Telling The Truth

(S.S) (H.P) After Harry's encounter with Quirrell, Harry faces the truth with Snape. All goes well, until Snape drops the bombshell, will Snape tell Harry that he's his biological father? Or will Harry and Snape continue their live hating each other?


5. Chapter 5



Lessons droned on as usual, as the end of term was approaching, but in Harry's mind the lessons were his sanctuary. His place to distract himself from the truth. The life changing truth that was slowly suffocating him. It had been nearly a week, and Harry had refuse blatantly to acknowledge Snape in any form or way possible. He had made it his own personal challenge to avoid Snape as long as possible. But it was turning out harder than he thought. Everywhere he turned he swore he heard or even saw the black billowing cloak of Snape in the corner of his eye, but when he turned around it was nowhere to be seen.

This had Harry's life harder somehow. He often needed to clear his mind and the only way he seem it was working was by flying on the Quidditch pitch until curfew, or sneaking out of the tower under his invisibility cloak, and not returning until the early hours of the morning. He knew his best friends knew something was bothering him, and he clearly knew Hermione would figure it out eventually, but silently he was pleased that they were respecting his need for space.

At this rate, he would have driven himself mad with worry, anger and maybe a touch of guilt. He knew he had to face Snape someday, but right now wasn't the right time at all. He had to sort everything out his end first, before involving Snape into the picture.

How he was going to do that he did not know. The walk down to the Quidditch Pitch had helped him clear his mind somehow, but it still hung over him, slowly trying to engulf him whole. Harry  quietly snuck into the tower, ignoring the Fat Lady's screeching 'Don't you know what time it is, mister?', ran swiftly up the stairs and creeped past the others' sleeping. He had somehow managed to get into bed as the next thing he remembered was his head hitting the pillow before he had fallen asleep.




Severus had been having a bad week, first Potter demanding the truth, and now blatantly ignoring him. It wasn't his fault he didn't like the truth. If he preferred he could to pretending they both hated each other and get it over with already. The agonising silence that was occurring between them was driving him mad. And now he was stuck, again, marking essays that were demanding his attention. He angrily covered one dunderhead's essay with red marking, it had become more often these days. Even a Troll wasn't worth this, he thought.

But even marking wasn't enough to distract him from the truth. He had willingly admitted to Potter that he was his father, and somehow it made sense, in an odd way. He felt more whole this way. But that brat dared to run out on him without permission, running around demanding answers as he saw fit. Wait until I set down some ground rules on that brat, Snape thought pleasantly. As his father he had every right. Looking at the clock, and realising how late it was, 1:30, he slowly made his way to his chambers, checking once on his alarm that everyone was accounted in his house, before retiring himself.




He had been woken up roughly by Ron's arm shaking him awake, informing him of his lateness to potions class. Harry swiftly changed and raced with Ron to the dungeons, arriving a fraction of a second before Professor Snape stormed into the classroom in his usual fashion. He quickly scanned the room checking that everyone was there, eyes resting on Harry a half second more than anybody else before continuing his lessons as usual.

The end of the lesson couldn't have come sooner, feeling he had been there more than he should. But the end of the lesson had finally come, and Harry was pleased that he could finally get out of the cold, dark dungeon.

"Mr Potter, please stay behind after class," snarled Snape. After everyone had left, and he had informed Hermione and Ron that he would meet them in the next period, he swiftly heard the lock of the door bolting. He gulped.

"We will have to discuss this someday. You cannot go on ignoring me like this, this childish act must stop," said Snape breaking the silence.

"What if I don't want to discuss this with you?" demanded Harry, his voice getting stronger towards the end.

"Then you leave me no choice. You will have to accept me as your father no matter how you feel, we will have to bring this to the attention of the Headmaster." Snape knew he had no choice but he really didn't want to pull the Headmaster into this.

Harry quickly pondered his options. But what was so bad as having a father after all this time? How many time had he wished when he was small had a family member would come and take him away from the Dursleys forever? Or the stories he would make up about a long lost brother.... Was it really that bad? Everything was turning so quickly in his head.

"Could..could I have some time to think..think over it?" he asked uncertain of the answer. He really needed the time to think through his pros and cons.

"You have one week to make up your mind. Then after that I am expecting your answer. Is that clear?" Snape asked Harry. He really didn't have much time left. The end of term was quickly nearing and he wanted to discuss with the child the plans for his summer accommodation. He had recently found out how awful the Dursleys were, how could Petunia abuse her own flesh and blood? And had immediately demanded to  Harry's guardian. The only thing left to was discuss with Harry, which was proving more difficult by the second.

"Yes, sir," said Harry and quickly left his office, forgetting to ask for a late pass for Professor McGonagall. He had so much to think about.




Hello once again. I have finally surfaced again and have written you a welcome back chapter as a present. Again very sorry for how late this chapter was but, from now on, will be hoping to update more constantly. Hope you enjoy.

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