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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


15. Chapter 15

Briannah's P.O.V

No matter how upset I was I still had to work the ring with Liam tonight . I wasn't gonna bail out on him because I was mad at Harry . Well I wasn't mad at him . or at least not completely . I stood outside the ring watching Harry's opponent get punched repeatedly . The bell then rung and me and Liam go into the ring "Good work out there Haz I like what I've been seeing .

" Liam commented . "Just trying to be focused"  Harry sighed . He glanced at me and I turned away putting on my gloves " Baby girl you can't be mad at me forever " Harry chuckled . I rolled my eyes . I poured peroxide on the cotton ball and lightly dabbed it on his open scar . "Ahh that hurts Bri!" He yelled a little .

I started to smile . This was making me feel better for some reason . I did it again and he hissed in pain . I did it over and over then Rubbing it repeatedly over his cut . He screamed . When I was finished I threw it away " Good luck " I smiled . He looked a little terried as I walked away . "am I done for tonight ?" I asked Liam .

"Oh yeah Niall is on his way " Liam said . I took off my gloves and got out the ring walking into the crowd . "Babe !!" I heard Zayns over . I looked around then seeing Zayn and Axiel waving . I ran over to them . "Hey beautiful" Zayn smiled kissing my cheek . "Hi " I said . "So Zayn told me that you guys are a thing now . I told you it would work out " Axiel said . I rolled my eyes smiling . 

(At Home)

We walked into the door after the silent ride home . I went into my room and changed into black shorts and a white t-shirt letting my hair out of the ponytail . I walked into the hallway and Harry was playing with the cuts on his face . "Come here " I motioned him to come into the bathroom .

I sat ontop of the sink and got the stuff to clean his cuts with and he came over and held onto my thighs for comfort . "Are you still mad at me ?" He asked . I sighed "No" . "Then you wont be upset about what I'm about to ask you " He said . "What do you mean ?" I asked him . "Well its close to Christmas and my mum wants me to come down to spend time with the family " He said .
"But I was wondering if you would come with me you know .. To meet my family " He mumbled the last part . "Yeah sure " I smiled . "Really?" He asked like I was joking "Yes" I laughed . "Oh . Cool ." He said I threw the stuff away "When do we leave ?" I asked him . " Monday .. Cheshire is a long way " He smiled . He took my chin between his index finger and kissed my jawline .

I felt tingles go down my spine . "Goodnight Baby girl" He winked . "Good night " I blushed a little bit . When his hands left my thigh I felt the bit of warmth leave my body . I know how Harry can be . But its hard to not forgive him for his mistakes . That night I went to sleep thinking about him .. and I don't regret it for a second .

Sorreh the chapter was short ! The next one is more important thoee !!! 


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