The Dark Angel of Death

Annie always hated the word cancer.Some of her family have either passed away from cancer or have cancer. She hoped none of her friends will never have. One Saturday night turned for the worst. Her best friend Lindsey had found out she had lung cancer going to her brain.


4. The Monster

       When I got to art class, I could tell that no one was in my art class that knew me except Jackson.

        We both took the last table in the room which was a two person table. Great.

        "Okay class, today we will make a sketch in our sketchbook of our life, fears, and dreams." As the art teacher spoke, I was doodling on the front of my notebook. I already had my sketch all planned out.

         "Hey Annie, what are you going to draw?" Jackson brought me back to reality.

         "Oh, um... a dark angel, pokemon, you know, the usual." I freaked out. I have never told anyone about the dark angel.

         "Why the dark angel?" I wish I had never said that.

         I had always thought that cancer was an angel, tryin  to deal it's revenge on those with perfect lives. The angel then takes the person in little by little, until the person is too weak to fight, then they steal their next breath away. Drowning the person's loved ones in grief.

         "Oh, I get it." He snaps me back to reality.

          As we begin to draw, my phone vibrates. It was a text from my mom.

          "Annie, I'm coming to get you and take you to the hospital."

          I automatically started to freak out. My grandfather has been fighting lung cancer for 6 years now. I knew that this was about him.

          The office then called me to come and get my stuff. I then, when no one was looking, I started to run down the hallway.

          When I got there, my mom was already standing there by the door. She was crying.

           "Annie, he had another attack..." She tried to speak through her tears. 

           My grandfather would sometimes have what we called an attack. He would stop breathing and it was impossible to bring him back. I knew this was the Angel reaching for that last breath.


Well, that was a tear jerker. Hope you guys like it!!!!! :)


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