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  • Published: 9 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 9 Feb 2014
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Believe what will happen!!!!



next day while Sandra and her friends was going to the studio they had a very big accident  Emily and lily didn’t happened for them anything they were good but Sandra happened to her all the boys were calling Sandra because she was very late but she didn’t answer naill was very sad because he fall in love with her  the girls called naill and told him that we have an accident and she need blood as fast as can or she will die when naill hear this he was chocked he didn’t believe he thought they was joking because they were late naill begin to broke everything in front of him he was crying he told the boys what the girls told him he and the boys go quickly to the hospital they found Emily and lily are crying and full of blood naill run quickly and asked them wa a very sad voice were is Sandra they said she is in this room all the doctors are trying to help her and they told the boys she need blood as fast as u all can naill asked her what  are her blood type Emily said A  nail said I am A take me please we must harry up all the boys and the girls were very sad for Sandra and also for naill . naill gave Sandra blood this week was of sadness Sandra finally woke up but the doctor said only one can go in and see her because she is still tired they all said ok Emily was going to go in but naill beg her if he can go instead of her she said ok go he talked to her and told her that he love her and he was very afraid that something bad happened to you Sandra was happy because she hear this words from him then the doctor came and said she must have rest please go out right now wile he was going our he said to her I LOVE YOU SANDRA YOU ARE THE BEST GIRL I HAVE EVER MET she smiled when she heard that words  then the doctor came and out where is her family Emily  said  her family is dead while she was 10 years old but we all are her family naill said you can said anything you want he said I am really sorry but this accident make her be tired than before she must got to Paris to make Surgery so she can be back like she was Emily but she make Surgery be for why she will make it  yes I know that she make it before she told me and also she told me that she know that the Surgery didn’t work but she don’t want anyone to know she want told me that she want to live her last  days happy so…. You all must see what you are going to do or she will die after 1 month nail felt broken when he heard those words from the doctor Lily said all this time she know and didn’t tell us  Emily said I am sure that she have a reason because she didn’t tell us zayn go away and called someone and asked him if she can come tomorrow  to make the Surgery he said yes se can come tomorrow each time we make the Surgery faster she will be good faster when zayn told those words to the girls and the boys when naill hear it he was happy he felt good the next day the doctor said we want one only to go with her not more so naill said quickly I am going with her they all agree and told him when the Surgery finish please call us naill he said oki will call as fast as I can

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