Moments of Starlight

Just the inner musings of my confused, teenage brain. Enjoy.


6. Seeing the blue

Can you hear it?

The ticking time bomb of a thousand

lost souls. Echoes in the passages,

of broken hearts, footfalls silently treading

on shattered starlight.

Drink up all the noises,

drink deep on silent whale song, leagues down,

drink long on piercing rainbows of dying green.

Drink it all up,

every last drop,

Drink humanity dry.


Can't you see it?

The ever shifting, ever lasting ripple

of lipstick red moonlight.

Can't you see how with lurid movements,

it swims through the air like


before it implodes into darkness,

and forms again.


I wish to see it all.

I wish to hear it all.

The fabric of silken cloth ruffled in sunlight,

the smell of smiles and heavy breaths in twilight.

I wish to drink this world dry of colour,

until I shine with the light of a million silver fish,

and a billion blush streaked skies.

I wish to radiate an abundance of sunsets,

until I simply am too bright, too beautiful.


Then I shall burst.


And the stolen colours of kisses,

and the lilac of a baby's breath,

and the gold of an ancient smile,

shall spread like wildfire across the earth,

in cascades of wonderous shooting stars,

all the colours will return, I shall return.

And maybe, just maybe, after all that colour inside me,

dancing inside me,

The world shall make more sense.


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