Moments of Starlight

Just the inner musings of my confused, teenage brain. Enjoy.


7. Pearls of lightning


Pearls of lightning


Droplets of daydreams,

softly they fall, unseen, from your lips,

hanging, like pearls, an inch from the ground,

suspended on a thread of an icicle.

I watch these droplets splash into the air,

Dissipating into cloudless waters,

I inhale in silent breaths.

Every word that slips from your mouth,

floats in the air around you; I watch

as they begin to fade and drip down,

like a love heart on a window pane.

Desperately, I try to save them,

cupping my hands to catch the

pebbles as they fall. But, too late,

before I can salvage them from

the endless sea of oxygen,

you are gone, they are gone,

And I stand alone and breathless,

In a crystallised puddle.


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