Moments of Starlight

Just the inner musings of my confused, teenage brain. Enjoy.


1. Snap.

Sit down. Sit down with me,

Dust settles,

on ancient memories,

Like the roar of a fire,

you remember,

You remember.


A moment,

captured in sepia tone,

where your smile is bright,

and she's young,

and she's beautiful,

and you're holding her,

just holding her,


That moment now lies,

in front of me,

a collage of distant sunsets,

I never saw.



A tree, bathed in black and white,

cracked at the edges,

like cobwebs.

And there he is, so youthful,

black hair slicked,

his confidence, and swagger,

caught in the grey-scale sunshine.

Of this coloured paper,

in your wrinkled hand.



Him. Laughing.

Slightly blurry round the edges,

like a boat bobbing,

on gentle waves.

This is all I have of him,

these moments,

these shards of time.

I can see his smile,

I can watch his hair blow,

in an unseen wind.

But, I cannot smile with him,

Say anything to make him laugh,

Or simply to let him know I exist.

I can only sit,

staring at a polaroid flicker

of life,

that I will never behold,

I only have this.

You put the pictures back,

the traces of arcadia,

faintly glowing on your lips,

but I cannot stop thinking,

of the man,

in the box,

and how it is all I have,

of a face I shall never see,

in reality.


But the lid is shut,

the candle burnt out,

the memories locked safe away.

Yet I want to weep,

for all your glorious moments,

snapped on cameras,

throughout your life,

are all that is left.

But in your moment then,

when you could smell

strawberries in her hair,

when he smiled at his beauty,

And when Granddad laughed.

You were alive,

you were there.

And I wish with all my heart,

I could have lived every moment

With you.




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