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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


11. Chapter 11.

Briannah's P.O.V


I was trying my hardest to avoid Harry this morning .I got dressed in my black sports bra , Black spandex , and black and white nikes . I got all my stuff ready and put on my black sweats and black nike sweatshirt then hearing a soft knock on the door . I ran to the door tiptoeing passed Harry's room and I opened the door to Zayn in black jeans and a red nike sweatshirt .

"Good morning " He said kissing my cheek . "good morning " I whispered . He hugged me and I hugged him back . "Is it okay to say I missed you ?" He asked . I smiled "Yeah that's cool " I blushed . I got my bag off the floor and Zayn took it from me .

"I forgot my phone " I said I ran into my room quickly grabbing my phone and coming back . But someones voice stopped me " Briannah .." I heard Harry called . I sighed and kept walking toward Zayn but I felt Harry's breath down my neck ask he grabbed my arm . "What are you doing here ?" He asked Zayn .

Zayn rolled his eyes " Do you really have to know? . This really doesn't concern you .." Zayn said . I felt Harry's body about to charge . I held him back . " can you let go of my arm please" I mumbled .
"Bri .." He said . "Harry I'm sorry . I'll be back later " I said . He let go of my arm " Be careful okay ?" He said . I turned around and nodded . I grabbed Zayn's hand and he walked us out the door . The door slammed just letting me know Harry shut it .  Me and Zayn just kept walking Hand in Hand til we got to the car .

"Are you okay ?" Zayn asked . I smiled at him and nodded . Though I really wanted to cry for some reason I didn't because I didn't want Zayn to worry about me . 

" Spin Kick " Axiel said . I spin kicked 3 times and 3 times as hard . " Damn are you okay ?" He asked . "Yeah why wouldn't I be " I said punching the pads on his hands . " Oh my god what did Harry do now ?" Axiel asked stopping practice . I took off my gloves and walked out the ring "Nothing why should it matter " I asked .
I got my gatorade out my back . I struggled to open it for some reason . Zayn took it from and opened it . "Come on Bri what did he do ?" Axiel pleaded for me to tell him "Referring to Harry .. He was being a douche " Zayn said .

"Whoa like what kind of douche . Like regular cocky douche or .. I wanna kill him Douche ?" Axiel asked "The second one " Zayn smiled . "Why are you upset then he's always like that " He said . "Wait he's always like that ?" Zayn asked . "Yeah " I mumbled . "I'm not really worried about it " I chuckled a little .

"But I am . Come here  " He said . I walked over to him and he sat me on his lap like always . "I'm gonna let you guys talk " Axiel smirked pervertedly and walked off . "Why does he always act like that ?" Zayn asked . "I don't know I ... C-Can we not talk about that " I asked feeling like any moment I was gonna cry .

" No we need to talk about this now " He said . I looked down " I don't know . It doesn't really matter why . either way I end up crying " I shrugged . " Crying ?" He asked . "But every time I see you . You always have that glow in your face and you don't look hurt at all " He said . I shook my head letting a tear fall from my eye .

"I wish It was like that all the time " I mumbled . " Don't cry " He said he lifted me off his lap and got up 
"Get your stuff we gotta go " He said . "Where are we going ?" I asked . He helped my put on my stuff . "I need to take care of something " Was all he said before grabbing my bag in one hand and my hand in the other "Hey where you going Bri ?!" Axiel Asked . I shrugged and we walked out .

Is shit about to go down or nawww ?  Sorry this update sucked lol!!



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