Telling The Truth

(S.S) (H.P) After Harry's encounter with Quirrell, Harry faces the truth with Snape. All goes well, until Snape drops the bombshell, will Snape tell Harry that he's his biological father? Or will Harry and Snape continue their live hating each other?


4. Chapter 4

As he walked towards the dungeons, he could felt a tight knot creating in his stomach, making him felt sick. But whatever he was feeling, he had to do this. He had to know the truth, because something was confusing.

He reached the professor's door, he took a big gulp of air, and knocked. There was a minute of silence, until he heard the usual snarky voice calling.

"Enter," called Professor Snape.


Severus was just finishing grading O.W.Ls papers, when someone knocked on the door. Potter entered looking bewildered for some reason.

"Potter, what do you want?" asked Snape.

"I need to know the truth!" Potter stated.

"Do we all?" Severus commented with sarcasm.

"I don't care. Some of my memories are a blur. And I need to know why. Why were you by my bed at the hospital wing?" Harry asked accusingly.

"Don't you talk to me with that tone, Potter," Snape answered with poison in his voice.

"Well, answer my question, then."

"You need to listen to me, Potter, or you won't understand," Snape said. He sighed. He was really getting fustrated.

"Fine," answered Potter. He plopped himself down on the chair and waited.

"Don't interupt until I've finished. Do you understand?" snapped Snape.

"Yes, sir."

"When I started Hogwarts, your mother and I were best friends. But since I was sorted into Slytherin, we changed. We still were friends, but not as close as we used to be. All of that came crashing down in our fifth year, when I called Lily a Mudblood. We never spoke to each again, until our seventh year when I apologized and she forgave me. After graduating, we married, but in secret. Because I was a Death Eater they could target Lily. I willing put Lily in James's care, so he could protect her more than me. Every 3 months I came back to see her, and found out she was pregnant with James. I was distraught. A year later, Voldemort killed them. 10 years later, I found a letter on my desk with a DNA test. It was about a boy, you Potter. It said that Lily fell pregnant before she moved in with James....." But he couldn't continue the sentence because Harry had ran out of the room.

A single lone tear fell down his cheek.




Harry couldn't believe it. Snape was his real father. It wasn't real he was dreaming. He pinched himself and felt pain. He looked exactly like James Potter, execpt the eyes, his mother's green eyes. How come James wasn't his father?

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