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There's only 1 rule on the streets of London . NEVER FALL IN LOVE ! . Briannah has managed to never fall in love with anybody . Okay no one except her best friend and roomate Harry who's a bad boy street fighter .Harry has been trying to get her to sleep with him but she always denies . He loves her but if they start dating the way they feel about each other will never be the same . Will she ever accept Harry's wishes ?


10. Chapter 10

Briannah's P.O.V


We rushed Zayn to the hospitial and we waited in the waiting room until he woke up . I sat on the other side of the waiting room just starring at Harry . I couldn't believe he did that . "I said I was sorry Bri .." He mumbled but loud enough for me to hear . "You're always sorry aren't you ?" I said shaking my head .

" This guy is a fucking douche Why wouldn't I protect you " He started yelling . "Protect me from what ?" I asked crossing my arms . "You don't even know Zayn . " I scoffed . He sighed walking over to me . He got down on his knee infront of me  "Briannah you don't understand .. I care about you .I care about your feelings more than anything in this world " He whispered . "I know that " I mumbled .

"Your friend is awake if you guys wanna talk to him " The nurse stated . I got up from my seat to walk to Zayn's room . Harry grabbed my hand "Bri ..." He said . "Harry please" I pleaded . " Remember I care " He repeated . " If you care you'd let me see him " I said . He looked down biting his lip .

"Alright . I'm gonna wait for Liam and Niall okay ?" He said letting go of my hand . "Thankyou " I mouthed running off to his room . I opened the door to Zayn laying on the hospital bed with an ice pack on his head . "Zayn .." I said .He opened his eyes haft way "Briannah" He said . I walked over to him and sat down next to him .

"What happened .. WOW I HAVE A HEADACHE !!" He yelled . He yelled .  laughed "Well what happened ?" He asked again . Well he just got knocked half dead by my bestfriend .. but do I really wanna tell him that ? "Don't worry about what happened " I smiled .

" Okay I guess ... But whatever happened I think it interrupted our little talk " He bit the side of his lip with the piercing on it . I blushed looking down . I wanted to feel that kiss . Ever since earlier I've been craving more . But I'm too shy to just go for it .

"I think I wanna finish what I started " He shot that irresistible look .. The look that will make you give in to anything . I began to get closer . He put his arms around my waist pulling me onto his lap . He wasted no time and began to kiss me . Sparks and shocks flew through my body .

I felt like the only girl on earth . He let go his eyes meeting mine . He smiled . "I say I feel so much better " He bit his lip . I smiled doing the same . The taste of his lips lingered on mine . I don't know what it was .But it tasted like heaven .

And after 20 minutes I walked out of there confidently . I felt like I just won the Olympics or something . It was crazy . I have never kissed a guy and felt this way before .

I walked to Liam's car getting in the back seat with Harry . "Is he okay ?" Liam asked . I nodded . Harry held out his arms . I hugged him . "To NANDOS!!!!" Niall screamed . We all screamed with him . We appreciate Niall and his nandos addiction very much . 


Harry went to the gym early today so he could get some practice . Louis,Liam, and Niall met him there so they could help out . Which meant I didn't have to work the ring tonight so I called up Axiel to see if he wanted to come .

I wore my black sweatshirt and navy blue leggings with my black and white converse . After I got dressed and stuff I picked up Axiel from his dorm and we drove to get soemthing to eat from McDonalds first . 

The whole time he was talking to me I literally was starring out into space . "HEY EARTH TO BRI-BRI!!" He yelled . "Huh?" I said . He groaned " What are you so focused on ... Is it Harry again " He teased "Shut up !" I yelled . He laughed "But really .. That's no 'I'm thinking about Harry' look . somebodies got a little crush " He said .

"Well yeah you can say that .. Well his name is Zayn and --" He cut me off "Zayn ?! Oh my god I used to train him he has skills " Axiel nodded . "So I've been told .. But we met a week back and already We've kissed 3 times " I explained . "And he lives on campus ?" He asked . I shook my head " He got expelled " I said .

"OOH so you like one of those bad boys huh .. Sounds like just another Harry " He rolled his eyes continuing to eat " He's nothing like Harry . Except for the tattoos and piercings . He's really Chill and Laid back all the time .. and I feel like I'm falling in love to be honest " I said .

"I say go for it .. remember when I talked to you about my first boyfriend .That's--" I cut him off "That's the same thing you said  and I told you to --" He cut me off "Go for it  .. If You really Like him I say go for it and forget any fucker who is willing to stop you from doing it " He said .

"Ohhh this is why I love you !" I said and hugged him . "Hey ! for this you owe me 5 extra push ups tomorrow " He got serious "Axie!!" I yelled . "Cry me a river " He said ignoring my complaining . 

(At the Fight )

His opponent Victor walked on the ring . The touched gloves and the slow first round began . "Wow Harry is really good . I can see why you had a crush on him for this long " Axiel said . I punched his arm "Stop" I growled .

He laughed . I saw Niall ,Liam and Louis walking up to the stand ,Niall had a bunch of food in his hands . Just like every fight he spends $20 on food and drinks for everyone but mostly for him .

