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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


13. Chapter 13

Briannah's P.O.V

The next morning I woke up and looked out the window at all the the snow falling from the sky . It was so pretty yet so disgusting and it would kinda make me cry if I have to go outside 3 times just to switch classes . Thank god classes are cancelled though . I sighed walking back to my bed when I saw a note on my alarm clock .

It read :

I had to go see my parole officer  

I'll text you when I'm on my way back ~ xoxo Hazzie ♥

Well great I'm home alone now . Theres no class so Niall , Louis , and Liam are sleep and Axiel probably went snow boarding or something that I will never do especially because it was snowing . At least I thought I was gonna be alone today until my phone started ringing I answered it .

"Hello ?" I said " Babe " Zayn voice answered " Hey what's up ?" I smiled . "Nothing I have to go to my dads work today .. Its so lame but I'm going with my friends too so I guess it wont be so boring " He said " Aw well at least you're around people " I sighed "Harry isn't there with you ?" He asked .

" No he's with his parole officer today " I sat on my bed . "Hmm .. Maybe I can come and get you .You can chill with us" He said . I heard the smile in his voice . I smiled " Okay that's cool " "Okay I'll text you when I get there " He said . "Okay bye" I bit my lip smiling . "Bye " He responded . I hung up .

I began to smile again . Its nice that he cared that I was alone .I got up going to my closet to get out some clothes . I chose a Black V-neck and some Denim jeans . I got in the shower and did all my morning stuff . I flat ironed my hair and put Harry's black beanie on .I put on my socks and my black High-top vans then getting a text from Zayn . 

I'm out front ♥ - BadBoyZ

KK Here I come -Briannah 

I put my phone in my pocket then I put my coat and stuff on . I took my keys and left outside to Zayn's car where him , Riley , Tatum , and Josh were standing . "Hey you guys " I waved smiling "Haaay Babe" The boys teased . Zayn gave them a death stare and they quickly became silent .

"Hey babe" Zayn finally said walking over to me and hugging me . He lightly planted a kiss on my cheek that warmed my entire body . "Awww Zaynie has a girlfriend" Riley poked Zayn's arm " Well now I think its time to find you a boyfriend yeah ?" Zayn smiled . They all laughed at Riley . I kinda felt bad for him .

Zayn turned back to me " Sorry He's a dick " Zayn sighed "Its cool" I smiled . He stared into my eyes . I stared back and at this point I just wanted to kiss him . As much as I wanted to stare at him all day It was cold and I wanted to get in the car .

"Well lets go it cold " I said . He snapped himself back to reality " Right lets go " He said . "SHOT GUN!!" Josh yelled " How about back seat ?" Zayn said . Josh mumbled under his breath getting in the back seat and letting me up front . This is gonna be an interesting ride . 

When we arrived there I was very amazed when I found out his dad owned one of the biggest businesses in the UK . We had to walk in with Bodyguards following us and cameras and reporters along side . Zayn held onto my arm trying to keep me away from the reporters . As for his friends I think they knew what to do

. We waited in his fathers office until the door opened and his father walked in with different bodyguards following him . "MR . MALIKKKK MAH MAIN MAN !" Tatum screamed hugging him . "Son get off of me " Mr . Malik ordered . Tatum jumped off of him . "Everything okay dad ?" Zayn asked him
" Yeah gotta go to a dumb meeting .. I wish our meetings were in text sometimes " Mr .Malik said . They all laughed . Then I felt Mr. Malik's eyes on me . I was sitting between Zayn's legs and he was holding onto my waist . "So .. Who is this young Lady ?" He asked . "Oooo!" All the guys said . Zayn just chuckled .

" This is Briannah she's uhh ... " He started " His girlfriend " Josh said " His honey bun" Tatum said with sass "His babe " Riley yelled . "Really ?" His dad asked . " Uh .. Yeah I think so " He smiled at me . I smiled back letting my head fall back on his chest . "Okay well its very nice to meet you Briannah .. Welcome to the family " He shook my hand .Zayn kissed my temple " Are you my girlfriend now ?" He whispered in my ear .

I laughed "Yes" I whispered back . He smiled "Okay now everyone get out my office I need to make it to this meeting " Zayn's dad sighed mumbling 'Im gonna be sick' under his breath' . We all laughed filing out the room . 

Did U Liek Or Naw

Prolly Naw because It's not Briannah and Harry . I have an Idea for that thoee its goin be guuuddd!!!



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