Victoria 'Tori' Peters, a English youtuber who lives in London. She loves tumblr and One Direction. What will happen when she gets the chance to interview her idols just after one of their concerts? What will happen when secrets gets involved?


1. Chapter 1

''Done.'' I sighed as I leaned back in my chair. I have been using the last hour editing my newest video for my channel. I saved the video and closed the screen down. I can upload it later, I just needed to relax. I made some strawberry tea, my favorite and sat down in my couch, turning on the TV. 

 I zapped through the different channels, but there wasn't anything exciting. I decided to put on my One Direction - This Is Us dvd, my all time favorite. I love One Direction, they're my everything. They can always make me smile. I pressed play and pulled out my 2 months old iPhone 5s in black. My baby. 

I went onto twitter and tweeted: @ToriPetersxo: 'Time for some tea and this is us. Can it be much better? What are you lovely guys up to? :)'

I followed and replied to some fans, afterwards I saw their reactions. It's always funny to see.

I finished the movie and just sat there staring. Now what should I do? I asked myself. Maybe upload the video? Yeah, I'll do that. 

I went over to my computer and opened it. I went onto my youtube channel, uploaded the video and quickly went onto Twitter, again. I pressed the tweet button and typed 'New video up, yay. Check it out? c: '

I played some music and started to clean up my appartment a bit. My room wasn't messy, because I record in there, but my kitchen were a bit messy. 

When I was done, I sat by the isle in the kitchen and pulled my phone out. I checked Instagram, Facebook, Kik and Skype. I had a new message from Beth, yes Bethany Mota, she's my youtube bestie, yay. The message read: 'Hi love. im about to record a new video and afterwards, im heading off to the gym, bc im soo actice. what are you up to today?'

I typed an answer, which said I just uploaded a new video which I recorded today and I was just done with cleaning the kitchen. 

I really wish I could meet Beth in person, she's just perfect, I mean she's like my bestfriend. She has over 5mio subscribers, while I 'only' have about 4,3mio. She helped me alot about getting all these subscribers. I started 2 years ago, while I was 17. The subscribers just came in, and I was kind of stuck on 2,1 mio, then she saw some of my videos and wrote to me. We started talking and stuff, and she mentioned me in her videos. Without me asking, I have to say and now she's my bestie. 

Making videos about makeup, fashion, etc., is my dream, really. I'm so thankful for that.

I got a message from Twitter. A tweet from Niall. It was about their tour, which I'm going to. I have tickets, bitches. 

I retweetet and favorited, send a few tweets to him, hoping he would follow me. After I was done, I waited about 30 mins for a follow, which never happened. 

I was getting hungry so I decided to make some food.




Hi guys. 

So this is my first story on here, yay. 

maybe the chapter is a bit short, but im trying to figure out the best lenght on here and i dont know how it works, so yeah. sorry if the chapters will have different lenghts in the start but so what d:

I've been writing on wattpad also, so im not a whole new newbie ;)

just a quick info, i wont be adding dates to the tour and stuff, but if i do its not the right ones, so dont hang me up on that c:

but i will be writing on english and maybe some story on danish, bc yeah, im danish, so sorry for some mistakes :i


but see you guys

Stay beautifullll <3



*not corrected

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