Moments of Starlight

Just the inner musings of my confused, teenage brain. Enjoy.


4. Your story

Whenever you feel,

like you're drowning,

in this ocean of living,

like you are crushed,

in the palm of the universe,

Stop. And think.


Think about how your

mere existence is,


Think of all the moments,

the twilight wanders,

the ceaseless grey breaths of time,

that have lead t this,

to you.


An ape, found a mate,

A hundred thousand years ago,

And that ape,

and his mate,

Have lead to you.

Had that ape simply,

walked past that pack,

you would not be here.



life is built on coincidence,

flashes of vibrant, whirling storms,

that have slotted together,

as a vast, expanding puzzle,

that cannot be broken.


You, right here, right now,

are the product of

a thousand secret kisses,

ten thousand weeping rainbows,

A million “Hello!”s

and a billion shooting stars.

Every breath you breath is


Every step you take,

Urged on by the echoes of

fifty thousand cooing mothers.


Isn't it wonderful?

This human pool of starshines?

We explode with smiles,

and sun warmed cheeks.

There will only ever be one


You, the brightest star of your kind,

the most beautiful of any.



You are a never ending novel,

made up of ten trillion pages of,


and starry skies,

and last words.

Look deep into yourself,

find the pages of your story,

and fill them,

fill them with colour,

and electric touches.

Fill up every page,

and know that when your last breath,

has been and gone,

your novel, your time old tale,

has been passed to another,

and you live through them.

So you never really die.

You go on living in the pages,

of an ageless chronicle,

that, at the end of the world,

a baby with bright eyes,

shall read for eternity.

And this baby will remember, remember,

Remember You.


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