .. Now come here " He sat on the bed grabbing my hand . " I've been thinking about you " He smiled .

"So I got a call from Niall ... Didn't you get in a car crash ?" I asked him crossing my arms . "Oh .. Yeah I forgot to call you " He said . "Why were you the only one that recovered within 10 pm and 12 am and Liam and Louis didn't wake up til fucking 11:00 this morning ?"I asked almost yelling . "I wasn't that injured " He chuckled like I was crazy . "Why was that ?" I asked him .

"Bri stop look I haven't seen you in an entire week ." He trying to pull me to his body . "Answer me first ! .. Why did you hit their car like that ? You know they could have died right ?" I asked him . "Bri I missed you .. I needed a way to get you back home to me " He sighed . "So brutally hurting my cousin and my bestfriend in a fatal way is gonna get me back home ?" I asked .

"I was hurt too .. Is those 2 the only ones you care about ?!" He asked . I could hear the jealousy in his voice . I sighed " I didn't say that  .. I just don't want you doing stuff like that do you know how much I cried ?" I said . "Okay Okay .. I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt them .. I wanted to hurt myself more than I wanted to hurt them I swear " He said pulling my waist towards him .

"Do you forgive me ?" He asked kissing my stomach next to my navel piercing . "I don't know If I should " I crossed my arms . "Maybe this will help you think " He smirked . He gripped onto my waist and slammed me onto the bed . He kissed my lips once before he he moved onto my neck . "Zayn stop" I giggled as it tickled me at first . Then he started to suck on my neck I moaned latching my legs onto his waist .

Then he started to suck and bite on my neck leaving love bites all over my neck . "mm Zayn stop " I moaned lightly pushing him off . My phone then started to ring . I finally pushed Zayn off getting my phone out my bag . It was Harry .

I need you ♥- Hazzie 

Here I come xx - BabyGirl

"I gotta go .. I'll call you later " I said grabbing my stuff . "Wait Babe " He called . I turned back . "I was wondering .. I know It might be a little too early for this but .. I was wondering if you would move in with me and Josh " He smiled . "Zayn I--" He cut me off "I know things are hard with you and Harry ... I don't want you to take that " He said .

"Umm .. " I began . I looked at him anxious to hear my answer .  I didn't wanna leave Harry .. But I also didn't wanna make him upset . I know how he can get . "Well let me talk to Harry okay ?" I said "Okay that's fine .. I love you call me " He kissed me . "Love you too " I sighed .

I walked out the room and out the door to my car . Now what am I supposed to do . Zayn wants me to move in with him but I don't think I can be away from Harry like that . I don't know I'll talk to Harry about it . I doubt he'll even agree . 


LIEK FOR MOARR !!!! LIKE !!! SERIOUSLY !!! CEREAL !! (okay now we're off topic)



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