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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


2. Chapter 2

Briannah's P.O.V


I put on my #TeamHazz t shirt that Harry got too big for me and black shorts with black converse  . He just really wanted me to tie the shirt in a knot just so I can show my belly ring he dared me to get . Sometimes he upsets me . I get so pissed sometimes I wanna punch him in the throat but he always finds some way to get out of a beating .

Either by tickling me or just being his charming self trying to talk me out of beating his ass . Only I really know what's behind his tattoos and piercings . I wasn't really the type of person to judge a book by its cover anyway . I got finished flat ironing my hair and stuff .I put on some black sweatpants and my northface jacket .

"Bri let's go .. god you move like a snail !!" Harry screamed not being patient " Shut up!!!" I yelled back . I put on my black gloves and my black beanie .. well it harrys but whatever .

I went into the front room grabbed my phone off the table and slung my bag full of Harry's care bulls it over my shoulder . "You ready now ?" He asked . I nodded . "Good" he sighed . 

We rushe to his black Charger and got in quickly driving down the street in 5 seconds flat . "FUCK SLOW DOWN HARRY!!" I held onto the sides of the seats "Ha that's what she said " He chuckled huskly . " I'm trying not to die . Not make a cheesy man joke" I yelled .

" Your not gonna die calm down .. geez" He shook his head . I folded my arms turning away to the window . He chuckled " baby girl go ahead and be a little baby all you want " He said . He stopped at a red light . I stuck my tongue out at him .

He stuck his back which made him look sexy due to the fact he had snake bites . I just ignored that part ."Jackass" I mumbled "Hey I love you too" He smirked . I laughed slapping his arm . We got to the gym and he went to the back to get dressed . I was in the corner of the ring eyeballing the other assistance .

I guess he's fighting someone from campus because those girl are on the varsity cheerleading team . I hope he beats the living crap out of whoever he's fighting . " Briannah!!" Someone shouted my name . I turned around to see Harry's crazy friend Niall and Liam running my way . "Li Li!!" I yelled .

He came in the ring and attacked me with a biiiggg hug. " How's it going Lovely ?" He asked " Its going great .. How's sophia ? " Sophia is his girlfriend . I don't really like her but I'm happy he has found someone to settle down with . "Ehh lets not worry about her . How about who Haz is fighgting tonight !" Niall pointed to his opponent . It was Jock Noah Armstrong .

I didn't know he boxed . "Whoa ... Harry is really going through with this ?" Liam asked . I sighed " I guess" "Comeon we have nothing to worry about . He has NEVER lost a fight " Niall made a point . As long as I'm here hes not gonna lose so we might as well hope for the best .

-During The Fight-

 I was chanting Harry on even though he wasn't doing so good . He was taking blows to the face he could have blocked . How is this happening am I too far from the ring or something . " He's not doing so well go talk some sense into him!" Louis threw his hands in the air . The bell rung ending round 3 .

We could obviously tell Noah won this round . I ran up to the ring getting in and walking to Harry sitting in his corner . " What's going on ?! " Harry yelled . "Its alright calm down!" I said . I put on my purple gloves and started to examine his scars .

"What do you mean calm down I'm fucking toast out there!!" He said . I slapped him . "Oww!!" He yelled . " I told you to calm down . " I repeated . I placed the poroxide pad on his face. He hissed in pain but I ignored it .The bell rung again and Liam removed the stuff from the ring ."You got this " I smiled .

He nodded as I put his mouth piece back in . He went out there and as soon as that bell rung he fought harder than before . Some punches knocked him to the ground and they were hard hits .

But Harry managed to keep fighting and after 5 more punches he K.O'ed Noah . Everyone chanted for him especially me but I was worried about his scars mostly .


We were in the bathroom cleaning his face . I sat on the sink as he stood between by legs holding onto my thighs . He groaned sometimes at the pain and I apologized .

I don't have as much rage as I do when we're at the gym because I do care about him . I just can't show that around the opponent ." I liked how you slapped me today .. I like it rough Baby girl" He smirked . "Ugh shut up! " I laughed .He laughed back .

"Your done " I said and threw all the stuff in the rubbish next to the toilet . He stood between my legs still . His hands didn't move he just stood there with a smirk on his face .

"What?" I asked kinda blushing . He bit his lip starting to rub his hands up and down my thighs "There's something you're forgetting before I go to sleep" He smiled . I gave him a light kiss on his cheek jumping off the sink .

" Goodnight Harry" I waved . "Night .. don't dream about me !!" He warned . I laughed " Oh I won't" . I went into my room and put on some pajamas .

I crawled into the bed and closed my eyes thinking about Harry for some reason . This happens a lot and I try my best to ignore it ... but it keeps coming back into my mind . 

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