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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


20. Chapter 20

Briannah's P.O.V


It was finally Christmas morning .I woke Harry up from his sleep . Though he was gonna be really annoyed I didn't care I wanted him to wake up ! . I shook his shoulder " Harry get up " I whined "Huh" He mumbled opening his eyes . I giggled "What's wrong ?" He asked . "Its Christmas get up" I shook him some more .

He groaned "5 more minutes" He groaned covering his face with the pillow . I sighed . I climbed ontop of his torso resting my hands on his chest . "Hazzie .. Get up .. pleaseee" I pouted . His eyes popped out of the side of the pillow . "Alright . " He rose up from the mattress . I smiled "You are so annoying " He said .

"You are mega annoying " I said back . "You are so attractive " He smirked . I chuckled . " Aw I feel special " I said . He laughed . I was about to get up and he pulled me back "No" He whined pulling me to his chest letting him bury his face into my neck . I giggled . "Get off" I said . "No" He chuckled "Yess"I mocked his tone . This time he didn't answer . he lifted his head kissing my jawline and everywhere around it then resting his forehead on mine . 

"I really wanna kiss you right now " He bit his lip ."That's what a mistletoe is for " I said . "That's all the way downstairs . You should really kiss me now " He said playing with my hair . I smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek .

I got up about to walk out the room "Hey you missed!" He said . "Whoops" I shrugged walking out the room ."No come back !" He yelled . I heard the bed shuffle and before I knew it his arms met my waist . He turned me towards him backing me against the wall . "Retry " He smiled . I rolled my eyes "One time " I said .

He puckered his lips . I stood on my tippy toes putting my hands on his face . I was about to fully press my lips against his but he beat me to it so eagerly . He released with satisfaction "I never wanted somebody as much as I wanted you " He smiled . "Grooossee" I said like a little kid and we shared a chuckle .

"Now if you will excuse me . I have to do something " I said taking his body off mine . "Aw okay " He said walking back into his room . I walked into the guest room and shut the door and locked it . Time to wrap my gifts I should have wrapped yesterday . Tomorrow we're going home so I got presents for everybody . I even bought my gift for Zayn . I haven't heard from him since yesterday morning which I don't know what that was about . He usually texts me during the day but he didn't and he didn't call me this morning . I called everyone else and the only person who answered his phone yesterday at all was Niall . I don't know whatever I guess . 

I finished wrapping my presents and I put the ones for back home in my bag and the ones for tonight on the bed . It was already 3:00 and I don't actually remember what time we are supposed to leave for the Christmas party . Harry would know so I went to his door and Knocked on it . It opened "Yes ?" He asked . "What time are we supposed to get ready again ?" I asked . "Hold on let me checked " He smiled then slamming the door in my face . Geez . He came back out opening the door again "We need to be there at 6 so I say about 5 :30" he smiled . "Uh yeah .. So whatcha hiding Harry ?" I asked . "Nothing stop being nosey Bri !" He scoffed shutting the door again . "Sorry" I said walking back to my room


I had on my red and white waterfall dress and my white converse . I had my hair nicely flat ironed and my makeup done . At this party I was gonna meet the rest of Harry's family which was pretty nerve racking for me . I really wanted to impress them . But I also couldn't wait to give Harry my present for him .  I got him his golden gloves chain . He's been asking for it since fighting got more serious for him . I wanted it to be special so I put his initials on them and everything . I hope he likes it . 

We got to the party and I talked to his grandparents and cousins and everybody . Of course they thought we were dating .. But I looked passed that .. Kinda . Then It was time to give out gifts and everyone started giving out everything ."Merry Christmas Briannah " Gemma smiled handing me my gift "Thank you " I smiled . I could tell it was a backpack .. I love her already . "Hey where's Harry ?" I said looking around . "I don't know I think he went outside to his car " She said . "Okay" I said . I grabbed my coat and walked outside and it was snowing .. perfect . I saw Harry on top of his car hood just sitting there  . I jogged over to the car and he immediately looked up 

"Hey what are you doing out here ?" I asked him . "Nothing it was just getting a little hot in there " He said . "Was something bothering you ?" I could kinda tell he was lying . He shook his head . I got ontop of the car then sitting on his lap "What's wrong ?"  I asked again . " I don't know .. I'm just a little nervous . I really hope my family likes you " He admitted . I furrowed my eyebrows "Why ?" I asked . "Because .. " He began . I waited for him to finished "Because I know that one day .. we are gonna be more than bestfriends and I want you to know that they love you .. and so do I " He said . I looked down "Really ?" I asked blushing . He nodded "And to show you I got you this " He looked through his pockets then pulling out a box with a red ribbon on it . I took it from him and opened it revealing what I believed used to be his paper plane necklace from 9th grade but it had a diamond 'B' on it . " Aw Harry " Was all I said . He smiled . "Oh well here " I said taking his gift out my pocket . I watched him open it and when he saw the golden gloves his jaw dropped . "You got my golden gloves .. How much did this cost ?" He asked . "Don't worry about it .. it was worth it .. you were worth it " I smiled . He smiled . He positioned me to where our faces were lined up and he began to kiss me . His hands met my lower back . He stuck his tongue in my mouth sucking on my bottom lip seductively . I didn't wanna let go . It felt so right . He slid off the car with me still in his arms he put me in the car . He got in the driver set and started the car . "Where are we going ?" I asked . "Home" He responded . I didn't say anything I just let him drive .


He carried me to his room and laid me down on the bed kissing me . He took off his shirt and jeans while I unzipped my dress leaving us both in our underwear . He got ontop of me kissing my neck . "You're so beautiful " He whispered against my neck . He let go of my neck then examining my body .

He pulled down my underwear throwing them somewhere leaving me in my black strapless bra . Then he took off his boxers getting a condom out his drawer and putting it on . He hovered over me . He kissed my lips some more feeling on my body . He then stuck his 8 Inch in .

I moaned in pain but my facial expressions showed something different . "Am I hurting you ?" He asked stopping in his tracks "No" I lied . I just wanted him to keep going . He slowly thrusted in and out . My moans turned into moans of pleasure . Pieces of his hair stuck to his forehead as he started to sweat . I digged my nails into his back as he began to go a little faster . I probably left scratch marks all over his back .

He started to tense up and I arched my back . I released and he pulled out taking the condom off and releasing on the bed sheets . "Not bad for a virgin " He smirked . I pushed him away blushing . He attached his lips onto mine once again causing us to make out for the 5th time today .  Then my phone started to ring . Harry got off for a second letting me get my phone then he laid back ontop of me as I answered the call from Niall . 

"Hello ?" I answered . He said something but I could hear him because he was.. crying ? "What ? Ni start over I can't hear you ? Why are you crying ?" I said . He repeated what he said clearer and my jaw dropped "Okay I'm on my way okay !" I said hanging up and pushing Harry off to find my stuff . "Whats wrong ?" He asked putting back on his stuff too . "We have to go like Now " I said in a panicky voice . "Why what's going on ?" He asked walking over to me trying to calm me down . 

I let a tear fall from my eye as I repeated Niall's words .

"Liam , Louis , And Zayn were sent to the emergency room "  


 its finally some Briannah and Harry action yaaahh! Ya'll were gonna kill me I sweaa lol!!


mkay bai ! :3

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