The Dark Angel of Death

Annie always hated the word cancer.Some of her family have either passed away from cancer or have cancer. She hoped none of her friends will never have. One Saturday night turned for the worst. Her best friend Lindsey had found out she had lung cancer going to her brain.


5. The Last Breath

        When I got to the hospital, everyone was there. Everyone was hugging me when I got to my Father. My Grandfather was my Father's Dad, so I knew that he would be upset.

        "He wants to see you." He whispered to me. I then put on a mask and walked inside the room.

        Inside the room, it looked like he was being treated like a kid. There was stuffed animal and balloons everywhere. He was laying in the hospital bed, his eyes were dull. I knew immediately that this was the Angel's doing.

        "Hey sweetheart, how is my little Ann?" He croaked.

        "Good. How are you?"

        "I have felt better, do you have that picture?" I then remembered the promise I made with him.

         After his first attack, he told me that when the time came, he wanted me to draw a picture for him. Anything I wanted to draw. He then told me that he wanted me to start drawing it after his second attack. I kept the picture between the two of us, not even Lindsey knew about the picture.

         I nodded and took the piece of paper out of my back pocket. I unfolded it and gave it to him. It was a picture of a dog in front of a sunset on a beach. He smiled as he looked over the picture. His eyes were getting duller.

        "It is beautiful. I knew you could do it." He whispered. He grabbed my hand, it was cold.

        "Grandpa... I love you." I tried to hold back the tears.

        "I love you too..." He then closed his eyes. The machines started to scream. I knew he was gone. I just didn't want to cry and let the Angel win.


        When I walked back out into the hallway, everyone was sobbing. My Dad was standing in the corner keeping back his tears.

         "I made a picture for him. He will be able to keep it if you want him to." I was trying to keep the tears back as well.

        "And I bet he loved it." My father was choking back tears now.

        That was the last time I thought I would cry because of the Dark Angel's actions.

         Little did I know, I was completely wrong.


        I am back to update this story! I did make a picture for my grandfather when he passed away. I never took a picture of the drawing, so no one will be able to see it.

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