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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


16. Chapter 16

Briannah's P.O.V


"Hurry up Bri!!" Harry yelled . "Don't rush me !!" I yelled back . We were leaving today so we can get to Cheshire by tonight . Zayn came over to help me pack and I made Harry get over it but now he's rushing me . "So when are you coming back ?" Zayn asked . "Sunday " I sighed . " Noo that's too long .. I'm gonna miss you "Zayn hugs me . I hug him back "I'm gonna miss you too . I won't be that far away " I chuckled

"You being 1 mile away from me is too far " He said . I laughed . He smiled " Just call me when you get there okay ?" Zayn kissed me . "Okay " I smiled "BRI!!" Harry screamed . "SHUT UP HERE I COME !!" I yelled back . I grabbed all my bags but Zayn took them from me leaving me with just my teddy bear .

We walked out of my room and outside to Harry's car . Zayn put my stuff in the trunk and kissed me one more time . "Ugh just stop and get in the car " Harry groaned . I rolled my eyes "Bye I'll see you soon " I smiled waving to Zayn .

He waved back looking a little sad . I got in the car putting on my seat belt . "Do you have everything baby girl ?" Harry asked starting the car . "Yes mother !" I said . He laughed pulling the parking lot in on the road . 

The radio was playing in the background and I was looking out the window while Harry had his eyes on the road "You nervous?" He asked out of no where . "Eh" I said saying I was a little bit nervous . I've never met his parents before . I just know that he mentioned he had a dick of a step dad .. I know he can't be that bad .

"A little bit huh ? " He chuckled . "I mean yeah .. what if your parents don't like me ? " I asked . He chuckled " Why do you care anyway shouldn't you worry about Zayn's parents liking you ?" He teased . I rolled my eyes " His dad already likes me and besides I knew you since middle school and I've never met you parents before " I explained .

He stopped at a red light . He sighed looking over at me "I've told them about you before . They're gonna like you don't worry " He smiled . He put his hand on my thigh rubbing it . I had to say I wasn't uncomfortable with this in any way . It was very soothing for some reason . He kept it there for the rest of the ride making me relax so much I fell asleep . 


It was 8:30 at night when we finally made it to Harry's parents house . "Bri .. We're here its time to get up " Harry shook me awake . I rose my head from the seat and stretched "Were you dreaming about me ?" He smirked . "No" I rolled my eyes smile . Even though I was tired I couldn't help but smile.

He got out coming to my side and opening the door and taking my hand . He walked us to the front door through the deep snow "Are you still nervous ?" He smiled holding my hand tight " No . " I shook my head . "If you do get scared just squeeze my hand " Harry said . I sighed ready fr what was aout t happen .. Kinda .

He knocked on the door and I immediately started to tense up as the door handle wiggled and it opened revealing what looked like Harry's mother 

"Hey mum " Harry smiled "Harry !! Oh my gosh how have you been . My baby has gotten so big " She said excitedly and hugged him. "And you must be Briannah " She called smiling at me . I squeezed Harry's hand so tight I swear It was gonna fall off . He hissed in pain " Bri !" He said . "Sorry .. Hi " I smiled .

"Why hello Nice to finally meet you I'm Anne " She smiled back " Well come on in make yourself at home " His mom smiled inviting us in . I squeezed Harry's hand again making him stop walking in . I wouldn't move " Baby girl you're gonna freeze out here" He said trying to pull me along  I squeezed his hand tighter " Baby girl .."' He said . I sighed walking in with him .

"Harry's home guys " Anne called . I felt something brush against my leg and I yelped looking down . It was just a cat .I sighed in relief " Jumpy aren't you ?" Anne laughed . Harry started to snicker . I punched him in the chest making in shut up . "Okay this is Harry's sister Gemma and this is his step-father Robin " Anne introduced . "That's right babe " Robin wrapped his arms around her kissing her lips . " Aww you guys are so cute " I said "Thankyou " Robin smiled .

