Moments of Starlight

Just the inner musings of my confused, teenage brain. Enjoy.


3. My own universe

It was nearing twilight,

as we sat on the hill.

I watched as your face,

contorted with the agony of beauty,

drank in the colours, the hilltop,

and me.

As the sun drowned slowly,

in the oceans of horizons,

the wind ruffled the grasses,

and blew your scent to me,

I was filled with your intoxicating

breath. You smelled like

waterfalls, and orange dew,

and stardrops.

I kissed you, on the breeze,

your fragrance seeping through

my lips in cascades of snow.

Your fingertips touched mine,

a shot of thunder rang through me,

rocking my bones like a cradle,

your touch ignited fires

that coursed through my veins,

in sparkling torrents of glowing lava.

In your eyes, the sun set.

Your cheeks began to darken,

your freckles lighting up,

until I could see the universe

on your very skin.

I could read the constellations,

with a brush of my lips,

on yours. Your fingers twined

like ivy around me, you turned,

and, with all the beauty of oblivion,

I toppled headfirst,

into your eyes, landing with a splash.

And as you leant forward,

and I smelt supernovas on your breath,

and galaxies on your tongue,

Our lips touched,

And everything I knew shattered,

Exploding in fireworks of green and gold,

rocking sleeping cities with waves of colour,

And causing another big bang to occur. 

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