The Dark Angel of Death

Annie always hated the word cancer.Some of her family have either passed away from cancer or have cancer. She hoped none of her friends will never have. One Saturday night turned for the worst. Her best friend Lindsey had found out she had lung cancer going to her brain.


2. First Day, New Guy

         As I walk down the hallway to the kitchen, my mom was already making coffee for me. The room seemed brighter than usual. It was my first day back from school.

         "Good Morning Sweetheart, ready for your first day of school." My mother asked me, she was always cheerful for me. She started to pour coffee into my pokemon travel mug, it had a little pikachu with a squirtle hugging.

          "Kinda of, I just have to get my phone." I called as I turned around to go get it. I had my Pokemon sweatshirt on with my skinny jeans. Who ever said a nerd couldn't have a sense of fashion. I grabbed my phone and checked my texts as I walked to the front door.

         I got a text from my best friend, Lindsey. We have been best friends since we were born.

         "Hey, Happy Birthday! R we still going to dinner as planned?" I planned on going to my favorite restaurant, Apple-bees after school with her.

         "Yeah, just dress semi-casual." I text her back.


          When I get to school, I meet up with Lindsey at the library.

           "Hey, how was your night?" We just hung out last night so we already saw each other.

           "Great. What is your first class?" I ask.

           "Choir, how about you." She hoped I had the same class. I could tell in her voice.

           "Oh, I have art." I was disappointed. We have always had the same classes every year.

           "It's okay, we can see each other at math." She cheered me up like always.


            When I get to my locker, I see a guy go to the locker to right next to me.

            "Hey, how's it going?" He made me jump.

            "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." I could tell he felt really bad that he scared me.

            "Oh no, it's okay, I'm always spooked easily. I'm Annie."

            "Oh, I'm Jackson. I'm new here." I replied.

            "Hi, I have to get to art class. It was nice meeting you." I started to go to class after I checked my phone.

             "I'm going to art class as well." He replied as he started to walk beside me.

             I knew that this school year was going to be fun.


          Well, did you like my first post.I will post Annie's outfit as well.



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