Moments of Starlight

Just the inner musings of my confused, teenage brain. Enjoy.


5. Effortless



You make me feel effortless.

Just that one, fragile glimmer,

of a hand, slipping from a door,

or the back of a head, drifting amid a sea of

faceless people.

You make me feel effortless,

your smile and dark eyes, hold me

prisoner. I am effortless.

I cannot and will not resist.

I am resigned to captivity in your irises.

For there is where the chocolate flowers bloom,

and the dark, inky black pupil of a sun,

is always shining, with mortal beauty.

I shall swim, chained to the silver fish in your eyes,

my shackles trailing behind me,

their links long since broken.

For the gateways to your soul smell like sunshine,

And I wish to remain here, eternally.




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