"Hi Gem " Harry smiled "Harry !" She squealed getting up from the chair to hug him. Its weird not that I'm saying Harry doesn't have a polite side or anything but I rarely see it especially for this long . He acts completely different around his family .. not that there's anything wrong with that .
After the hug with his sister he smiled at Robin giving him a tender many hug to his step-father I thought he didn't like . "Wow you 2 are actually getting along for once okay ! Come help me get dinner started while you 2 get settled in " Anne said to Robin " Coolio" Robin said sahshaying in the kitchen with Anne . "Hii" Gemma said to me . I smiled walking over and shaking her hand " Hi I'm Briannah" I introduced myself " Hi I'm Gemma " She smiled back .

After I met everyone and got comfortable with his family a little we brought our bags in the house and sat in the family room . "So are you guys a couple ?" Gemma asked . I looked at him and he looked at me " Um .No " He mumbled

"Yeah we've been bestfriends for a long time that's all " I nodded following Harry's word . We looked at eachother at the same time . I didn't know if he could see that sad look in my eye as much as I saw it in his . But maybe he's mocking me . He made it clear he didn't like me that way . Which it shouldn't matter I have Zayn .

 "Oh " Was all Gemma said . It was completely silent and I was about to start conversation when Anne beat me to it "Soo Briannah Harry has told me a lot of good things about you and school " She smiled . "Really ?" I asked looking at him . He smiled " Yes tell us a little about yourself and a little about your graphic design program " She smiled . Well I of course was a very smart person .

I have pretty good grades . The graphic arts is pretty much the best thing about college so far . I have a lot to say about Education but not really family . I'm the only child so my family wasn't that fascinating .  Oh well I don't wanna be rude . Well okay then .

(Later that Night )

"And theres Harry on christmas when he was 5 . " Anne pointed to the picture . "Aww!!" I yelled pointing to the picture while Harry sat right there . I made sure he could see as I smiled excitedly at him . He rolled his eyes . "Oh and here's Harry in the bathtub " She said . "Hey its alfalfa !" Gemma yelled .

I started to laugh as Harry snatched the baby book from Anne's hand . "Okay that's enough I think me and Briannah are gonna get ready for bed " Harry smiled . "Okay sweetie . Briannah I had the guest room all set up for you love you can go ahead and make yourself comfortable " Anne smiled .

"Thankyou " I smiled . I got up from the couch and waved to everyone goodnight then I followed Harry upstairs . I grabbed my bags out the Hallway moving them into the guest room which was across the Hall from Harry's room . I saton the bed pulling out my phone a checking my missed calls and text 

I Miss You Babe :(-BadBoyZ

I miss you too . Call me tomorrow okay ?- Babe

Okay :) xoxo ♥♥-BadBoyZ

Zayn is really sweet and I think I made a good choice saying yes to be his girlfriend . I don't know If I'm madly in love or anything like that but Zayn seriouly gives me a good feeling . I put my phone on the charger and started getting out my pajamas "Hey Bri " Harry said . "Yeah ?" I asked and just the a shirt flew right at my face .

"I want you to wear my shirt to sleep " He smiled . I shrugged . I took off my clothes and put on my black shorts and Harry's shirt that wasn't that big but it was big . 5 minutes later he came back and shot me a satisfying smile "You look so sexy you know that " He came in and sat next to me . "You think so ?" I asked him .

"I know so " He but his lip . He looked so hot when he did that ."So uhh .." He said . "So what ?" I asked . "You know its a little cold in here .. you might wanna have some warmth " He got closer . "I have a blanket " I smiled .

"No . I mean you can come sleep in my room tonight " He got up taking my hand " Harry --" He cut me off " I'm not gonna take no for an answer " He said . I sighed getting up grabbing my teddy bear then having Harry drag me to his room . "Lay down " He ordered. I got on the far side of the bed leaving him a lot of elbow room .

I felt the bed shift and the covers move from my body "Hey give me some " I said trying to take the covers from me . "You have to come over here for some " I heard the teasing in his voice "Harry come on " I said " Baby girl " He said . I groaned . I scooted a little closer and Harry moved me closer pressing my body against his side .

He put the covers over me leaving his hand on my waist . I put my hand on his inked chest feeling warm and protected "Night bri " Harry mumbled. "Night" I said back . I can't believe I'm doing this . But I have to say I don't regret it ..



Mkay Bai !

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