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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


17. Chapter 17

Can I take a moment to say .. I lurv this picture liek !!! if you see this again don't be surprised !


Briannah's P.O.V


I rose my head from the mattress disappointed to see the side of me was empty . The upsetting part is it was really cold . I took the covers off my body and got out of bed going into the bathroom and brushing my teeth and stuff . 

I wandered down the big staircase into the doors of the kitchen where Anne sat sipping tea elegantly. "Good morning Lovely " She smiled at me brightly "Good morning " I waved smiling just as joyful as her . "How did you sleep sweetheart ? " She asked "Fine what about you ?" I asked back " Good but it was quite cold last night " She told me "Right I woke up freezing cold " I told her .

"I don't know how you and Harry seemed pretty warm snuggled together " She said getting up and flipping pancakes . A small smile payed on her lips as he walked to the stove . I couldn't help but blush extremely hard . "Oh I'm only kidding love . But I have to say it was very sweet . I have never seen Harry like that or the way he is around you " She said continuing to cook other stuff .

"What do you mean by .. The way he is around me ?" I asked . "Loving .. Sweet .. When you guys were younger he would come home from school and tell me 'Guess what me and Bri did today ' " She chuckled . "I have never seen him so happy and this morning I was coming to wake you both up and I see you both snuggled up close . He was holding you like someone was gonna come in and take you at any moment .. He looks at you like you're the most brilliant creation on earth " she explains .

Her voice was light and thoughtful . I soaked in all the words . Maybe shes misunderstood . Harry said I'm not his type .. or am I ? I dunno . 

"Thank you " She smiled at me "What for ?" I asked "For staying with Harry . I know how he is .. I know sometimes he can just a handful but . He can be sweet like you wouldn't believe .. You seem to be the only person that can get through to him now . He needs someone like you" She explained 

I was speechless . I didn't know what to say . Of course Harry has never told me that he needed me . But I needed him somewhat . I chose to stay because I know if I were to leave I would be missing a part of me . Harry is a part of me I just can't let go . If I'm in a relationship or not that doesn't matter. I have always liked Harry in a way nobody would understand . But I know .. Harry doesn't need anybody . 

Speaking of Harry here he comes strolling through the kitchen with a smile on his face . He kissed Anne's cheek turning around to see me . I smiled and gave me a little kiss on the cheek . I smiled back "How did you sleep ?" He asked me sitting down at the table " Fine " I said before turning away .

I sat down at the table and Harry moved his body to the seat next to me . I didn't say anything . I just kept the smile on my face . Without warning he grabbed my hand lacing our fingers together . I squeezed his hand and he started to smile .Anne put our plates in front of us and I let go of Harry's hand . He pouted but he'll get over it . 

Soon Gemma slugged herself in the kitchen followed by Robin wearing a suit . He gives Anne a kiss on the lips "Morning mum" Gemma smiled . "Morning sweets " Anne said kissing her forehead "Going to work babe ?" She asked Robin "Yep its a short day today I'll be home just in time for lunch .. Love you " He said kissing her again . "Love you " She smiled . He smiled back then walking out .

"So how do you usually celebrate Christmas ?" Anne asked me sitting in her seat  . "Usually with friends " I said . Its not cray cray but its always fun "Well we usually decorate the house and everything . We have everything in the storage house and we are gonna go get it later so I was wondering if you wanted to come ?" Anne asked . I was gonna say something but Harry beat me to it "No we'll stay here " He said . "Okay that's fine " Anne said as we continued to eat . 


I just got out of the shower and I put on some sweat pants and my guns and roses sweater . Some people have t-shirts . Ha ! . I was watching the snow fall from the sky while I brushed my hair and place my beanie on my head "WE'RE LEAVING NOW !!" Anne called . I watched her and Gemma walked to the door . "OKAY!" Harry yelled back . The door then closed now leaving me and Harry alone . 

I got comfortable in the family room next to the fire drinking hot chocolate . I was thinking about calling Zayn but its too early for him to be awake so I'll try to call later . "You look so focused " Harry said walking toward me . I smiled then looking back at the fire . He sat his cup next to mine sitting down across from me

"Briannah can I ask you something ?" He asked . "Yeah " I said .My attention was now on him . He bit his lip "Why do you put up with me ?" He asked . I knew he was gonna ask me something serious but I had no Idea how to answer to this "I don't know because .. You're worth it " I said softly . He sighed "And that .. Why do you say that ?"He asked sounding a little frustrated .He got up running his hands through his hair  "Well what would you want me to say .. That you don't matter ?" I asked

"YES!" He said "Why ?" I asked "Because it makes more sense... I just don't think I deserve you " He yells . "What the hell are you talking about ?" I asked getting up . "I'm not .. Nobody else thinks of me that way " He said "Yeah because girls hoe around and throw themselves at you for no reason " I said sarcastically . "That's different " He yelled practically pulling his curls out .

"How ?They think you're worth it !They wouldn't come onto you if the didn't " My voice was getting louder . "Being a guy is hard !" He said "Being everyones dream guy is hard !? Who wouldn't want you ?" I yelled "What about you .. You are so beautiful . You have those eyes easy to get lost it . That sexy curvy body I see guys gush at you all the time ! and I just stand there you KNOW I wanna do something about it " He yelled "Everytime I see you I just wanna kiss you" He admitted .

I should have stopped there but I kept going . "Look at me compared to any of these girls I'm nobody .. Who would want me ?" I looked away . "Me I would .. I want you all the time . I don't fucking care about Zayn or anybody of that matter . I just can't get you out my fucking mind ! You drive me insane !" He yelled .

"You always make it seem like all we are is friends .. Saying yes to Zayn to be his fucking girlfriend ..We're just friends .. Is that all we will ever be ?!" He asked "You said it yourself .. You don't have feelings for me remember .. You don't do relationships ." I turned away . "I'd do relationships .. If I had that relationship with you" He said . I ignored him . I just wanted to be finished with all of this .

Then he tapped my shoulder "What?!" I yelled turning around . He cupped my face in his hands and before I could even process what was happening he kissed me with such anger yet with so much passion . Though it was wrong I began to kiss back . He took my hair in his fist and I took his shirt in my hand . I breathed him in and he did the same . My whole body was burning I didn't wanna leave this moment .

The kiss deepened him taking his hand out my hair resting it on my hips with the other one . I put my hands on this neck . We only let go for a second then reattaching our lips again . If I said I didn't feel fireworks I would have been lying . We then let go and he rested his forehead on mine . His hands caressed my lower back . 

"What are we doing ?" He whispered "I don't know " I said "What does this make us ?" He asked . "I don't know " I answered again.His hands let go of my waist taking my face in his hands and pulling me closer . I stood on my tippytoes and he kissed me slowly . It was short but It meant alot to me .

I don't know what I'm supposed to do now . I'm completely confused . I thought I was in love already .. But its Harry who I'm really in love with . Zayn had nothing on what me and Harry had . and Whatever it was .. I just know I kissed my bestfriend .. and regretting nothing .. I wanted to do it again 


Oh My god what now though ? 


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