"Here you go love " He said handing me my sour skittle . "Yay thankyou!" I screamed giving him hug . He hugged back . "Who's winning guys ?" Louis asked . "Um I think Harry " Axiel answered .  Everyone started screaming as we got the first knock down of the game by Harry . When everyone was up my phone started to ring . I got it out my sweatshirt pocket and read the text from Zayn 

Where are you guys sitting ?- BadBoyZ

You're at the fight ?-Briannah

Yeah . I thought I might come and surprise you but I can't find you :( -BadBoyZ

Lol I'll come and get you before the second round meet me at the door X3 -Briannah 

Okay -BadBoyZ

The first bell rung signalling Halftime . Liam and Louis ran off to help Harry . "Hey Zayn's at the door I'm about to come get him " I told Niall and Axiel . "I'll come . I wanna meet him " Axiel got up "Me too . I need more food " He got up too . Oh Niall :3 . 

(During the last Half time)

I was touching on his eye that looked more swollen than earlier . He didn't tell me I couldn't he sat me right on his lap . "Don't worry about it Brianna it doesn't hurt . " He chuckled . " I know but Its very serious " I said .

" What happened anyway ?" Axiel asked . " I really don't know but . It doesn't matter I'm not too worried about that . Besides I remember when you told me to take when ever I get hurt like a man " Zayn shrugged . "I can't lie I'm a good trainer . Just ask Briannah " Axiel smiled . " You box ? " Zayn asked shocked .

"No I do MMA which I guess is boxing somewhat " I explained . "That's so hot you know that " Zayn said . I laughed . When Niall came back from the bathroom that's when the last round started . "Sorry . Had some technical difficulties " Niall said . "Its cool you didn't miss much " Axiel said .

"So how long has Harry been fighting ?" He asked . I didn't know he actually cared . "He's been into this since middle school . He's won every fight he has been in " I explained . "Cool" He mumbled .

He held onto my waist making sure I don't fall as he put his head on my shoulder bone . "So are you guys dating ?" Niall asked . We looked at eachother "No . But I'm considering this our first date  .. If that's okay with you " Zayn smiled . I smiled back " Okay " I agreed . 

Harry's P.O.V

I focused on the matched I was so close to winning . Every time I had the chance I would look over at the crowd to see if I could find Bri . So far I haven't seen her the whole Fight and It feels like she forgot about me for Zayn . That pisses me off . I looked over at the crowd again "STYLES STAY FOCUSED !!" Liam's voice echoed . I turned back over to my opponent right hooking him in the mouth . The crowd screamed . I looked over at the crowd again . I looked at the top and I noticed Niall and right next to him he was talking to Briannah who was sitting on Zayn's lap . His lips were attached onto her neck and she was laughing . But all the sudden .. Everything went black . 

(20 minutes later)

"You are so lucky you made it through this one . You were soo close to losing tonight" Louis gave me that talk . I rolled my eyes . "Are you listening ?!" He yelled . "Yes Louis Yes!" I yelled back . I was a little upset at what I just saw .

I couldn't take it if Briannah says she's dating that son of a bitch . Its gonna rip me to pieces . I put my head in my hands " You need to focus when you're out there " Liam said . I sighed "I know I just .. I have so much on my mind right now " . Just then Briannah came in followed by Axiel ,Niall , and Zayn . "Are you okay ?" She asked .

"Are YOU okay is the question ?" I asked her . She looked at me confused . "What do you mean ?" She asked . I ignored her question "What's he doing here ?" I mumbled referring to Zayn . "He came to support you just Like I did " She said .

"If It Helps her sleep at night .. More or less " Zayn shrugged . I got up ready to punch the shit out of him when Niall and Liam held me back . "But anyway I have to go . Um is there some way we can meet up tomorrow ?" Zayn asked Briannah .

"I go to the gym tomorrow for MMA training if you wanna meet me there " She explained . "Oh no she doesn't fight anymore . We agreed on that " I growled in her ear . "No we didn't" She punched my bare chest . I hissed in pain .

"Okay cool . Just text me I'll come with you " Zayn took her hands . She look lost in his eyes . It was like a door to' I don't care if you get hurt' land . "Okay night Zayn" She smiled . He kissed her cheek and smiled back , mugging at me he then walked out the locker room . I punched the locker letting out some of the anger building up inside of me .

I heard her sigh "I gotta take Axiel home . I'll see you guys later " She mumbled . And with that she walked out . See I fucked up again . When we get home its gonna be the same thing . I do care . Too bad she doesn't get it through her thick skull . When her sexy voice screams at me . It turns me on but feels me with guilt . I hate that .

Zayn's P.O.V


Driving home all I could think of was Briannah . I can't wait to see her tomorrow . I like her bad ass attitude and how she chooses for herself . I especially enjoy making Harry mad when I flirt with her . Its hilarious .

Though I enjoy pissing him off I enjoy kissing her and holding onto her when I get the chance . I for once feel happier than I have been and If I find out Harry is trying to get in the way ..I'll kill him before he even gets to follow his plan . 

Whoooooo!! this update was really long though !!! I hope you guys enjoyed it because the whole time typing to had to pee really bad ! 

Well i'm gonna go pee now LIEK FOR MOAR!!!

Mkay Bai!! ;3


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