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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


18. Chapter 18.

Zayn's P.O.V

I was sitting on my bed determining if I should call Bri or wait fr her to call me . I'm really worried about her staying in Cheshire with that bitch she calls a bestfriend . I mean she's in Cheshire and I'm all the way in London where I can't protect her . And I miss her like crazy . I laid back on my bed with a sigh rubbing my eyes with my hands . Maybe I'm gonna take a nap later .

"I'm going to Lacrosse practice with the guys " Josh announced to me . "And why are you telling me?" I asked his looking annoyed . "Hey I just thought you should know considering you are gonna be here alone .. by yourself .. alone--" "Yeah I get it " I cut him off .

"Have you talked to Briannah at all ?" He asked me . I shook my head " I've been waiting for her to call me " I sighed . "Call her she couldn't possibly be doing anything important " Josh said . I sighed again

" Alright fine " I mumbled . I liked the idea and If I were to say no I'm gonna wait Josh will keep talking and his annoying little voice will make me wanna blow my own head off . I dialed Briannah's number waiting for her to answer and a few seconds later . 

"Hello ?" She said sounding upset "Hey babe what are you doing ?" She asked . "Nothing just ... Sleeping " She mumbled . I could tell when she was lying . But she sounded so upset don't think I wanna ask for the truth " Aw okay .. I was waiting for you to call me " I said playing with the loose thread on the cuts in my trousers .

"Sorry I wanted to call you earlier .I kinda got sidetracked " She sighed ."It okay .. I'm happy to talk to you now " I smiled . I heard a sniffle through the phone "Is everything okay with you ?" I asked . "Yeah I'm fine " She said . "Do you wanna talk about it ?" I asked her . "No " She simply said .

"Oh .." I mumbled . "ZAYNIE !! WANNA COME ?!" I heard Riley yell . It sounded like Bri didn't wanna talk . She had something on her mind . I needed to get to the bottom of it "Yeah !!" I yelled back " I'll call you later okay babe ." I said "Okay .. Bye " She said . But I stopped her before she could hang up "wait Briannah" I said .

"Yeah ?" She asked "I love you " I said . It was the first time I have said that to any girl . I feel something different about Briannah . I don't wanna change her .. But I want her to change me . "I .. I love you too " She said sounding a little happy . "Okay .. Bye " I smiled "Bye" She said then hanging up .

I'm happy she feel the same way about me . But I wonder what was bothering her before .. Was it Harry ? . I dialed a number I thought I never would need until the new football season "Hey Louis I need to talk to you about Briannah " I said walking out the room to meet the others outside . 


Briannah's P.O.V


Everyone got back and Harry went to his room . I didn't know what to say about what happened in fact it was really bothering me and so was the phone call I just got from Zayn . Zayn said he loved me for the first time and I didn't know how to respond to the fact that I probably just lied to him and he believed it .

I really don't know If I actually feel that way about Zayn . I mean I do he's the only boyfriend I actually had who didn't yet play me . But I don't because .. Well because ... I don't know . Harry then came back downstairs and into the doors of the family room them sitting on the other side of the room . He didn't make eye contact .. He spoke no words .. He did nothing .
Just then Robin followed by Anne and Gemma came in "Whoa its snowing pretty bad out there " Anne said shaking the snow off her body . She sat some boxes down to more boxes of Christmas stuff ."So where do we start ?"Gemma asked " Um Robin you can put up the tree . Lets start by putting up some lights " Anne said with a smile " Whatever you wanna do hun " Robin kissed her walking over to the tree . 

"Um I'll put them up around here .. if you need help " I said . Anne smiled handing me gold Christmas lights . I took the hooks out the bag and as short as I was I started to attempt to hang up the lights in place I couldn't reach .

Who would think a 5'2 girl trying to reach a part of the wall 1 foot taller was actually gonna reach it . "Here I got it " I heard someone behind me . I turned around to see Harry holding out his hands for me to give him some of the lights "T-Thanks" I was all I said before walking to the other side of the large family room . I had to say the kiss made me see a whole different side of Harry

. I didn't know what was on his mind at this point . I didn't know if he meant what he said . Yes any other time I can put up with his lying but this time I want what he said to be real . It would crush me if he was lying about that entire scene . I fanned my face to keep the tears from falling out my eyes. 

"Are you okay " A female voice asked "Um Yeah " I said not really making eye contact " Its my brother .. isn't it ?" . I turned around to her " Okay you got me " I sighed "Its always him " She shook her head . I nodded "Do you wanna talk about it ?" She asked . "Not really " I said honestly "Its okay I get it " She said . "But don't give up on him " She added .

I looked at her again "Trust me .. He'll be worth it in the end " She smiled walking up to Anne . I groaned quietly sliding down the wall . My head met with my hands and I let a couple tears fall from there . I didn't want anybody to see me cry so I left the room as fast as I could to be alone . I looked in the mirror at my swollen puffy face then washing it with a cold wash cloth .

I shouldn't be ever crying over a guy . I'm a strong person I'm in MMA for fucks sake .. But I don't like the way Harry just plays with my heart . He loves me then he doesn't its fucking pathetic . He's play a wicked fucking game to fuck with my head and I'm sick of it . 

I walked back downstairs and If I had to say I felt much better . "Briannah sweetie can you help me put this together ?" Anne asked . "Sure" I smiled . Nobody really noticed I was gone . Everyone except Harry who was looking me up and down . I ignored him because what I really wanted to do to him was really not worth it .

I looked up a couple times to see his eyes never left my eyes . I started to get really irritated . "What ?!" I said sassily . He didn't look away he just waited for me to first  . 

After me and Anne put together the toy snow man she went to go help Robin and Gemma with other rooms leaving me and Harry once again alone . Our job was to decorate the tree . While he did the top I did the bottom and I would look at him occasionally and he would do the same .
"Are you just gonna stare at me ?" He asked . "Are you just gonna stare at me ?" I shot back mocking him . He got quiet looking away . "We should talk about it " I finally said . "And talk about what exactly " She said crossing his arm over his chest "So you're just gonna pretend that none of this ever happened ?" I asked "That's the plan "He shrugged carelessly . I chuckled "You are so fucking pathetic " .

"What do you want from me Bri?" He asked throwing his hand in the air . "I want you to tell me how you really feel ..Do you really mean what you said ?" I asked . "You wanna know how I feel ? Well I feel we should just forget it ever happened was a mistake and I never wanna talk about it again . It mean nothing so just shut up about it " He said . His words burned a hole right through my chest .

He's such a fucking Liar . "Fine " I mumbled ."Fine " He repeated . I sighed dropping hat I was doing and walking upstairs . Better than being near Harry right now . 


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