Moments of Starlight

Just the inner musings of my confused, teenage brain. Enjoy.


2. Moments

This moment,

this moment right now,

is everything.

Through the shattered colours,

of a stained glass window,

I have observed these moments,

these fragments that make up a lifetime.


We all die someday,

sink into the earth,

smooth out into the sky,

but moments such as this,

well they never die,

never age, never lose clarity.

For these moments are us.

They are the soaring birds,

they are the sunlit waters,

they are the hidden kisses,

that determine everything.


It's easy to think,

this is it,

that we're here for a flash,

then gone.

But that is not how I see it,

we are not disintegrating:

we are flying.


We do not get as long as we may hope,

or do all that we seek,

but this time, this life, this moment,

it's ours.

And it always will be.


That is why I share this moment,

with you.

Because you listen,

because you care.

Because you know as I do,

that these moments are precious,

and that we don't sink, we fly,

and because we are both alive,

and in this moment,

this infinitesimal moment,

this colossal moment,

we shine like the shooting stars,

that created us.


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